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Mr Site Takeaway Website

Manufacturer: Mr Site

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Customer Reviews

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  Fatally Flawed

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You will read many favourable reviews of this product. Most of these are by so called experts in magazines and on websites who use the product for a week or less before giving their opinion. I spent my hard earned cash on it and used it for a year and this is what I think.
The good news is that it is cheap. I actually bought my copy for 17 pounds. This is pretty good value when you consider this includes a free .com domain name for a year. Unfortunately it came with a paltry 150Mb of web space. This may have changed but if you re considering hosting multimedia such as mp3s or especially videos you ll soon need to buy more space.
Like most beginners to creating websites I spent quite a while getting used to the software. It s reasonably easy to find your way round. Once you ve been through the process a few times it s quite straight forward creating pages. It s quite easy to add content to the pages too. What is harder is making the content look good. Unless you know a little bit of HTML coding it can be a very frustrating experience. This is not helped by Mr Site making back end changes to their coding/servers which mess up heading styles and such like.
The final nail in the coffin for me was after many many hours of development time getting my site just right over many months I discovered that the way that Mr Site names the individual pages of the site is nothing short of ridiculous. I will make the explanation of this very simple and you will wonder how they have a business at all. Let s say you have a website which sells hats. You have one page for bowler hats one for bobble hats and one for flat hats. Your website is called myhats.com . Mr Site s page naming convention is by a numbering system so the bowler hats page will be called myhats.com/page1 bobble hats will be page2 and flat hats will be page3. So you create your pages and you send out links to them to your customers and friends. A few weeks down the line you find that you re not selling many bowler hats so you decide to discontinue the line and delete your bowler hats page - page1. When you republish your site however the pages are automatically renamed. So bobble hats is renamed to page1 flat hats become page2 and page3 no longer exists. This means that all the links you have sent out previously that people may have saved to their favourites etc are all incorrect. They will click on the page2 link you originally sent them expecting bobble hats but will instead get the flat hats page. This is in a simple 3 page site. Just imagine the chaos in a more complicated site with many more pages. Your customers/fans will soon get frustrated and go elsewhere. Static named webpages are one of if not the most fundamental requirements of any website
Mr Site briefly opened a forum so that their customers could swap ideas etc but it was soon inundated with disgruntled people with issues with their sites. I and many others had many posts relating to this ludicrous page renaming system and they eventually fixed it but for the professional version of Mr Site only. Again his may have changed since I used the product for the basic and middle versions but clearly Mr Site would like you to purchase their more expensive product.
As a footnote the forum closed because it was deemed not to be being used for the purpose it was intended. As such your support now consists of sending mails to them to be told that your issue is being looked at and they will consider a fix in their next software upgrade.

  Mr Site Takeaway Website

| | See all SuffolkStig's reviews (1)

Great value as I didn't want to outlay big money on having someone else design & build my website. Have a look here at my site I created - suffolk-stig.com - to see what can be done with this pakage and believe me I have know idea when it comes to web design but I was able to do this quite quickly & with no real problems. Well worth the money and I have now upgraded to the pro version just to take of vantage of the search engine advantages and to get my site up the rankings. Highly recommended way of making your very own site for the novice web builder.

  Great For Beginners, but that's it

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As the title says, if you do not know what your doing when it comes to web design this is great. Although as you quickly learn how to do things the limitations of Mr Site very quickly become apparent. The lack of MySQL and PHP is the noticable absentee. However if you want something to show off your family then go for it.

  Full of bugs for me

| | See all Cruisingcomet's reviews (3)

I was very dissapointed with this software.

The general idea is great
1) you buy the box which comes with an activation code,
2) you go online & create your site complete with a domain name which is incredible value being included,
3) you then create your pages, & publish.

This for me is where it all goes wrong, each time you alter something & publish, the text changes, its off center or just not the way you want it to be!

Ive created a couple of sites online previously so have some knowledge but this software is very tiresome & difficult to get the results you want, I cant even put together a basic site after 2 weeks of on & off trying, it gets so frustrating I give up & come back to it a day or two later!

This could be a great bit of software but its full of bugs, it is incredible value for money, I just wish it would work better for me.


| | See all damianmc's reviews (2)

For this price you get a years hosting and a domain name,after the year you pay £3 a month.It is great for basic websites altthough it does have paypal cart included........If you want a top notch site then pay top prices!
Great for the price...

  Mr Site

| | See all ha66ie's reviews (153)

I love this. It's such a bargain. If you want to create a website that isn't too technical and not for your own financial gain then this is for you. Within 30 mins I had published my own site. The hardest part was choosing a dot.com name as all my original choices were taken.
If you want to put your site up for selling things then the PRO option is for you.
I have no web design knowledge at all and this site takes all that headache away for you.
Stop being overly critical and create your own fun site!

  may seem a cheap option to start with

| | See all GrammatonCleric's reviews (1)

Suggest you read Devs FAQ and also do more research before commiting to purchase... according to Dev, "Mr Site is subscription based."...

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  Not very good :(

| | See all DavidCraig's reviews (6)

When I first purchased Mr Site I had a good feeling when I started to create a webs site and put it live within hours. The feeling was great knowing that without any experience in building websites I now had one. Then came the time to start adding clever things like videos and editing pages and inserting some codes for banner ads, this proved far too advanced for the technical support team of Mr Site, they take over 24 hours to respond to questions and then get it wrong anyway or dont know the answer and then you have to wait another 24hrs+ for your next reply. Poor service, average product :(

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  limited but useful

| | See all omshanti's reviews (1)

no experience building websites? then this is ideal. it is however very limited as to how you layout your site. have a look at my site - om-shanti photography.

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