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The Resistance

Artist: Muse

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all Kboyle's reviews (1)

Hard to believe this band has been around so long without my knowing anything about their music. Heard Uprisng on the radio a few weeks ago and was immediately hooked so bought this CD after reading a review. It is absolutely brilliant. Uprising drew me in as it has a sort of 70s feel about it but there is such a variety of music styles on the album there is probably something for everyone. I loved the instrumental tracks which would appeal to anyone who likes classical and rock. I think this is a band with a lot of talent and I love that they have explored different styles as that is what sets a truly great band apart from the crowd.

  Not an easy listen but grows on you

| | See all bIT101's reviews (12)

When I first played this I thought 'Oh dear, what have you done?'

However, having listened to it several times I think they have done a great job with this album. It is quiet 'rock-opera' in places particularly exogenesis and feels a little disjointed at times but overall still a great album to blast out in the car.

The disjointedness(?) comes from the jumping around of styles both from track to track and within some tracks themselves, for example Uprising is a great stadium track followed by Resistance which has a really long quiet intro. After that we have Undisclosed Desires which sounds like something a boy-band would do (I like it though).

You can also hear other group infuences in many of the songs, the Queen take with vocal harmonising and Brian May guitar is very obvious as is the hybrid Maroon5/ Madness track 'I Belong To You which also has the French ballad Mon Coeur S'ouvre A Ta Voix stuck in the middle (which I feel does not fit with the song)

So overall still a great album but hard to listen to hence the lost stars

[EDIT] After listening to it several times more (x20) i have decided to increase its rating from 3 to 4 stars, as it has grown on me and I appreciate the work that has gone into this album. Still wish the classical interlude in the middle of one of the songs was much shorter (and musically would have fitted much better in my opinion)

  Pretty up itself...But hey - It's Muse-Theyre allowed to be!

| | See all Starman674's reviews (2)

This is a great album. Its stunning in places, but also unashamedly pretentious. Take, for example, the exogenesis symphonies. Theyre quite beautiful, but - seriously?
The first three songs are pretty awesome, but MK Ultra fades into the background, and United States of Eurasia is such a Queen rip-off its unreal!Matt has an - obviously - awesome voice, but a questionable French accent, so when he sings Mon coeur souvre a ta voix, it does leave a little to be desired.
All in all though, its al album most bands could only dream of creating.

  muse resistance

| | See all alaskanwolf57's reviews (2)

i'm afraid i'm new to muse, but heard their 'supermassive black hole' in twilight, which i loved right away, and then i heard their neutron star collision and i was completely hooked. the album resistance is mind blowing i love the last 3, exogenesis symphony 1 2 3, i can hear a hint of queen my fave rock group, never liked music like this much before, but, i've just bought resistance as i can't get enough of it, i'm a 57 yr old granny and i think this shows i'm not dead yet!

  So nearly a masterpiece

| | See all GoggleGlasses's reviews (4)

The exponential rise of Muse has been dramatic & comes down to the fantastic 2006 album Black Holes & Revelations, with it's stadium sized anthems of conspiracies & corruption, it hit new heights of grandeur for the band, whose previous 3 albums 1999's Showbiz, 2001's Origin of Symmetry & 2003's Absolution, all fantastic, set the foundations for what was to come. So now we have The Resistance & the closet I can get to a definitive conclusion is that it is so nearly a modern masterpiece. The riveting bass at the start of Uprising sets the album up & announces Muse are back, bigger & better than before, the killer single that Muse needed. Then comes Resistance with it's 1984 (George Orwell) influences of love & resistance epitomizes what this album is about. Now after 2 excellent tracks to set the album alight, things drop off, Undisclosed Desires is an inferior attempt to try & recreate the R&B influences of the brilliant Supermassive Black Hole, it's synth laced chorus is catchy but in between it's very bland & does not work live. United States of Eurasia gets the album back on track, it's striking strings & Queen-esque 'Eurasia', it pulls The Resistance back on track.
The 2nd half of the 'album' is a very mixed affair. The stand out tracks here are the 2 rockiest tracks, MK Ultra & Unnatural Selection, with it's driving riffs adding a pulse of energy that Uprising created. The other 2 tracks Guiding light & I Belong to You are easily the 2 weakest tracks on the album, Guiding Light is trying too hard to be more U2 than what has made Muse great, it sounds tired & doesn't do justice to what could of been a great track, while I Belong to You is a song that clearly suited the Twilight generation, it's metaphors of love & numerous cliches, it creates a very tepid love song that only teens could like.
Now here is the jewel in Muse's crown. Exogenesis. A riveting symphony that pushes the medium of the album as far as it can go & shows the creative & artistic talent that Muse strive to better. It's difficult to describe each part separately & must be heard to believe. it's 3 parts, Overture, Cross-Pollination & Redemption showcasing the musical talent that frontman Matthew Bellamy has in providing the listener with a range of emotions to work off & expand the musical palette.
Overall Muse - The Resistance is an artistic achievement in pushing the outer boundaries of what modern music can achieve & shows Muse are the only band around brave enough to try & stretch the conventional album, the only disappointment are Guiding Light & I Belong To You with Undisclosed Desires inevitably creating a love/hate divide. Uprising, Resistance, United States of Eurasia, MK Ultra, Unnatural Selection & the wonderful Exogenesis are enough reason for you to buy this album & experience one of the greatest band around right now.


