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Play.com / 32GB / USB Flash Drive

Manufacturer: Play.com

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (59 reviews)"

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  Nice and compact

| | See all chemer's reviews (3)

This USB is nice and compact stylish with the play.com logo and packs a punch. It does not hold a full 32 gigs, but that is to do with the byte conversion. But considering how much these used to cost this is almost giving it away. I lost a lot of photographs due to a hard drive error. As this has less moving parts there are less chances of errors same as SD Cards compared to hard drives.

That is why for pics and music you want to keep and special video moments these are the best solutions.

Well worth the money as is the 16 gig Sister drive

  32gb usb flash

| | See all JMNutt's reviews (2)

Good stick. reasonably fast but only 4 stars because no way of attaching it to a lanyard.

  Great buy

| | See all bowmanpark's reviews (5)

I purchased a 4gig play.com flash drive in the past and have never had a problem and is still fully functional to this day. I needed bigger memory and saw this 32gig monster of a flash drive with such a minimal price tag and snapped it up.
Works perfectly well and transfer rate is faster than my old pen, completely worth it.

The only reason I gave it 4 stars is due to 2 things:
1) My old pen came with a key ring so I could attach it to a lanyard so I wouldn't easily misplace it. Whereas now I will have to pay more attention, more of an inconvenience.
2) When I inserted the 32gig pen into my laptop it doesn't have a light that flashes on the pen itself, which I frequently used determine to see if the computer has recognised that I had put the pen in.

Both are very minuscule and do not want to discredit the quality of the pen. Ultimately the overall price and size were the determining factors for me and would highly recommend it.

  No light

| | See all Michael177's reviews (2)

Best price for 32GB (17 pounds in Sep 2011)

Just measured with Crystal diskmark: (sequential)
Read: 29Mb/sec (great max USB 2 speed, couldn't be any faster)
Write: 15.6Mb/sec (about triple than cheap sticks, about a minute per GB)

No LED light though, which is weird. (Only reason for 4 stars)
I will use it for daily automated backup with Windows 7 Backup.

  Very pleased.

| | See all SummerGlau's reviews (1)

My old usb stick started getting errors on it, which was a 16gb unit. Spotted this one and took the gamble. Works fine with no problems. only shows as 28gb of useable space, but its a big improvement on my old 16gb stick and faster to.

  Pretty Good

| | See all hpuser's reviews (2)

It is a 32gb stick and it works. Previous sticks had a lug for adding to your keyring where as this one doesn't. Now I'll have to get the drill out.....
For that reason it drops a star

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  Massive, Fast and Cheap.... we'll 2 out of 3 not bad.

| | See all Slaker's reviews (1)

Review in a nut shell.
32GB for about 16 Nicker, 50p a gig is good in any bodies books.
It's not the quickest kid on the block taking around 1 min per gig.

The capacity is the just the age old bits and bytes, nothing dodgy.
Boom done.

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  Good deal, speed OK..

| | See all RayHay's reviews (1)

Only complaint is that there is no ability to connect this to a keyring as there are no holes on either the body or the cap.

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  Size matters

| | See all Tanjo3000's reviews (5)

After reading other customer reviews I decided to set the record straight regarding the reduction in size.

The size reported of 32GB is the total unformatted size. Formatting is done as a simulated floopy disk style where a disk has tracks and sectors. Each track has formatting information as do each sector. Each disk also uses a sector for telling the OS how the disk is structured, how much space is on it and how many sectors are used per file block. Then there are all the sectors used to tell the OS where all the files start and where the parts of the files are stored on the disk. The file storage data is also duplicated!

All this information needs actual physical data space too. So with a 32GB drive, all this formatting data and OS system data takes up the 2.1GB that users see as missing from the 32GB specified.

Flash drive manufacturers use the correct method for calculating the overall size based on binary (base 2 maths). So 32GB is 32x1024MB, 1MB = 1024KB etc.
Unfortunately, harddisk (HD) manufacturers use the misleading 1GB = 1000MB etc. which makes the size of the HD seem higher than it actually is, so you generally see a bigger drop in size once a HD is formatted because the OS reports the size based on 1GB = 1024MB etc.

I hope this clears up the misunderstanding.

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