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Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 4000

Manufacturer: Microsoft

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all RunningMan8917's reviews (1)

I was extremely disappointed with this mouse! Everything about it was shoddy. The mouse wheel wouldn't work and the right click button wasn't registering!! Not to mention the price. I know mine is probably just an isolated case, especially from reading some of the other reveiws (which is why I bought it in the first place), but I 'm just speaking from my experience and I know that there is a lot better out there for a lot cheaper.

  Might be suitble for Laptops but not for Desktops

| | See all Blade81's reviews (41)

I liked this mouse to start with be some problems soon became apprent like the enlarge button stopped working after a while the main button's themself could be abit more responsive as sometimes you may feel there not working all the time.
It only takes one AA battery to power but this is not a good thing because the power goes very fast and you have to keep changing the battery all the time.

  Not impressed

| | See all DavidMetcalf's reviews (1)

When I first got this mouse, after a couple of times taking out the battery compartment the contact which connects to the battery snapped off. On close inspection I found the contact to be very flimsy indeed. I wasn't being partcularly rough with the mouse, but that shouldn't be important since a good product would take a lot more punishment than the first few uses can give.
The performance and useability are otherwise good. The mouse has a habit of only doing what I tell it to when it feels like it, but to be fair this is probably due to my foil and bluetack repair job on the contact...

  Great little mouse

| | See all shandybob76's reviews (14)

Bought this to replace an older notebook mouse and haven't been dissappointed. Battery lifetime is superb, had it ages and only changed them once as far as I can remember. Only slight bug-bear is that the USB dongle is a little large - reckon it could have been smaller , but all in all the mouse is brilliant! Highly recommended

  Perfect mouse - so good it got nicked

| | See all stucoupe's reviews (23)

So good it got stolen at work, so I bought another one.

But seriously, its an ideal mouse for laptop or even home PC. Guys use them for gaming reasonably well. Its neat and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but not so small that it feels like a toy. Its very responsive.

The USB stick uplugs and is totally seperate to the mouse, which you insert into your PC. The mouse works well on most level surfaces. Loads of settings to alter. Fancy zoom button will enlarge a small window of your screen, where small print is hard to see even after text alteration.

Lastly the battery, a single AA, lasts ages when you place the USB stick back into the mouse-holder.


| | See all SgtShifty's reviews (33)

Can anyone tell me the range of this mouse as i need one that will work upto 2 metres away from my laptop!

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  Good product but unclear description

| | See all bzoink's reviews (9)

Although the title clearly defines this as a "notebook" mouse - I was under the illusion that it was only slightly smaller than an ordinary sized mouse - I was wrong, it is MUCH smaller.
This isn't a problem, however, as I use it for my laptop, and use my gaming mouse for the PC. ( I agree completely with ozzy69's comments below, as gaming mice are much smoother and are heavier and better to use - also, cordless mice are a gamer's nightmare.)
When combined with a confident user and a good mousemat - this product is a delight to use, and well worth the cheap label.

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  Sick of your laptop touchpad? Get this!

| | See all ObiWanJabrone's reviews (27)

If you're anything like me and hate having to use that annoying touch pad on laptops then you'll certainly be looking for a laptop mouse.

After you've torn or cut your way through the all annoying plastic packaging you'll find the mouse, one AA Energizer battery, USB receiver, CD-ROM and instructions. Plug the USB into your laptop or PC and away you go.

The mouse works on Windows Vista without a problem, and I didn't have to install anything from the CD it's just plug and play. The mouse is certified to work on Windows Vista since it has Microsoft's Certified for Vista logo on the packaging too.

The mouse is light, and really good to hold as it's rubberised round the sides, it's pretty accurate too. Allthough on my coffee table when using it, it wasn't that good so I had to use a mouse mat.

When you're done using the mouse you just pop the USB receiver in the back of the mouse. There is a button the receiver holds down which stops the mouse from draining the battery. Not sure how long battery life is as I've just got this, but somebody said on their review it's about 6 months which is great.

Really good quality product from Microsoft as you'd expect, and I highly recommend it if you are fustrated with that touch pad.

Thank you to Play.com for an excellent service and product as always.

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  so comfortable 3

| | See all ozzy69's reviews (10)

i bought this after i got my dell inspiron :) and i like to play games, altho it isnt a "gaming mouse" i find it very very good to use and would choose this over any gaming mouse. much better than my wired mouse, responce time is very fast to.

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| | See all ImmyInPlymouth's reviews (2)

This is an amazing piece of kit, its very smooth and the scroll wheel works much better than its old equivalent! this is a MUST buy, the ergonomics of it are gorgeous, fits the hand beautifully!! i used it for a desktop and i think i might get a second just as a back up!

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