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The Beatles (White Album) (2CD) (Original Recording Remastered)

Artist: The Beatles

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Customer Reviews

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  Not perfect but the coolest album!

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I remember buying the CD of this back in the late 80s and being disappointed with the tinny and thin sound of it. Thank God for this remaster! It rocks where it should rock and it has a much richer bottom end sound to it. I would say though, that most people won't notice the difference unless you have good quality audio equipment. In these days of Ipods who really cares?
It is my favourite Beatles album even though it is definitely patchy for about a quarter of the album. I cannot define what I love about this album. Probably the sheer scope and variety of the tracks. You can hear the Beatles foreshadowing their solo years ahead. It is a fractured and imperfect album but it is endlessly fascinating and you need to have it in your CD collection, even if to play to people who do not realise just how edgy and experimental the Beatles could be. Of all their albums, I feel the White album is great because a lot of it has not really dated. I also enjoy the extremes of the tracks - from 'Blackbird' to 'Helter Skelter': you don't get more extreme than that!
I will stop gushing now and just recommend that you buy this because it is the Beatles' coolest album too!

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  I got blisters on me fingers!!!!

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The Beatles White Album, need i say anymore, full of great songs for all ages and so many genres it'll make your head spin. This is coming from a seventeen year old. You're never too young to get in to the Beatles, they'll live for centuries.

  Double Beatles

| | See all CarlJD1's reviews (7)

**They haven't taken Ringo's "I've Got Blisters on my fingers!!" scream at the end of Helter Skelter. At leas they haven't on the stereo version anyway!**

This is great album with a huge range of songs, covering countless genres.

The remastering I don't think sounds that much different (just a bit louder and clearer, but probably unnoticeable to the casual listener) but these remasters are worth 5 stars for the packaging and presentation alone!! You even get a scaled down version of the poster that you would have got with the original LP.

Only complaint is that Paul, George and Ringo didn't put their feet down and tell Lennon that there was no place for 'Revolution 9' on a Beatles record!!

  great album!

| | See all dangerdanamania's reviews (8)

Agreed, there are a few weak songs on here but the majority of the album is great, and it is a double album - suppose it could easily have been 2 so it is great value. Well worth buying for classics such as Obla di Obla da, helter skelter and while my guitar gently weeps. not the best beatles album but still a must buy. Great

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  A head of its time and still great

| | See all dickiep's reviews (137)

After waiting so long for the remastered editions, The White Album is the first Album that dose not suffer with the awful primative stereo of putting vocals in one channel and instruments on the other which has not been corrected on any of the other albums!. The white album was the first to be recorded on eight track and the benfits are clear it all works very well. No single was lifted from this double but there are some real classics Dear Prudence without Ringo on drums (he had left the group at this time so Paul plays drums). There is George Harrisons great while my Guitar gently weeps and of cause the tounge and cheak Piggies. The style of music changes from Chamber music,orcestral with Goodnight, heavy roack with Helter Skelter, and 30's dance with honey pie it was so ahead of its time. I do find Reverloution 9 still a bit to wired for me but thats John and Yoko for you. This is the most diverse beatles album and if you never heard it give it a go, it strangly has not dated either. The new edition comes with a shrunk down poster like the original and the Beatles name embodided on the cover all on it is 100% better than the original and the sound well judge for yourself.

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  Overated, but still has great moments!

| | See all RollinStone's reviews (65)

This album has some really high points, with the likes of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps", "Yer Blues", "Back in the USSR", "Julia" and "Helter Skelter". But the others are only ok, and some songs on here have no real effort put into them. If you compare the songs on here to the other albums around at the time, like Hendrix, Doors, Stones, Dylan, Who and Floyd, you'll see that the White Album doesnt mantain the high standard like the others do. What they should have done is released a single LP with the real gems on it, and left the others for a rarity compilation disc for the future.
If your starting your Beatle experience, start with Sgt Pepper, Revolver, or Let it Be, but not with this, get this when you have heard a few of their other albums first.

To sum up, its no Sgt Pepper!

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  Revolution In The Head

| | See all ThelastStand's reviews (2)

This album has spent the past 40 years in the top 10 albums of all time. The diversity and creativity of the Beatles was never greater than on this masterpiece.

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