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Razer Onza Tournament Edition Gaming Controller for Xbox 360 (PC / Xbox 360)

Manufacturer: Razer

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (19 reviews)"

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  Very disappointing

| | See all HaloPro's reviews (3)

I bought this controller as soon as it came out hoping that it wouldn't give me that slow-turn that the official Xbox controller does. And to be fair it hasn't done this. However after only 2 weeks of playing with it the rubber on the thumb-stick started to break away. I gave it to my brother and after 2 months of him using it, the left thumb-stick doesn't work properly any more meaning his halo character can't run and will randomly stop walking.

As for the controller itself the feel of it in my opinion is not as good as the official controller, the direction pad is too clunky, The triggers are way too sensitive, and the wire is really really long which can sometimes be good, but there should be a way of shortening it so that it doesn't get annoying if you are playing right near your screen.

Definitely not worth the hefty 50 pound price tag I paid for it when it came out.

  Game-changing when it works

| | See all MisterSlimm's reviews (1)

This is a generally superlative controller. The face buttons ABXY are wonderfully light, the sticks can be adjusted to be perfect and the D-Pad is life-changingly precise. The triggers are comfortable, the non-sweat grip is astonishing and I prefer the Select-Start buttons at the bottom of the controller.

However, I wish the LB RB buttons had the same switches as ABXY and, sadly, the controller is fragile.

My left stick stopped working before six months were out and while it was quite funny to see Harry Potter endlessly walking into a wall, that's not good enough for a 50 GBP (at the time I bought it) controller. It's not good enough for a 5 GBP controller.

  Very well recommended.

| | See all Libra69's reviews (4)

Massive upgrade from standard 360 controller. Two mappable buttons are fantastic for FPS, I personally have one mapped to melee and one to crouch (MW3) for quick access to these functions ingame. The adjustable analogue sticks are brilliant also, I can see them being useful in many games (driving would be interesting), I personally use them for even more controllability on top of using a control freakz analogue stick extender good if you run around a lot in your shooters. Somebody sitting at the back could equally adjust them the other way. The build quality is vastly superior tol that of the standard controller and feels so, it just lacks weight as it's wired. Cable length is immense so I tied mine up with a cable tie. The addition of light up buttons is nice in the dark also! Directional buttons are individual so avoid the awful problems of the old standard controller.


| | See all di2g10's reviews (1)

I got one of these and after a couple of month the right stick started to glitch giving an up comand when i wasn't even touching the controler making shooters unplayable. Play.com gave me a full refund so i bought another one and have started to get the same problem again.

  Poor build quality

| | See all NCNCNC's reviews (1)

As others have mentioned, these controllers just fall apart way too easily. I've tried two; one lasted two months but slowly declined into uselessness, the other lasted about 2 hours. I have MS controllers that are over 2 years old and still work fine.
The controller feels good to use when it works and the programmable buttons are a great idea (especially for playing Battlefield), but the build quality is unforgivable.

  Great concept, very poor build quality.

| | See all Tom30594's reviews (1)

After seeing a review showing the various features of the product, and how useful they would be to a Gears of War play like myself, I was enthusiatic about purchasing. Hyper response buttons were great for chainsaw battles and reviving myself, additional multifunction buttons enabled fluid movement, and the adjustable thumbstick tension meant I could find the perfect combination of sensitivity on the game and tension on the stick to ensure precision aiming. This controller could be customed to any gamers preferances. But only 1 week in, things went wrong. At first the right thumbstick started sinking my character's aim towards the floor, and a few days after, the left thumbstick refused to move my character forward smoothly, almost as if they were constantly tripping over a curb. I have snooped around and found that these are quite common faults, even some of the other reviews here have reported similar problems.

  Amazing product but...

| | See all UKSteely's reviews (1)

... The build quality is terrible.

Used it for about 3 weeks (around 3 hours a day max so it's not been overused) and it all started to go pear shaped. The right analog stick started to move to the right, the left trigger had a mind of its own, and the A button barely worked in the end.

It's an amazing product, but Razer need to work on the build quality. I'll let them off though as they're mainly PC guys.

  Sleek and interesting, but way to many flaws

| | See all tomstar42's reviews (2)

The Razer Onza is a very nice controller to look at, it lights up, the design is very good in most places, and it has two extra programmable buttons, which come in very handy. However, it has some major flaws. Firstly, the start and select buttons are situated at the bottom of the controller, rather than in the middle like official xbox controllers. Also, this controller is wired, meaning no need to charge it, and very little lag response time. However, the cable is pretty thick, and taking away the comfort of wireless can be a little aggravating. The analog sticks have major faults to. Sometimes they can get stuck, or become very unresponsive, leading to you needing to play around with it a lot to get it to work properly. Finally, the D-pad is a little cheap and tacky. It has a strange design, and you can clearly see that little effort or money was put into this part of the controller. Overall, sleek design, and very nice feel and response when it is working, however to many flaws to make it worthwhile, especially at this price.

  Uber Awesome at Cod now

| | See all McSafe's reviews (1)

I have read a few reviews online and some of the things I read frustrate me. Most comments on Play seem more well rounded. . I play FSP's which suits this controller big time. The stick rentention in game is great e.g. if your running around with a sub machine gun with a loose analogue, as soon as you pick up a sniper rifle twist the stick to tighten the rentention for better accuracy. If you looking to buy this controller to play Fifa you're not reading the specification. Hyper response buttons for one, meaning quicker response than a general controller by m/secs which makes the difference in FSP's. This will make it really hard to get the judgement right for the power bar when shooting in Fifa as an example. As sad as it sounds I like the feel of it too, I simply think that the moaners out there just don't get the features and this controller should be used for certain game types and for the more experienced gamer. If you have COD or Battlefield this should be a no brainer.