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Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Original Recording Remastered)

Artist: The Beatles

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all Gunnaz's reviews (5)

this album is the best that the beatles ever produced, and by that logic it is quite simply the best album ever made by anyone. fantastics songwriting and music. the beatles really are the most influential and amzing band of all time

  Pepper is the peak of it all...

| | See all diamondal's reviews (30)

Although 'Revolver' is preferred by many as the best Beatles album, you cannot deny the majesty and atmosphere of 'Sgt Pepper'. It is a band at the absolute top of their game whose songwriting hits even higher peaks on 'A Day in the Life' and Paul's 'Fixing A Hole' must be one of the most under rated tracks on this album. Yes, it does sound dated and there are echoes of flower power all over this, but the melodies, musicianship and ideas are timeless.
Now all we need is the mono version for sale as an album on its own as I personally think limiting 'Pepper' in mono to a box set only is a cynical marketing ploy. So come on Beatle heads - the campaign for a mono 'Pepper' as a single album purchase starts here!

  Let me introduce to you, the greatest album of all time!

| | See all SecretIdentity's reviews (2)

Here we have the most influential band of all time, at their most creative period, creating music for an album that was specifically intended to be as inventive as possible. That the results are entrancing should be of no surprise to anyone.

For many, this album evokes happy memories of the sixties, and of the summer of love in particular. A product of its time it may be, but Sgt Pepper's magic is still just as potent today. Listeners who weren't born yet when the Beatles were rising to fame, recording this album or breaking up (Like this reviewer, for one) can still be just as enchanted by its genius.

What is so great about Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band? It is a spectacular collection of great songs, which encapsulate the Beatles at their best.There's not a filler track in sight; each one is worth listening to. And the band innovated in any way they could. Singing into pipe organs to add effects to their voice; compression, decompression and all other manner of audio jiggery-pokery; playing six grand pianos at once... Becoming a studio-only band let the Beatles record their music however they wanted, and this unleashing of their imagination adds immeasurably to the album.

The central concept of the album (Innovative then, much-imitated now) is that the Beatles are the titular fictional band, playing a show. They introduce themselves in the opening song, which famously segues into the next. Playing them straight through shows the album's genius: alone, each song is worth listening to. Played in sequence, they form an incredible audio ride, a mindblowing trip through the Beatles' imagination.

As long as there are pairs of ears willing to listen to it like this, the greatest album of all time will continue to weave its spell.

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| | See all Nirvanoa's reviews (6)

I have discovered sounds i had not heard before on any other version.
( LP, CD )
Certain vocals are " in the middle ".
I am used to the old stereo version, so no complaints here.


| | See all WHOAREYOU's reviews (9)

Dont get me wrong, sgt Peppers is a brilliant album. My disappointment is with the remastering. Maybe its me, but i cant tell any difference between this and the vinyl and 1987 cd versions. I was expecting to have a mind blowing experience from reading some reviews in the press, but no, nothing. Im so glad now that i didnt pay out for the box set because it would have been £169 down the drain. The Beatles are still the greatest band, but the remastering is poor and not worth the hype

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  are 'the beatles' set to dominate the album charts ?

| | See all rbmusicman's reviews (896)

when the 'beatles' first hit our charts with 'love me do' 'please please me' and 'from me to you' i was a little slow to jump on board the band wagon' as good as these 'pop' numbers were, everybody seemed to be talking about them, and yes it became impossible to ignore even if you wanted to, their music was playing everywhere, betime it got as far as 'she loves you' i was hooked.
it did seem as though nearly all the groups of the time were recrding 'lennon and mcCartney' numbers to 'get started' even 'the stones' with 'i wanna be your man' .............you really had to be there to understand why 'the fab four' were and still are held in such high esteem by millions of pop fans 'world-wide'
i guess if you asked people of today to name a 'beatles' album, many would say 'sgt, pepper' or maybe 'abbey road' or 'the white' album'...but for those that hold fond memories of 'the beatles'...all thirteen albums are our 'favourite' ?
this album of course contains some of the all-time favourite tracks recorded by them including 'lucy in the sky with diamonds' 'with a little help from my friends' 'a day in the life' 'when i'm sixty-four' the title track and to be honest...all the rest as well.
the question is....is it worth buying the 're-mastered' 'cd's' if you allready own, like me bothy the 'vinyl' and the original 'cd's' ???
well i can tell you there an awfull lot of us that were hoping for something 'special' when these hit the shops a few days ago.
me ? i did order and buy '4' of them initially, the answer ?
yes there is a difference, the overall sound is enhanced, however is it enough to buy all thirteen 'cd's.....may i recommend that you buy perhaps your favourite prior to making a decision on the remainder.

  Music still great stereo stil unbalanced

| | See all dickiep's reviews (137)

I think all fans have been waiting with excitment for the new masters me included. I have to say i am very dissapointed. If you own this on CD already and are familar with the Stereo idea of vocals out of one speaker instruments out of another you will known what I mean. George Martin back in 1987 resolved this problem but his mixes of puting vocals back in the centre of the stereo picture were rejected! What confuses me is that the Beatles were only involved with the mono mixes and not the stereo mixes so we are told they were knocked off in an afternoonby a studio engineer just to satisfy the knew medium. I have to say I am very upset that Apple still insist in putting these versions out as the stereo masters in these days where we listen on I players and headphones, it is not a comfortable experience listning to vocals in one ear and instruments in the other. Sure this is one of the best albums ever made if not the best, so what a shame we all need to shell out £200 to buy the mono version. Why could they have not learnt from the Beach Boys Pet Sounds re done in Stereo.

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  BUY THIS ONE!! You're not a music fan unless you do.

| | See all SKAface's reviews (8)

I actually wrote a review on this album a little while ago, knowing little about The Beatles before the purchase. Now I own nearly every Beatles album and I believe that Sgt. Pepper's is their finest.

If you haven't bought a Beatles CD before I can gaurantee that after a few plays of this you will be checking how many more tenners you have spare in order to buy some more remastered treasures.

Sgt Pepper is an example of creativity at its peak (ok, there were reasons for that, but it was the 60's!!). Paul's 'She's leaving home' is my personal favourite, closely followed by 'Lucy in the Sky with diamonds' and 'Lovely Rita.' I simply love how each song tells a story, and by the time 'A day in the life' (maybe the best song ever written) is finished, you, like me will take a moment to breathe and think "where have the Beatles been all my life?"

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  A Masterpiece.

| | See all ThelastStand's reviews (2)

'Revolver' was the stepping stone to the album that many still believe to be the greatest recording of the 20th century, 'sgt peppers lonely hearts club band'. This album began the process of multi tracking recording. It used rock instruments, classical instruments, indian instruments and electronic insturments to create the most amazing musical landscapes. Although the album was experimental and innovative, it was also packed full of popular songs such as 'lucy in the sky with diamonds', 'shes leaving home' and the epic 'a day in the life'. Everyone who loves music should own a copy of this piece of musical genius. With this one album the beatles created history.

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