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Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate / Retail

Manufacturer: Microsoft

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Customer Reviews

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  A change for the better

| | See all Marcush69's reviews (2)

Ok,i got 2 laptops with vista,1 desktop with xp proffesional,1 with windows vienna, So i know the difference,and then you get the people who review this product because they have a apple mac.......I have upgraded all the above pcs,laptops and to be honest before anyone else corrects me or states the obvious then getting rid of a bloated Vista OS is definelty a good thing,Windows XP is different,i loved windows XP proffesional and would not change until now,the OS is a hell of a lot smoother,yeah problems with compatability,but what dont these day because technology moves on so quickly,dont expect miracles with this product but for Vista users well the difference will seem obvious....simples!

  Improvement over the rest

| | See all SiScott's reviews (98)

Theres no denying this is vast improvement over the previous versions. I'm currently running the 64bit version and have had NO compatability issues as yet and I have noticed an impressive speed increase on both start up, shut down and generally running applications and performing actions.

Obviously it looks nicer too, but thats a given.

One thing you need to realise is that when installing Windows7, it will default your display to VGA. If you are running your monitor using a digital connection the screen will go black.

This happened to me, and I was worried it was messing up. I changed my connection to VGA and realised it was waiting for input.

Bottom line... I would recommend this, especially on 64bit.

  XP is no more.

| | See all RazzyC's reviews (4)

I recently purchased a Netbook and also purchased a Windows 7 Ultimate pack to throw onto it. The installation took around 20 minutes, I had no problems creating a USB Boot Drive from the DVD and I have never looked back. The features within are excellent, the speed of boot-up I have timed at 30 seconds, which is against the other reviews, arguing about a long boot time. I advise going for this if you consider cleaning your HD, as I did, which seriously advances speeds. The visual effects have been designed fantastically, and I must say I was impressed. This is a great OS and I look forward to any updates available.

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  Good software

| | See all Bal491's reviews (2)

I agree with FightThePowa in the sense that I don't see a point in upgrading from XP if your happy with it. I still feel that Windows 7 is a slow operating system compared with the days of XP. I can go downstairs and get a glass of water and be back up in time for it just to be ready to logon. For XP, I would leave my room and get to the 3 step of my staircase and it would be on the desktop. XP got 13 seconds for me, Windows 7 got 29. Quite a large difference. Vista however still got 44, so, its not that bad when you compare to Vista. For those who want a good upgrade from Vista, this is it. Its much better than it. XP Mode makes Ultimate and Professional very good, but if you want BitLocker this is the only one that provides it. I will not say its an upgrade you MUST have, because its not. I would go as far as saying, Windows Vista users should consider it, but XP users, if you stayed with it that long (like me) then perhaps a few more years of it won't hurt.

Still the OS deserves 4/5 stars for me because its smooth when you are actually running it. Its ideal for people who have just built a new computer (like moi).

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| | See all FightThePowa's reviews (1)

It's still Vista, sure it's a little faster now but essentially it's the same product. Games don't work very well and older applications don't function correctly even with compatibility modes. A but coerced improvement is the ability to choose your browser on install, but only in the european version. You still have to restart the whole computer over and over again while making any slightly more administrative tasks. UAC is still a pain but on the upside it's easier to turn off (but not without restarting... again). Aero doesn't work with alot of windowed to fullscreen applications which was a major downside for me personally. The boot up time is still slow as ever which makes for even more annoyances. The bulk copying of files is ever so slow, I don't understand how they've yet to improve upon it. If you are happy with XP I see little reason to upgrade.

Faster than Vista

Games don't work properly, especially older ones
Hardware requirements
Upgrading/migrating takes longer than expected

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| | See all lein123's reviews (1)

this is one of the best widows operating systems i have ever used. it looks like vista but runs smoothly like xp. it only takes up 7-10gb of harddrive of space unlike vista which takes 15-20gb up or more. and it run programs that are not compatible with it like corel draw 12 is only compatable with xp but it works on widows 7.

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