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Killswitch Engage

Artist: Killswitch Engage

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Customer Reviews

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  I liked it

| | See all MetalIsBest's reviews (23)

I know its more of the same, but most bands are like that, plus as a metal fan, I kinda want more of the same, just some new lyrics and tunes, but I dont want them to sound like a different band. I think Howard's voice is distinctive and the music is notably different from other bands, say Avenge Sevenfold, Deftones or Dragon Force.

  A pretty good return to form.

| | See all Maarkface's reviews (29)

I was very wary about buying this album after the epic disappointment that was 'As Daylight Dies'; that album was so far removed from all that made Killswitch great that you could say it shook my faith in them.

So when I finally got this CD and gave it a spin, my fears were well and truly allayed. From the opener to the finisher, it's a far stronger album, more on par with their excellent 2004 opus 'The End Of Heartache'. Standout tracks would include 'Never Again', 'Starting Over' and 'Reckoning', with subsequent tracks remaining strong enough to carry the album.

No, it's not as good as their first two discs (and thusly the original self titled). Is it worth getting? Most definitely yes. It's received regular spins in my media library and isn't showing any signs of being dropped yet.

  Newer doesn't mean better.

| | See all BubonicCraig's reviews (5)

I personally was highly anticipated for this albums release, and I would like to share my view. My final Verdict is that for KSE i'm quite disappointed.

The Album has 3 songs that will stand out for Fans of KSE, which include - "Starting Over", "Reckoning" and "A light in a Darkened World". these songs are very well done and show that KSE are capable of making a solid album.

But the Album isn't up to the KSE standard in my personally opinion, one thing I noticed is that Howard (The Lead Singer) sounds alot different from his previous 2 albums, and for some (like myself) it will be off putting, the vocals also seem to feel forced at times. The vocals are also alot more melodic than previous iterations, the Guitars are also lighter and more melodic throughout most of the songs.

If you feel you will be able too adjust to KSE's lighter Style then see if you can Preview the Album before purchasing it. If you are new to KSE i would Highly recommend either "The End of Heartache" or "As Daylight Dies".

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| | See all mintyiscool's reviews (11)

This is a huge acheivement from the guys at KSE. Wonderful melodic vocals done by Howard Jones as well as his epic screaming and shouting. They have really done what they set out to do with this album by taking on a new sound similar to their original but entirely different. Still metalcore, but better ;). The new adaptation of solos and more melody prove this album to be a milestone in the world of Metal.
ONE downside to the album: It is short haha. It is only 38 minutes, but wow, an amazing 38 minutes of listening pleasure.


| | See all matt24's reviews (5)

This album is just so amazing, cant say a bad word against it, all the tracks are catchy. Havent stopped listernin g 2 it ever since i got it. Its a must have

  more of the same

| | See all MirrorriM's reviews (6)

Killswitch Engage are indeed a great band. "Alive Or Just Breathing" was a fantastic record and they've been perfecting their trademark sound ever since its release. But in a way, that's partly the problem with this latest release. The songs on this disc, while still fun and as catchy as ever, are just too predictable and samey for my liking. Tracks like "Lost" and "Take Me Away" stand out by offering up a bit more variety, but sadly the majority of this latest offering is simply Killswitch by numbers.

For what it is the album is perfectly enjoyable, and certainly worth adding to the collection if you're a long time fan of the band, it's just a bit of a shame that we've heard it all before.

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  The Music Is Still Great...We've Just Heard It All Before...

| | See all DisturbedChris's reviews (4)

Kse are the kind of band who maintain the same style of music with each album, which works for some but not for others. Unfortunately, kse's lyrics alone seldom vary in theme and their music hasn't either, something that they need to work on. Its still great, and fans of kse wont be disappointed from the mix of tracks available as they still contain that signature kse sound of brutal melodies and aggression.
However the downside (and it is a major one) of this album is that not only do all the tracks take exactly the same format on this new album, signalling almost no variation throughout, but they sound exactly the same to those on as daylight dies and the end of heartache. This means that the album sounds more a continuation of as daylight dies rather than a brand new album, so dont expect anything spectacular from the kse boys that we havent heard before. Plus, the harmonious voice of guitarist adam serves only as backup vocals for howard on the album, not appearing on its own every so offen like on as daylight dies to pay homage to kse's melodic side, so be prepared strictly for howard jones's domination.

Hardcore fans will possibly be happy with whats been offered here, but otherwise stick with as daylight dies.
There is nothing new this time.
Best track: Reckoning

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| | See all tOMdom69's reviews (1)

Cnt wait for this. Ive heard 'reckoning' of it and it sounds amazing. Just hope the whole album lives up to it!

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