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SteelSeries SteelSound 5H v2 Gaming Headset

Manufacturer: SteelSeries

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Customer Reviews

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  Great Sound, Good Quality

| | See all Sephrosasia's reviews (2)

I play competitive gaming so I need a headset that offers great sound quality, a good microphone, is comfortable for longish sessions, and is preferably easily portable. With the 5H V2, Steelseries have managed to tick all four boxes.

Sound Quality- I have had two proper headsets before this one, the Creative Fatality and the Ideazon Banshee. The 5H V2 easily blows the other two out of the water for sound quality, it produces crisp clean sound all the way up to full volume, and is surprisingly bassy. In game, I find I can hear much further than with the other headsets, and it is much easier to pin-point the direction of a sound.

Microphone Quality- In this category the 5H again pulls away from the others. Featuring a retractable, flexible microphone, its very easy to get the Mic sitting right where you need it, and when you don't need it, it simply slides back into the headset neatly. Quality wise, it is fairly clear, certainly its fine for VOIP like Skype or Ventrilo, although at full volume there are some problems where it will pick up sounds from the headset. However, this is only a slight niggle and you get this problem with most headsets anyway.

Comfort- The 5H V2 is simply the comfiest headset I've owned or tried. There are a couple of reasons for this- it is quite light, it is well cushioned, and the cups fit completely over your ears, surrounding them rather than resting on them. This also improves sound quality, and blocks out much more external noise than the standard design.

Portability- Taking a headset with you is always a pain, they are forever snagging, they take up too much room, and there is always a risk they could get damaged if you cram them in. The 5H V2 doesn't really have that problem because it splits into three parts. Both Ear Cups detach from the bridge, making the headset much more compact, and reducing any chance for it to get damaged in transit.

Problems- I haven't really had much trouble with the 5H V2 after about a year of regular use. The only fault I can note is that the volume control seems to have a loose connection, as sometimes when adjusting the volume, sound will completely cut out from one ear. This is only temporary and is easily resolved by adjusting the volume again.

Final Thoughts- The 5H V2 is a solid headset, perfect for gaming or even just listening to music, it is good for long stretches thanks to a very comfy design and is easily portable. All in all, a great choice if you are willing to pay for it.

  Steelseries 5h v2 Headset - My Review

| | See all dothem's reviews (1)

I found the headset to be relatively decent, they've lasted me, coming on 2 years, but the small issues which i will mention in a moment forces me to give it the 3star rating

1) Wires get tangled so often that i cant do anythingfor more than a few hours before they get extremely tangled.

2) Microphone can become twisted so that the input faces away from your mouth, regardless of twisting it back towards your mouth, it goes back to the way it was again

3) Started to notice problems where sometimes one of the earmuffs stop emitting sound for short periods of time, totally random at which one it can be but doesnt happen very often

Other than that, the headset is good. I would recommend a turtlebeach in the future however as i hear very good reviews about them!


| | See all naZZa15's reviews (1)

Can you buy this headset without the usb sound card, and then buy the steelseries siberia usb soundcard and would it fit ?

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| | See all haywire04's reviews (1)

i got these as they seemed pretty well priced and wanted a good headset for dawn of war.and thats what i got its absolutely amazing.everything is so clear even on my dell laptop.ive got a dell xps 630 coming soon with very high spec and i think they'll be even better.plus the microphone is great my friends can hear me perfectly and vice versa


| | See all Death09's reviews (1)

Recently bought these off here when they arrived the product was in perfect condition.

I used these for CoD4 on pc and now with these i can hear thing before anyone else in my team can and also the sounds are alot more clearer then they was before would recommend this to anyone good buy =]

  Very good.

| | See all d0nftw's reviews (2)

Got this headset after my Fatal1ty ones got worn out. Was suprised how much more comfortable this headset is as it has plenty of padding and fits nicely round the ears. Sound quality was a little strange at first, not bad just different to the Fatal1ty, after a few it became clear that it was the bad quality of my old headset. Now can hear just about everything on CSS and is crystal clear.

  A true gamers headset

| | See all TWOC2689's reviews (1)

I have had these for over a month and I have to say they are worth the price tag. This is not the USB Version. Even so these are so good I would recommend to anyone the ear cup cover your whole ear and are so comfortable I've found my self playing for 2+ hours and never needed to take them off. the sound is also great in games it pin points important factors like gunfire, foot steps and doors for much better efficiency in combat. it is the same result with films where the action is great but dialogue is a little quieter than usual but not much of a bother. Music is fantastic I listen to a lot of Metal and I can hear the bass and fenders really well. Overall these are meant for improving your efficiency in gaming and that is where these succeed.

  Excellent Headset

| | See all buckleheid's reviews (1)

i was a bit sceptical about these headphones when reading other reviews,specifically about the background noise when on teamspeak,but i managed to tweak my settings and i can honestly say the are awesome,i can hear things when playing americas army now that i never could hear before,doors opening and closing at points on the map,also players reloading,they are well made with the ear pads being very comfy,the mic that you can retract into the side pod is good idea and isnt too fiddly or lightweight,overall the whole package is one of quality,but you would expect that at this price,i will be playing with this headaset on my new pc next week and that will have a x-fi gamer sound card in ,so that will be something to look forward to,especially with these headphones.i wouldnt hesitate to buy these again,so dont delay snap a pair up and with them you will improve your gaming.

  Best headset i've owned

| | See all Aeidyn's reviews (1)

This product is definitely worth the higher price tag - I had been a user of cheaper headsets for a long time and had become very accustomed to them breaking on a 3 or so month basis - I decided to splash out on something more expensive to see if there was a difference. I have easily saved a lot more money than using the older ones - so this thing pays for itself. I'm writing this review as my headset has finally diminished in quality - one ear is now not active any longer, and even that is partly due to myself tugging it to the other side of the room (the cable is that long!)

I've ordered another steelsound, but a cheaper version, but just want to say if you have the cash - buy this one, it's amazing quality and by far the best headset i've ever used.

  Question: Is it USB connected? or regular headphone jack?

| | See all r0dd3rs's reviews (1)

yer i had the v1, and it was good but its broke now, n im wanting to get the v2 as the v1 was so good, but can some 1 who bought this off play.com tell me whether this is usb or regular headphone jack connected? and if there is anywhere i can get v2 USB?