| | See all Chris1712's reviews (11)

Muse never fail to surprise us fans with their style. "Uprising" is the perfect opening track and sets the bar-line for what's to come. Next come "Resistance", "Undisclosed Desires" and "United States of Eurasia"; three different style-songs but equally brilliant. "Guiding Light" marks the fifth track and it is absolutely beautiful, sure to bring a tear to your eye. "Unnatural Selection" is the song with the best beat and "I Belong to You" demonstrates Muse going the extra mile with rock diversity. The 3 part finale "Exogenesis" is unique and the perfect end to the album. The artwork is great and synonymous with Muse. There is something for everybody on this album. Mind-blowing.

  Music at its absolute finest

| | See all eddiewongham's reviews (2)

Muse are undoubtedly one of the greatest bands in the world right now. Their live shows sell out in minutes, they have won countless awards and of course are recognised with their own brand of distinctive music. The huge success of Black Holes and Revelations was still fresh in our minds so when news broke that there was going to be a 5th album in the pipeline, critics professional and fans alike were on the ready to pick with what seemed inevitable holes in Muse's musical repertoire. But what they found was an album of absolute perfection.

The album chucks you straight into the deep end with the heavy and devastating rhythms of 'Uprising', from there it goads you on into inevitable musical mortality.

Unofficially it was described as the most experimental album Muse have made and it shows in certain areas (especially near the end). 'Undisclosed Desires' has an immediate Depeche Mode/Timbaland feel about it but combined with the simple yet funky beats of Dominic Howard, the nonchalant sounding slap-bass from Chris Wolstenholm and of course the soulful voice of Matt Bellamy ringing out, it provides a hauntingly smooth harmony about it. Of course we cannot forget the ridiculous but quite brilliantly inventiveness of Exo-Genesis which has been designed to go where no artist has never ever gone before.

Gratefully Muse have kept afloat their musical ideology which has made them great in the first place. 'Resistance' contains the classic Muse composition of a song; the spine-tingling synth, elegant verses and powerful choruses and solos. What impressed me most with The Resistance is how well the album flowed from one song to the next. The best example is when you start listening to the dramatic sound of 'United States of Eurasia' and after it flows to the beautiful and charming sound of Guiding Light.

I think it is safe to say that after this triumph the trio from the small town in Teignmouth, Devon can be considered as musical legends for years to come. And that this album will still be bought 20 years down the line by the new generation of rockers who will look upon Muse as inspiration.

Matt, Chris and Dom we salute you.

  Another winner

| | See all Maul123's reviews (3)

They could've gone and made black holes and revelations part 2 but instead they moved on. It kicks of with uprising which i solid enough being close to the muse we know before, it's a good song but can drag on a bit. For the first time we get a love song from muse in resistance. It's different to anything we've ever heard for before but fits in well on this album. Unnatural selection and MK Ultra are where this album really stand out. Some expert guitaring from Matt Bellamy and excellent use of the loud, quiet, loud method used on so many songs. The three part epic at the end is somewhat disappointing and I would have much prefered proper songs in their place, instead they get skipped.
Overall it is a very good album, they dabble in some unknown territory with R&Bish undiscloed desires but it has some really top tunes. Doesn't quite live up to past albums but certainly doesn't disappoint.

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  Maturing with every album

| | See all monkeyboy27's reviews (18)

Wow! I have been a Muse fan since they came about with Showbiz and have never looked back since. The albums just seem to get better and better... can you imagine how difficult that is.. to constantly better yourself, full credit to Matt, Dom and Chris yet again. This album is by far the deepest, listen to it on your I-pod or stereo, get comfortable, turn the lights off and let the fantastic music fly you away, with spine tingling adrenaline rushes almost every track. Matt has always said he would eventually delve more into the Piano/classical side of things and wanted to gradually implement this on Muse albums, with Exogenesis parts 1, 2 and 3 absolutely mind blowing.. give them a couple of listens and you won't be able to get the catchy tunes out of your head for the rest of the week. I belong to you, with Matt dabbling with a bit of French is a cracking track with Resistance by far my favourite on the album. A must buy!

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| | See all swannie's reviews (120)

what a another excellent album from the muse..i love all the songs ..well done to them again..a must have..