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Disgo Tablet 6000 / 2GB / 7 inch Touch Screen / Android Tablet

Manufacturer: Disgo

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all Brownass's reviews (1)

I have bought this for my little girl for christmas and wonder if it is just me but I can't get it to connect to the internet for some reason, please can someone help me out??

  good product!!

| | See all roberoo's reviews (1)

got the product today seems really good only problem im having, is that i cannot connect to my wifi :(

  Ideal starter for children

| | See all Clare2004's reviews (1)

I have bought this for my 7 year old so she can leave my laptop along, I signed up to WIFI within minutes, touch screen was fine for me. I went onto You Tube and watched a video and tested Google, upload was fast and played well. Perfect for childrens homework etc. It also comes with a protective cover.

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  Very Unimpressed

| | See all David220856's reviews (1)

Bought one of these as a present for my wife for Christmas last year, I have to own up and state that as an IT professional, this is the worst purchase I have ever made. I removed it from the packaging to learn the features prior to handing it over, upgraded it to 2.1 but it is next to useless. Screen unresponsive, Apps old, out of date or useless. I gave it to my wife but she gave up after 2 days, will not even use it as a Kindle e-reader after I downloaded the app and installed a book that she had been looking for. I would not recommend this to anybody even at the this reduced price

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| | See all dae1987's reviews (1)

I'm really disappointed in this, The pad didn't come with ireader on which it stated it should of, the power button, menu button and reset buttons on the back keep sticking in and i can't eeven press the reset button anymore as its stuck.
The device keeps crashing on start up and doesn't read usb devices.

  very happy bunny

| | See all monkeyman1869's reviews (1)

i have just recieved my tablet and was expecting somthing in a brown box with cracks and marks on it,how wrong was i it came in original box and when i oppened it what a supprise it was brand new not a mark on it, so i turned it on and wow what a smart little tablet my daughter and myself are over the moon its great to use i would recemend it to anyone,and its so cheap to buy thanks you for making our day monkeyman1869

  My Samsung Galaxy is better

| | See all Lilyloulou's reviews (191)

I bought this in the full knowledge that as it was such an amazing price that the performance would only be ok. I was prepared for a simple/basic tablet but unfortuantely have found this just too troublesome to use.

It is basically a bigger version of my Galaxy phone but less responsive. The touch screen has problems, particularly at the top of the screen and it is very difficult to click through on those icons. I also haven't found it possible to download any of the apps from the marketplace.

It looks great, and was very easy to caibrate and set-up. It just takes too much persistence to get it to do what you want and I just don't have the patience.

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  NO ANDROID MARKET..be warned..

| | See all ANDYPLAYB's reviews (1)


I now have a disgo6000 from Play.com.. for60UKP.. can't grumble at that..

Biggest dissapintment is that is does NOT have android market although the box as the Android green robot logo on...

On the about device tab on the unit it shows the Android version as 2.2 V1.9 hash 3763.. so I assume it's running Android 2.2

But having emailed Andriod their reply is that this device is NOT supported and does not therefore have Android Market loaded...

I've looked all over the web and cant find the program as available to retro install.. If I could it would make ALL the differance..

Also be warned this unit does NOT have tip and tilt sensors..so all the programs that make the best adroid games worth while wont work with that control measure..a few i've tried are rubbish without that feature...

I've also tried to link a usb hard drive to the unit but nothing happens..the drive light on the usb HD lights up and I can hear the drive spinning but cant SEE it on the disgo6000....

Battery life is short.. about an hour doing anything...

The screen needs callibrating ....

You need a BIG micro SD card although the 10-15 applications I've loaded so far have all found their way on to the internal memory... (Why dont they just put a 32Gb micro Sd card in to begin with,, economics of scale would mean it's dirt cheap for them...)

For 60GBP I cant grumble but having said that my old Archos 5 is far far better at everything, especially film, recording etc... my newish Archos 405 2Gb is very good and only cost 50GBP new from Ireland...

I now think that 7" tablets is a compromise..anything bigger and you might as well have a proper netbook or tablet laptop PC or use a desktop and have a properly supported, well made and far better Galaxy sII as a phone....

But I've learnt a lesson.. if you want a proper tablet that will do everything properly you have got to pay for it... Get an i-pad/streak/Tab or tablet PC... the disgo6000's are just frustratingly toyish...

The previous comment about linking a usb hard drive to the unit via it's port is rubbish..it just does NOT work...

This unit is fine as a video viewer and small hand held internet browser but without Android Market as an "Android" tablet it is extreamly limited.. the fact that "Adroid" wont support it tell you something..dont miss this fact as sadly I did....

  A Present Returned

| | See all Corvus242's reviews (17)

Just Horrible, I know you get what you pay for but I just got fed up of this locking out and freezing meaning lots of hard restarts and re-inputting passwords... and on top of that a touchpad that made the job ten million times worse. sorry for the negativety but I feel these reviews need a bit of balance as my experience of this was so terrible, at the time of my purchase (Nov 10) my choice of pad was limited now there is a greater collection of touchpads you can spend a bit more and get a much better pad. Thanks to Play for prompt response in sorting my return.

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