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Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade Edition for XP or Vista users (PC DVD) 1 User

Manufacturer: Microsoft

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all redpants's reviews (4)

a breath of fresh air .just put in disc and away you go no need to back up if you already have any vista installed does it all for you. if you are thinking of getting 7 think no more its like getting a brand new computer that every task is performed.vista' s dead long live the king windows 7.

  A great relief from Vista

| | See all PaulvFinch's reviews (9)

A vast overall improvement from Vista, essentially keeping the good aspects and discarding the bad ones.

I have heard complaints about upgrade times and problems completing the upgrade. I have had no problems and i think for anyone worried about doing the upgrade, just use common sense!!
I.e. if you have 100gb of info and 60 programmes installed then expects to wait a while, equally when people say a clean install is faster! Not when you have to install all your programmes and transfer all your data back.

This is definitely what Windows Vista should have been on release. However since Vista wasn't, Windows 7 should deliver on functionality, aesthetics and speed.

  Hardly notice a difference from Vista

| | See all Shoozle's reviews (5)

After using Windows 7 for less than a week, i have not noticed such a vast improvement on Vista. It looks the same, programs act like they use to, the only new feature i like is when you change the size of a window, it fits nicely onto the taskbar.

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  'bye 'bye Vista!

| | See all Bebbet's reviews (6)

I've been a Vista user for the past year and I've hated every day of it. It sucked up a full gig of RAM, had some pointless and downright baffling features, required constant upgrading to keep it from dying on a daily basis and turned the highest spec PC into a lumbering dog. Thank Gates, then, for 7!

Well, sort of. It does have its niggles: awful sound effects; doesn't support Outlook; peripheral drivers (and iTunes, bizarrely) need reinstalling. But these are minor. Easily dealt with and by no means deal breakers.

What might be a deal breaker, however, is the fact that, aside from its fancy new taskbar (which is fantastic once you get used to it), 7 is little more than XP with some graphical tweeks. Almost everything that differentiated Vista (and made it slow and pathetic) has been removed, but seemingly nothing has been put in its place.

Again, this isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it begs the question; if you're running XP (or have the ability to 'downgrade' from Vista), is it really worth forking out the cash for a new taskbar? I'd say not.

On the other hand, if, as I was, you're stuck with Vista, do not hesitate to upgrade to 7. It's simpler, smoother, faster and better in every way.

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  Thank god I finally got rid of bloody XP!

| | See all dynamo11's reviews (8)

After years on staying on, brilliant but slow, XP I was happy to upgrade. However my friend's experiences with Vista were abysmal to the extent that he downgraded to XP again....
However I can safely say Windows 7 is fantastic for me. Think of it is Vista, perfected! However it does have some new features over Vista which, like many Window OS features, are a nice addition but taking as granted.

Coming from a gamer perspective this is also great as it runs faster than Vista and XP but also gives you access to DirectX 10 and 11.
All in all I would give it 4.5 stars, however Play.com only lets you give whole stars so 5 is in good order!

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  A nice surpirse

| | See all BertieG's reviews (2)

Changing from XP Pro (having skipped Vista entirely due to it being, somewhat of a poor OS) I was pleasantly surprise to see Microsoft have done something truly remarkable. Provided a reasonably priced OS which looks and feels as quick as your hardware. Gone are days of having to buying additional RAM to feed Vista's expensive habit.

I take my hat off to the Microsoft team and advise people to buy this (especially at Play.com's price!)

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  What Vista should have been!

| | See all Andehh1's reviews (2)

Stonking new operating system from Windows, its quick, attractive and works flawlessly. Gone are all the problems that plagued Vista and instead we get the fastest OS Windows have ever released.....for a bargin price! Can't recommend it highly enough.

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  XPmeets like vista? NO! xp gets rocket shoes & face lift!

| | See all NeoTrix09's reviews (1)

This Version of Windows is the best yet by far, think XP with a face lift and a rocket pack! This OS looks and feels like no other availble with its coulout changing glass effect taskbars and windows. Its far easier than ever before to do anything! Do not be mistaken THIS IS NOT VISTA VAMPED UP! ITS NOT EVEN SUPPOSED TO BE! and you can tell, Microsoft have done a great deal with this and i would shake the hands of them all for this if i could! I urge you to buy this! dont worry about ULTIMATE AND PROFESSIONAL Unless you need them. To the average pc user/ gamer/family this is perfect! the other are not faster or better looking or anything they just have extra features. Have a look at the other versions and extra features! but most will be just fine with this one and at this price who can argue!

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