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Common Dreads

Artist: Enter Shikari

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Customer Reviews

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  A class act

| | See all RAWstar's reviews (18)

It was always going to be difficult to create an album that could match Take To The Skies. And this has managed it. each song flows into the next beautifully and each song provides a different feel, from the quick passed Juggernauts to the slower masterpeice that is Gap In The Fence. the intro song Common dreads opens the album perfectly and the ending Fanfare creates a thoughtprovoking close to the album. I'm glad they didnt include interludes in this one and in truth they really didnt need them. A masterclass from start to end.

  Simply Amazing

| | See all Taverz's reviews (1)

This album is amazing from start to finish. Every song is brilliant in its own unique way. Starting with a intro which sets the scene for the album and then when solidarity starts it all kicks off. I myself prefer the last few track which are really up beat and uplifting and is finished brillantly with Fanfare for the conscious man. If your ever feeling down and want cheering up, this is the album to do it, its brilliant!

  "shikari's most adventurous release to date"

| | See all lewconway's reviews (1)

Enter Shikari have, quite simply, outdone their selves with their latest release, Common Dreads. An inspiring mix of trance, dub, techno, rock and post-hardcore go towards the musical stylings of shikaris most adventurous release to date.

Shikari have continued to push the boundaries of the genre, introducing more and more variety, from the trance like Wall, the hardcore Antwerpen and the politically fueled Fanfare for the Conscious Man.

The first album, being borderline nonsensical, Common Dreads has taken a Step up (no pun intended) in the writing style of the lyrics. The Whole album has a political undertone throughout, from No Sleep Tonight which has been described by the band as being about corporations being corporation-y to the aforementioned Fanfare, written about the current state of the British government. Our gracious queen should grasp the crown and take a goof f-ing swing at Blair and Brown screams front man Rou, who describes this as A last minute outburst of frustration over the last few years.

This new depth is shown in the very first track, which gives the album its Title, Common Dreads. This is almost a poem so to speak, its dark, meaningful and at times moving, as the voice is echoed by children and indigenous people from around the world. This opening sets the theme for the album.

Seamlessly, the album takes a sudden change of pace, with the next track, Solidarity. The synth is used to great effect to pick up the pace and provide a good introduction to the first real song of the album. Switching between choruses with light guitar and gentle melodies, and heavy screaming and drum and base samples used. The song closes with a choir singing the well known phrase from the take to the skies And still we will be here, standing like statues with the response of we will sing as one in solidarity... this acts as a nice throwback to the first album and again showing the variety of the album. Although, in this album, the band seems to have grown up, there are still moments of fun silliness such as in Zzzonked which is a song about being tired and completely drained of energy which effectively lightens the mood towards the end of the album along with Hectic. This is an uplifting song about childhood with videogame music infuences.

Throughout the album, we hear Rou experimenting with some mike skinner style verses, heard in Step Up and Juggernauts. These are very well written and performed, and are used to greatly contrast other points in the song, such as in Zzzonked which is lead with nonsense verse screamed along with chaotic synth samples, followed by an almost rap which then leads towards a climatic breakdown, which is one of the highpoints of the album.

Drawing to a conclusion for this is hard, I want to go into the variety shown in the album by comparing Gap in the Fence with Havoc. But this can be summed up easily in this conclusion; Common Dreads adds a whole new beautiful layer to the already rich tapestry of music that is Enter Shikari without leaving behind the styles seen in the first album. Enter Shikari are so broad that anyone truly interested in music should give them a try and will be easily swept away with the rest of the die hard community.

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| | See all SpookyKid's reviews (8)

You'd be silly not to buy this if i'm honest. Magnificent from start to finish, and lyrically they have matured since 'take to the skies'. Best tracks(although they are all quality); solidarity, zzzonked, no sleep tonight and fanfare for the conscious man.
Can't wait to see them october 20th!! :Dddd


| | See all NadiaLorenzini's reviews (19)

after buying take to the skies and seeing these live in my hometown, i didnt think that the second album would match, but when i heard common dreads i thought it was awesome. different for enter shikari; not as screamy, so if you prefer less screamy vocals you'll definitely love this!
with the trademark "and still we will be hear, standinglike statues here" this album is brilliant, different, quirky and just the way we like enter shikari.

  Blows your head off

| | See all daithepie's reviews (26)

After take to the skies, I liked Enter Shikari but thought there was too much screaming involved, I dont mind a bit, but i thought that (1st band to think this about) it could do with going a bit more mainstream. And they have, but yet kept the unique rawness of the sound. Every track makes you want to sing, dance, headbang, think. The lyrics i think are much better! Very fun.


| | See all jippinjim's reviews (4)

I thought the 1st album (take to the skies) was good not brill but good. A freind of mine told me that this album (common dreads) was bad but lent it me. Straight away i loved it miles better than the 1st album different but better. I could not belive how good it is as i was told it was bad. Recommend to any1.

  and now the flood gates will open welcome back Enter Shikari

| | See all adawg666's reviews (30)

I got this the day it came out and would have written a review sooner but ive spent all my spare time listening to it! Listen to take to the skies first then this. Youll see how much es have progressed in their music, they are more mature and now they have a political edge. They still rock though. Every track is awesome even the slow ones(gap in the fence,nosleep tonight) rock, lets face it the ones on take to the skies were weaknesses. Faves are zzonked, solidarity, wall, juggernauts,no sleep tonight, the jester and gap in the fence. Zzonked 10/10 onslaught of post-hardcore and drum n bass, solidarity 10/10 classic shikari with deep, doomy vocals, wall 10/10 turns into a real feel good song in the chorus, juggernauts 9/10 a good single, no sleep tonight 10/10 the best melodic song they have written, the jester 10/10 different and inventive and of course gap in the fence 20/10 me and my mate love metal but we cant stop singing the chorus very dancy. The blackout have got competion for best album of the year.