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Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade Edition for XP or Vista users (PC DVD) 1 User

Manufacturer: Microsoft

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Customer Reviews

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  Not really for XP upgrades

| | See all robiatti's reviews (12)

I recently purchased a new video card and to run Direct X-11games required the upgrade to Windows 7.

I was using XP and found that this package for Windows 7 is not really an upgrade as you will need to back up all your data and have all your installation discs for the applications you want to run. After a clean install of Windows 7 you will then be able to reinstall all your software (some of it may not work on Windows 7!) and then you need to re-import all your data. Hardly an upgrade and you need a big external drive to do this if you have lots of iTunes data etc.

Some common programs such as Office may not work on the OS and Outlook Express has been removed completely so you need to use Windows Live Email instead.

Had this been obvious prior to install I would not have bothered. I was very disappointed and annoyed with this fact.

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  Best Windows OS yet

| | See all crashbandicute's reviews (14)

It is the best they have made. I bought this upgrade pack after failing to download it online properly. I did this upgrade as I no longer wanted Vista on the Toshiba Satellite laptop. It was only a year old when I decided I wanted Windows 7. As soon as I made that decision, and bought the online downloadable version- you know, the one as simple as downloading and pressing a few buttons, whoops. System failure. I originally found that there was a 3 pounds difference between this one and the professional version of windows, so ofcourse i bought the one up from this software. I ha to download it, then burn it to disk, then install it from there. Half way through changing over, it froze and made the PC unresponsive (i.e. no mouse movement- just like Windows 2000). So, I demanded a refund after being messed around by Digital River (in partnership with microsoft), in the end having to complain to America's Microsoft who were decent enough to follow it up. So, back to this version of windows 7. I went and bought it from Staples (upgrade version). All I now had to do was put in the disk and voila!
LOL- no way! I had to wipe my PC which was completely messed up after the upgrade failure from the last time. I was on the phone, new years eve ALL DAY to India (I even know her name now- Deepa Batheji), and had to completely wipe my hard drive, (luckily i backed up before), put on the custom installation part of the disk (not the upgrade version), and completely change over the OS. Now I had to spend hours extra putting software and files over onto it. Not a very happy bunny after this. I like the software, but I would think it could've been easier. I was put of PC's by Toshiba's and Microsoft's mistakes and have now gone over to a Mac. I am trying to put this windows onto my mac through Parallels software, lets home Apple got this sorted!

  definately up grade

| | See all daisydog01's reviews (3)

very much worth the money , save all critical data to disc for safety , do a clean install , from vista , worth the small hassel , just put on a pot of coffee and get on with it , remember to go into disc clean up and delete all old operating system etc , very self explanitory , my acer is like a new machine again

  Not as simple as it says on the box

| | See all notsohappybunny's reviews (1)

Was on Vista. Saved my important docs, picture etc. before starting although it said it wasn't necessary as it kept them. It refused to download using 'Upgrade', aborted 3 times. It said certain computers could not be done this way, so had to use 'Custom'. Lost everything then, I Tunes, all drivers, Norton, E Mail. Good job I backed some of this up before I started. Took several hours to replace everything. This job is not for the faint hearted!.

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  The best Windows release yet

| | See all mini71's reviews (2)

In the words of Steve Ballmer, "Windows 7 is Windows Vista with cleanup in user interface [and] improvements in performance", which pretty much sums it up. This is the user experience that Vista should have had if it hadn't been released too early. Would have been much more exciting if this had been released in 2005 as originally slated back in 2001, but it now just provides a much-needed modernisation of Windows and catches up with the competition in many areas. Great for XP and Vista users with modern hardware. While Home Premium is sufficient for most, Professional includes the "XP-mode" that some might need to run some old software that won't run on Vista or 7. My only gripe is that it that the upgrade should have been much cheaper for Vista users as this is really an essential "service pack" to make Vista more usable as far as Vista users are concerned. Excellent value for those upgrading from XP though.

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| | See all Victom's reviews (3)

This is like the Windows XP upgrade, it works really fast, it never freezez like windows vista or "Program not responding" never hapens.

Easy to install (took me arounf 25-30 minutes) you get options to keep files or reset hard drive aswel.

I recommend you have 4GB of RAM memory.

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  This can be used as the retail

| | See all Bluetac's reviews (2)

Microsoft played a crafty one here folks , yes its supposed to be used as an upgrade but you can also do a clean install on a new build with it, you just need to install over the top when it dont accept the key the first time, you see as long as it finds a windows folder the key will work fine.
so buy this one and not the retail and save half th price in the process.

As for the windows 7 itself, i have been using it just fine both he eta when it was released and not the retail with only the one minor gripe and that is the x64 driver by ati is a little flaky at the moment , but thats ati's fault and not Microsofts.
I do have to say that i am impressed at the moment, it feels faster than xp and s loads faster than vista (like ME not one of there better moments) but they have made up for at with& imo

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  Upgrading to windows 7

| | See all Paulip's reviews (1)

After 5 attempts I have given up with upgrading to windows 7, life is to short. BEWARE of this software. I cannot wait for Googles new operating system.

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  AMAZING quick and easy

| | See all r1sh12's reviews (11)

The best bits of vista and XP. Rmember the days of windows 98 (never havingh problems) 7 is the future, so easy to use. Extremely fast, i was not sure whether to install this, because of drivers not being availible, i have the professional version. AFter install just have a lan internet connection and let windows update do all the work.
All the correct drivers found and installed, I havent looked back at vista since. The best windows operating system since 98!
Super light and fast
installation took just over 30 mins, on 2 different pc's simulatneously.

  (additional hardware required)

| | See all clarkey89's reviews (119)

"(additional hardware required)"

I really don't like that part of it !!! :(

But yeah.. you'll be suprised how fast windows 7 helps things load up instantly

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