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SanDisk Cruzer Blade / 16GB / USB Flash Drive including Secure Access

Manufacturer: SanDisk

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (63 reviews)"

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  Too slow!

| | See all waster196's reviews (2)

This is a lovely product, very small and sleek and the build quality and style are both excellent. Unfortunately the write speed is just FAR too slow. If you're going to regularly write large files to this, maybe look at another model.

  Even survived a full washing machine cycle!

| | See all leomeow's reviews (1)

lol... don't try it at home... it is so small that i've managed to leave it in my pocket whilst it was going through a complete wash cycle in the washing machine... took it out, shake it a bit, and it continued to work (not that I would recommend giving it a wash every so often) :)

  not so secure

| | See all jisonplay's reviews (1)

i have used sandisc for years, brought this one because of the vault ! im used to using there U3 system a bit slow but dose the job, this one looked good because of the ability to use secure file system and an open side for free use as i use multiple pc's with tec notes other people need access to. well this system has a big floor ! it stores the access cert on the open side of the drive so if this is deleted accident, the system asks for a new password and all you data is gone.


| | See all aikjones's reviews (1)

I took 20mins to copy 7gb of files from Laptop to flash. 6 1gb single files!
Am not impressed and thinking of returning it, cos i bought it solely to copy such files into flash so i can use on my TV

  A sleek, stylish USB stick; puts the 'flash' in flash drive!

| | See all MovieLoverMabs's reviews (21)

I've been meaning to buy a USB stick for a while now, and so I decided to check out what was on offer on my trusted Play.com website. I was surprised to find so many USB's on offer at VERY reasonable prices.

SanDisk is one of the best brands around, so it was a no-brainer which stick I would go for (my head was swayed to the Play.com USB stick more than once!). I chose the SanDisk Cruzer Blade 16 GB flash drive. And now that I have had it for a few days, and have used it a couple of times to upload data, I must admit I am happy I made the right choice!

I knew it was small, but not what I imagined! It is literally as light as a feather. And the red and black design looks very sleek. There might be a few questions regarding its plastic design, but personally I do not see this as a problem. It is 'hard' plastic, looks and feels very tough and it fits into my USB port on my laptop very nicely (or snuggly!). The speed is excellent as well. I suppose the only downside may be the size. I think it would have helped if the manufacturers included a small casing seeing as the stick itself does not have any dust cap, dust can accumilate easily. But then again, I am quite prone to losing the caps, so maybe the cap-less design is perfect for that purpose.

But the main reason why I love this Cruzer Blade, is for the fact it comes with a password protected 'Vault' to store all your 'sensitive' files away from prying eyes! *sniggers!*

The vault itself looks like a safe on your desktop, and you can just drop files in. The 'safe' door opens when a file is being transferred, which I think looks rather cool! And of course, you can only access this vault via a password.

All in all, the SanDisk Cruzer Blade is a very stylish, fast, and reliable piece of hardware. You can never go wrong with SanDisk. And I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a small, efficient memory stick for everyday use.

Just make sure you dont lose it!

  Futuristic Look n Feel

| | See all VisitorX's reviews (2)

good quality ample space excellent price.. speedwise i would rate it as good.. what i love the most about it is such a cool looking thing gives you bit of a futuristic scifi style feel. will recommend defintly

  tiny but slow

| | See all flagpoleeip's reviews (5)

the device is small, maybe about an inch long. but it is incredibly slow.
write speed: 4MBs
read speed: 18MBs
honestly i have USB drives more than 5 years old faster than this.

  Size matters

| | See all Tanjo3000's reviews (5)

After reading other customer reviews I decided to set the record straight regarding the reduction in size.

The size reported of 16GB is the total unformatted size. Formatting is done as a simulated floopy disk style where a disk has tracks and sectors. Each track has formatting information as do each sector. Each disk also uses a sector for telling the OS how the disk is structured, how much space is on it and how many sectors are used per file block. Then there are all the sectors used to tell the OS where all the files start and where the parts of the files are stored on the disk. The file storage data is also duplicated!

All this information needs actual physical data space too. So with a 16GB drive, all this formatting data and OS system data takes up the 1.2GB that users see as missing from the 16GB specified.

Flash drive manufacturers use the correct method for calculating the overall size based on binary (base 2 maths). So 16GB is 16x1024MB, 1MB = 1024KB etc.

Unfortunately, harddisk (HD) manufacturers use the misleading 1GB = 1000MB etc. which makes the size of the HD seem higher than it actually is, so you generally see a bigger drop in size once a HD is formatted because the OS reports the size based on 1GB = 1024MB etc.

I hope this clears up any misunderstanding.

  Not Bad

| | See all OllieJS's reviews (4)

Bought this product due to it's size. Fits really well on a key ring however the strength where the it attachs is poor. Wasn't long until I found the drive on the floor of my car having snapped off. In terms of speed, it's great for everday computing. Would be nice to see it with a camera style loop thread attachment to connect to keys.