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Microsoft Windows 7 Professional / Retail

Manufacturer: Microsoft

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Customer Reviews

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  Windows 7 sucks

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As you know Windows has always had problems and Windows 7 is one of the worst. The two newest Operating systems (vista and 7) crash all the time over simple things like opening the internet or even just logging on, even on a high performance computer.

I would recommend a Mac as they are a lot better.

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  A great step forward

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Macs and PCs are different. Yes. The more uninteresting users from each camp (the ones with too much free time and not enough other faculties) will waste many breaths, words and bytes trying to state one over the other.

I'm a Windows user, and have been since Windows 95 OSR2. Never before has installing, configuring and using an operating system on my machine been so easy (from OEM discs anyway) and quite so delightful.

My version was an upgrade (from a version of Vista - myself being the only man on the planet not to have major beef with Vista's workings and operation of my machine), and it was done within an hour, and up and ready running. Only two devices needed drivers from elsewhere - my memory card readers built into my very specific chipset.

The UI is easy to use, and a lot more intuitive, feling a lot less like a fancy layer on top of the old explorer, and more like a lighter weight re-thinking. The usual features are here (explorer, etc), but the Aero experience brings a new way to store windows on the taskbar, add apps to the start menu, and manage windows (drag a window to the edge of the screen and it "maximises", and shake one window to minimise the rest, etc), and the look and feel of the entire system is a breath of fresh air.

The control panel is re-arranged, but still as usable, and the "under-the-hood" features can be turned on or off at a blink.

Windows XP Mode is available (for Pro/Enterprise/Ultimate) to run legacy applications (read OLD PROGRAMS - NOT GAMES), and when your machine is set up correct, can run almost seamlessly.

This is a great new step forward in the Windows NT-based series, and has given my laptop a whole new lease of life. Just think about what your operating system actually DOES for you, and what you could do with your computer WITHOUT an OS, and you'll realise the price is great value.

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  Just so easy to use and just so great

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This is so much better then XP and Vista to it dont take up so much hard disc space or memory the system is so much smoother and faster.Everything is at your fingar tips and theres no looking around to find what you wont and the best thing is no more short cuts on your desk top you can have them all on ur task bar which is so much better and keeps it all tidy im running the 64 bit and had no trouble with it at all dont worry if some of your programs say it might not run on windowes 7 cause it will cause some will run in compatible mode with XP its just great and you dont have to know a lot about computers to work this to cause its all in front of you.

  The best operating system microsoft has ever made!

| | See all Lovewizard's reviews (67)

Think of windows 7 as an ultra service pack for windows vista its what windows vista should of been! this was microsoft's last chance to get things right as microsoft use to dominate the operating systems market but with stiff competition now from google and the new snow leopard operating system soon to be released meant that microsoft had to get windows 7 right to remain in the competition and i am pleased to tell you boy have they got it right!!!

I built my own high spec desktop and was running vista with no problems at all, from what I've seen most users where getting problems with vista when they tried to install vista on a branded pc with old hardware, as long as your hardware was up to date there were few if any problems.

I bought windows 7 professional full retail for my desktop and was soo impressed with it i bought windows 7 premium upgrade for my HP laptop and windows 7 run's like a dream on both my desktop and my laptop.

I have used windows since windows 98 and previously my favourites were windows 98se and xp but windows 7 is the ultimate operating system!

I could go on all day about how good all the features are but i will leave that to others here instead i rather tell you i been reading forums on windows 7 from system builders, ordinary users and I.T experts for many many months and after reading such positive things about windows 7 i decided to buy and soo happy i did!

Hmm windows vista is like marmite people either love it or hate it, some people are stuck with windows xp and in some ways i can see why as it's a stable operating system but even xp had its problems in the early days of release just like vista and xp, xp does not support direct x10 and has it's limitations.

Think of windows 7 as a mixture of windows xp & vista and much more stable on release than xp or vista ever was on release and both my computers run so stable i dont see the need for any service packs

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