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Disgo Tablet 6000 / 2GB / 7 inch Touch Screen / Android Tablet

Manufacturer: Disgo

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (41 reviews)"

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  Very disappointed!

| | See all jul77e's reviews (1)

I have successfully added apps from SlideME, no problem. But I find the touch screen virtually impossible to use, even after a screen calibration 20 or 30 times. A very expensive dust gatherer.

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  waste of money

| | See all martindwindsor's reviews (1)

the disgo 6000 may only cost 130 pound but thats way over priced for what you get. touch screen is almost unusable. it claims to support flash but flash websites dont work. it also claims to be hd but the quality is poor. my i phone is 100 times better.

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  Good little tablet for the price

| | See all nickylover85's reviews (8)

This is a good little tablet for the price it has a good battery life, a clear bright screen and the software is easy to use (easier after applying the update from disgo website).

It does have two major drawbacks that I wish I had know before buying it.

1. Flash User Interface is limited don't be expecting to play facebook / miniclip games etc on it because they just don't work.

2. No google experience, that means amongst other things NO GOOGLE MARKET only the alternative slide me market which has a lot less apps.

The touch screen is not multi-touch and is quite resistive which does take a bit of getting used to especially after using touch screen phones.

Overall it is worth the price if your looking for a cheap tablet or something to keep the kids quiet with!

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  fan dabby dobby

| | See all 88slimjim's reviews (4)

very good item does everyting you want it to touch screen is a bit dodgy though

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  nice for the price

| | See all simpson123's reviews (7)

this is a good little device, it works well and is well worth 139 gbp the touch screen takes abit of getting used to but after a while you shouldnt have any major problems but do not forget its a resistive touch screen so it wont be the smoothest.
over all i would say its worth buying if you want an over all easy to use portable device has a nice sharp screen so its great for video and interweb browsing

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  its not bad

| | See all spendalotta's reviews (4)

I have one of these, I got it for a bit of web browsing, it's not bad.
The screen is not very responsive to touch, so it can be hard getting it to do what you want, so takes a bit of
practice. Using a firm touch helps, the stylus works pretty well.
I got it for 130 gbp from play, it was definitely worth the money. There are a lot of apps to put on it, some
free some not. I have four browsers on it at the moment, trying to decide which is the best. Opera or Dolphin, both free.
I read it was hard to add apps, but every app I have tried to add has installed with no problem at all.
It can be used as a book reader, but I think back lit is not a good idea for reading books, I already have a Cybook.
Boot time is pretty quick and connects to network with no problem, connected to home and work thus far.
Comes with a cover, charger and various adapters for usb and ear phones.

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  Nifty little device

| | See all shobo12's reviews (1)

I bought this a few a weeks ago and was very surprised at what i had received. It is smallish and light. The pouch that is provided is very nice and fits perfectly. I did have a few issues with the touch screen, but over time i got used to it.

Some people might have some problems with things like installing software etc.. it is something that i am quite used to so it was not an issue. It does exactly what you want it to do and at a resonable price. If you browse the internet and do the minimal computing it is perfect.

The battey life i fell could be a bit better but it is not like you are going to spend most of the day on it anyway.

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  Excellent value for money

| | See all Boyuki's reviews (1)

I got my disgo a couple of weeks ago now, but have been reserving judgement until I got the full picture.

In one sentence: this is a fantastic device.

I primarily got it as an ebook and pdf reader and it excels in both of these areas. There are numerous ebook apps out there, but the supplied iReader is fine for plain text and I have gone for Laputa for epub filles (which has links to an extensive online public domain library). I am using VuDroid to view pdf files (and it handles djvu files happily as well). With the device in landscape mode, I have no problem reading A4 sized pdfs. It is an absolute delight to use.

It handles most media files I have thrown at it (divx, xvid, mkv, mp3, wma ). The only type so far not accepted is FLAC. No biggie.

To point out some of the slightly negative sides, yes, the battery does not last as long as the one on, say, the galaxy tab. But when I find myself thinking things like that, I have to remind myself of the extreme price difference. For something this well-priced, I can forgive a lot of minor flaws.

It doesn't have access to the android market, but it does come installed with a third-party alternative, the SlideMe market. To be honest, this is fine, and you will find most of the apps you will ever need there, as well as some highly addictive games. You are, however, able to download apk (android installer) files from any source and install these manually. I have found the Google Code site to be an excellent resource for this (and this is where I got Vu Droid from).

The screen is sometime a bit iffy and you do have to occasionally press perhaps too hard with the stylus. But hey, for the price, I really am not willing to complain.

It comes with a mini-USB to USB male and mini-usb to USB female adapters. I have been able to add several different peripherals to the device using the USB host port, including a USB flash drive (2GB), a 250 GB FAT32 formatted desktop hard drive and even a mouse and keyboard. The last two would be invaluable if you were ever thinking of using the device for extensive text entry/word processing, which I believe is entirely possible (with the right app installed, that is).

A 2.5mm to 3.5mm converter and mini-HDMI to HDMI cable had to be bought separately (couple of quid each from play) and both have enabled me to make full use of all of the available interfaces. Using a decent pair of headphones, the sound produced is pretty good (although I don't think it's going to impress any of you audiophiles out there). Output to a telly using the HDMI port is fine, though once a file is playing, there is no control over it and the user does not have the ability to pause a file part way through. I can imagine this getting a little annoying in the long run.

The wifi connection seems to be pretty solid and has no trouble finding the networks both at home and in the office, remembering passwords for networks, and automatically connecting when the wifi is turned on and the network is in range. The included browsers seem to deal with websites fine and the included SkyFire browser has Flash support. Huzzah.

In summary, this is an excellent little device. It has its flaws, but don't we all? I have increasingly found it replacing my desktop for those little tasks: checking email, quick price checks, internet banking, you know the sort of thing. True, the battery life is not that great (I've struggled to get more than 2 hours constant web surfing out of it), but it depends on what you're doing (ebook reading, the battery has lasted well over 5 hours, with the screen brightness set way down low).

Buy one. Now.

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  Great Value for Money and a good little tablet

| | See all gwatemala's reviews (2)

Found myself wanting one of these more and more and i finally took the plunge and got one and i'm extremly happy.

Use it mainly for quick web-browsing and watching video's, it's easy to use, fast and fits perfectly in one hand.

Can't go wrong for the price and would recommend to anyone who cant afford to spend alot on iPad.

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