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SPEEDLINK Medusa NX SL-8781-SBK Stereo Gaming Headset

Manufacturer: Speed Link

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Customer Reviews

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  Great worth £13.99

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I brought these when they were 13.99 and I have had them at least 6 months. Not one problem yet, really nice thick wire so hard to snap (ive done it in the past) solid built and very comfy. Pads fit nicely around my ears and I have had no discomfort wearing these for several hours at a time.

The Mic is bendable and folds back but not removable. The inline remote has volume, tone (more less bass) and mute and it all works perfectly. Sound quality isnt amazing but fine for games, music and Teamspeak :) Had no complaints with mic quality too!

Overall a great Headset.

  Well worth the money

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Not many headsets do you get comfortable, efficient and easy to use all bundled into one and neither do you get high definition audio standards.

The Speedlink is exceptional in it's budget price ranging, excellent sound quality and it's really endurable for an hour or two of intense gaming because it does fit your head size pretty well.

The microphone is handy and pretty well made, it does have a form of noise-reduction but it doesnt ensure you dont get any noise AT ALL so you can't entirely expect near perfect clear speech but it does do well nonetheless.

For almost 30 quid you get an ideal gaming headset capable of playing music loud as you need it, a novel 'cockpit pilot microphone' which can bend to suit your requirements and does the job well and capable of use with a CD Player and anything that has a 3.5mm stereo jack.

  Great Headset, but comfort can be an issue!

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This headset is pretty damn good. As my first headset for my gaming PC, I find these are nice. They are built well. They are heavy but not too heavy. Overall pretty good. The adjustable headband is good too. The mic is somewhat short and without mic boost in windows it doesn't really pick up sound at all unless its right in front of your lips; which is only doable if your head is as thin as a sheet of paper. On the other hand, if you turn mic boost on and half the volume slider, it gives a great hearing comfort level and the mic picks up well for others to hear. Not only that but when you listen to music and theres a silence in the song you can hear a faint hiss. To combat this just take a quarter off the volume or half the volume on the in-line control and it sorts this problem. I recommend that anyway because with Mic boost you could defean yourself if you shouted to a team mate in a game lol.

Apart from those minor issues here is the major one for me.

Wearing Comfort. The headband is a tight one. Meaning it tries to push itself together. Basically it feels after a few hours that the headset is actually trying to squeeze your head. This isn't as bad as it sounds. Though one thing I didn't notice until I picked this up is that the ear cups are not made of the leathery type of synthetic material as the head bands, instead its a sort of sponge; which, when your ears get hot - which doesn't take long - starts to cause itching. Annoying thing is, due to it being foam its going to get hotter quicker than the synthetic leather-like fabric on the headband. Why speedlink didn't think of this is beyond me.

Audio quality is supreme!

Bass quality is real bass. It's not just empty thuds, it's geniune bassful beats, rumbles and kicks. This doesn't interfere with singing audio or percussion, with the higher pitch percussion coming through clearly over the top of the bass. The dynamic switching between L & R in the stereo is amazing and sounds great with this sort of audio quality and makes listening to music a joy. More so than speakers! You'd never want to go back to speakers after using these.

The mic is good, but as said it doesn't reach your mouth, so use Mic Boost and turn the in-line volume down a tad first. I don't think you can defean yourself but it depends on your own voice level and the volume of the source music/video/game.

When the Mic is on boost. Pickup is fantastic. It's crisp, clear and so very easy to hear.

Mic Broadcast Quality - 10/10
Audio Quality - 10/10
Comfort Quality 6.5/10

Hope this helped.