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Cyber Snipa Game Pad V2 Black USB

Manufacturer: Cyber Snipa

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (12 reviews)"

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  better than more expensive pads

| | See all bignicksixty9ine's reviews (1)

i bought this pad after using the belkin n52 and this is a great improvement in my opinion. the only down side are the number buttons which are quite hard to reach quickley when playing an FPS because u are not looking at the pad - u are looking at the screen. i got over this problem with the mouse i use - a razor naga - this mouse has 15 buttons so i use this for weapon select etc. all in all a superb pad and ive played FPS games for yrs and this is by far the best ive used


| | See all Y2KMember's reviews (2)

Wrist guard is attached via scrws and plasic arms and cannot be removed/adjusted. The pad proper feels pretty low quality and the Space/Jump keys doesn't register the keystroke unless depressed with some force. Same with some other keys too. Overall I'd suggest you avoid this... and indeed any Cyber Snipa gear... as I've bought a few items recently and have been dissapointed by them all.

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  Well worth it (Y)

| | See all TheDash's reviews (8)

Takes a little while to get used to but after a while it's really comfortable to use =D

  Worth the money

| | See all cheatR96's reviews (1)

I was after an FPS keypad to save my laptop keyboard, after noticing the WASD keys becoming a soft from extended usage.

I received it today and have already used it for around 3 hours. Slightly awkward at first but a pleasure to use after a few minutes.

All the buttons apart from the number keys are well shaped and easy to hit without looking.

The palm rest is fine and the blue LEDs are a nice touch, and can be switched off.

It's a well thought out solidly built product perfect for the task in hand. Go for it.

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  Very handy

| | See all W1S3B0Y's reviews (1)

This gamepad has increased my frag count and lowered my death count. Although at first i thought the buttons were slightly clunky and some keys were mis positioned, after adapting to the gamepad (which I advise you take the time to do) it has been a good investment and have enjoyed showing it off to my friends!

Note for battlefield users:
The function buttions only include F1-F4

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  not the best experience for me!!

| | See all desichef's reviews (2)

i bought this gamepad around a month ago and played cod 4 for days on it! great at first then it began to show its flaws. all it does is open hundreds of internet explorer now and its too late to claim from play .com (i have to say that their service and delivery times are amazing!! no problem there!) i have just paid £45 to have my hard drive wiped and now i find that it was the gamepad that was faulty!! over to you cyber snipa!

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  Handy Tool

| | See all Scriptworks's reviews (2)

I bought cyber snipa game pad and have been using it hardcorely on the games I play the most and this is my review:

- It has less response time then a standard ps/2 keyboard (try it on CS 1.6 and Enemy Territory Quake Wars) thus responding quicker to keystrokes.
- Very good to play non-fps games such as WoW.
- It's size is great and well adjusted to any type of hand.
- The grip below the keys is awesome.
- It looks good.

- The number buttons in the pad are kind of anoying due to their shape.
- It will take time for you to adapt, for instance if you want to knife someone changes are that you will press "3" for the first couple time.

The product came in it's box and very neatly packaged in a bubble type envelop by play.com.
A top and very professional service.

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  use along side your keyboard

| | See all PureChef's reviews (5)

ive been looking at fps left hand pads for a wile, as i just find some keys too far away from the w,a,s, and d, it jus makes me have to look at the keyboard to replace my hand where it needs to be,
you dont remove your keyboard to use this pad, sit it next to it, use both, yeah you can get rid of ya keyboard jus for games but why bother when the smack talk cant be issued lol, its a great pad used it for 20 hours + on bf2 and cod4 its a great bit of kit but hmm the wright up is a tad wrong, keep ys keybord where it is! add this too and pown up some noobs!

  Very Good Product

| | See all bdowson13's reviews (1)

Well, only had this item for two days now, and i love it
It was easy to install on my pc, jst plugged it in and away ya go. My gaming has improved dramatically now my hand has more room to move. Very comfortabel to use, and very simple. Games may need their key bindings tweaking bt thats easy enuf. Well constructed, vert robust and jst a great item in general.

  Badly aimed product

| | See all Heinrich's reviews (11)

I think its a bad idea to try and replace the keyboard. I have played FPS games for long periods of time, and I don't agree that it feels cramped. If anything it feels very spacious, I have buttons very advantageously placed all around my hand, also I have a whole keyboard full of buttons which I can use for extra hotkeys in games.

This pad basically is giving you the left side of the keyboard chopped out, you lose a lot of extra buttons, and the buttons aren't all that greatly designed.

Personally I see PC gaming as using keyboard and mouse, not some customised controller with limited buttons for programmable game use.

But saying all this, I have large hands, maybe some people can't reach buttons further to the right of WASD.

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