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Disgo Tablet 6000 / 2GB / 7 inch Touch Screen / Android Tablet

Manufacturer: Disgo

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (41 reviews)"

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  Awlful simply awlful

| | See all Abusivemango's reviews (5)

Before I bought this I was looking at getting android tablet that had at least OS 2.2 and could simply browse the web, play files and download apps as a christmas present for a 11yr old.
I already bought a 8" tablet generic china model from a 'bidding website' - these I found where overclocked and in 2days with a minimal use had the CPU burnt out- (luckily I got a refund ) So I was looking for BRANDED cheap tablet and this seemed to do the job on the reviews...In reality its a completely different thing.
This is the worst of all tablets i've tried...
It says it's Android 2.2 - mine got shipped with a 1.1? - this is impossible to upgrade to without using hack sites and that'll course void any warranty , mine also kept freezing , locking up and is now being returned as faulty for a refund.
From the small period of use i tested it for to see if it was suitable I found this. -
The touchscreen is restitive ..very restitive - its completely un-usable to sweep screens or highlight apps - yet using the supplied pointer its a bit better ( even after calibrating) oh and the pointer is so sharp this will surely mark the screen in a short time.
From what I've read its not android 2.2 its a 2.1+update - So its not even a true smartphone OS (which 2.2 is) so expect serious combatiblity issues with any apps you download.
Also this has no android market it has a slideme app which is a generic app market , there are many but not a patch on android market- supplied is verison 3.5 - as soon as you access this it says to download V4.0 and this lead me to discover another issue.
You simply cant remove the pre-installed apps - it simple refuses to let you chose what you have on your own tablet, most of the pre installed apps are useless and very out of date and also there are in my view far better ones if you read the descript and chose yourself and download and install.So it forces you to use a sd card if you want your own apps as some are quite large these days.
The unit it's self is generally well made and is probably the only good thing about this item. Its slow sluggish , unresponsive and even for a 11yr old completely useless and she'd be disppointed within days if i gave it to her. It is in fact a rather large expensive calculator.
I have found that you simply cant get a quality BRANDED android tablet for less than 150 ..(looking at spending the extra for a hannspad or advent vega) if you want a cheap android tablet look for the chinese generics MID/APAD/EPAD etc as long as you have 800mhz 512mb of ram you should be ok..
Simply dont bother it seems a steal put frankly i'd feel better if i was mugged for my money.

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  great gift

| | See all clack246's reviews (1)

if uyou havent got the money for a ipad this is the nxt best thing. what a fab tablet to have me dad loves it

  dont do it!!

| | See all steviecool's reviews (1)

i bought this tablet for my wife at christmas and i cant believe so many of the top websites are selling this!! at the time it was around 130GBP (i notice its some what cheaper now) and i expected it to operate like a big smartfone like the galaxy tab etc. the screen was really bad for a touch screen, hardly responding without pressing hard.
trust me folks, look elsewhere. some of the other cheap tabs may work better but if you can go for a galaxy tab which is significantly cheaper than it used to be (now about 250GBP for the 3g version). there are others around the 100GBP mark which may be good too but buy from a gd website and try in a electrical store to check the touchscreens and watch for cheap ones which dont allow on the android market

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  Good little device

| | See all Totalmaverick's reviews (1)

This is a great little device, can be tricky to get use to but pretty easy to figure out. My only confusion is with the sd card. It comes with 2gb installed and comes supplied with a external 2gb. I just don't understand how the memory is configured, i put my kindle books onto the external 2gb card but it needs them put on the internal memory. If anyone has any advice then please share. Apart from that this is a great device.


| | See all dragonfletch's reviews (1)

i dont see what all of the fuss is about on the web sayin its not very good... wat do you expect its very cheap no its not a good as the apple i pad or blackberrys alternative but wat you get is a portable touchscreen device that can use wifi very easily the touch screen very good using the pen supplied even though resistant it is fast enough and also come with a 2gb card i dont think theres alot to complain about if all your after is a small internet tablet with some media capabillitys... but if your after something like the other two... the best thing to do is splash out for one of the other two and not to look for a cheap alternative but if you look at it like this... it is what it is this device. its a great value for money. in my opinion anyway lol

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  Cheap and good

| | See all christus11's reviews (1)

I was skeptical after reading other reviews but I don't think they are just.
For 70 GBP this is a great buy, the cheapest tablet out there by miles. The resistive touchscreen can be a bit dodgy, especially when using fingers because of the force required to get a response but with the stylus I haven't had many problems.
My version was running 2.2, but this doesn't make much difference as far as I'm concerned.
Without any G sensors you have to press a orientation button to move the screen but this isn't too much of an issue.
If you know where to look on the internet you can download most of the apps on the Market, the app store already installed is, in my opinion rubbish and a waste of space, hence the 4 stars. If this device had the Market it would definitely have 5 stars

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| | See all Dirtynortherner's reviews (1)

About to buy this and will post proper review later. Can any owners confirm if it's possible to install Kindle app on this device?

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  disgo 6000 well worth every penny

| | See all addie62's reviews (1)

Bought this for my wifes birthday 21 march, been using for a week now and she loves it. WiFi connects first time every time ,touch screen excellent. Bought instead of the amazon kindle, once kindle app installed from the slide app store, downloads books quick and smoothly. Did have initial problems with some software but once the date and time set to correct date no probs
Any way worth every penny..


| | See all suebee5's reviews (1)

not good at all had to send mine back waiting for a replacment could not get anything on it and had to go throught the set up everytime it was turned on, it never saved anything

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| | See all outlaw5150's reviews (6)

the touch screen is just unusable, performance of the device is slow, you cant watch flash videos online, not even worth the money

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