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Creative HS800 Fatal1ty Pro Series Gaming Headset with Detachable Noise-Cancelling Microphone

Manufacturer: Creative

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (92 reviews)"

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  Good HeadSet

| | See all Miducan's reviews (6)

Really nice Headset.

You might need mic boost for the mic.

90%-99% clanmates said they hear very clear sound while I am talking through Ventrilo/TeamSpeak even while I had TV on at a resonable loud volume.

Really good sound. not the best bass but still very good.

If you want a VERY good all rounder headset, go for this one or the USB one.

  Quality Detected

| | See all OpenMind23's reviews (4)

Best headphones I Have Come Across and these have the added Bonus of having a Detachable Headset which as others have stated, is a fantastic value for Money. If worrying whether these have good sound quality - dont worry any Longer, They have loads of bass and exellent sound all round. I use realtek sound drivers and are superb for playing games, listening to music and films. I would recommend these to anyone - including a headphone and perfect sound fanatic. 5/5 stars.

  Amazing value

| | See all Minters's reviews (23)

This is simply one of the best headsets available for your PC. Sure it lacks USB connection for those of you who prefer its convenience. Sure it also has the Fatal1ty name emblazoned all over it (PLEASE stop doing this! We dont buy hardware because it has the Fatal1ty badge on it, we buy the hardware because you put the badge on the decent kit! Most of us cant stand the guy!)

But what it doesnt lack is comfort, sound quality and construction. These are simply some of the comfiest headphones Ive ever worn. They fit perfectly over my head without any uncomfortable pressure and the ear cushions are ridiculously soft. After a long gaming session, I have actually forgotten I was wearing them, rather than looking forward to taking them off.

The sound quality is better than any other headset Ive used and Ive used some top end kits in the past. Bass is strong, yet clear and doesnt distort even at high volumes. The highs are also clear and a joy to hear. Likewise the microphone is very clear and Ive never had any complaints about the clarity of my microphone over ventrilo.

In terms of build quality, you could expect much more from a headphone set this cheap. Sure the plastic is a little cheap feeling, but it is strong and well put together. The swivel joints on the earphones themselves also provide an extra level of comfort, without being easily breakable. The cable to connect to your PC is very very long, which some people may not like, but it gives me the freedom to move, so I love it.

After 11 months of owning these headphones, I stupidly broke them by standing on them whilst drunk (Theyre sturdy but not THAT sturdy). I wont be shopping around for something different, Im just going to place an order for these again. I simply cant recommend these enough.

Just PLEASE stop putting the Fatal1ty name on them!

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  Great headset

| | See all 5T3F51's reviews (2)

Brilliant headset, does everything you want and need it to do, for a good price

Fits comfortably and securely around the head, even when you have big ears like me its fine!

Microphone very clear and consise, the mute button and volume switch work well and are very handy overall very happy with this product

  Fatal1ty put his name on it for a reason (or just for money)

| | See all sun1337's reviews (1)

This headset is amazing, dispite all the negative reviews; they are quite execptional. they are very comfy for long hours of gaming, i have them on for hours on end everyday and never really notice them. The bass is amazing and so are the mids and highs and they make brilliant headphones for music on ur ipod ( for around the house). Once they burn in, they probably sound bertter than the stupidly over-priced headphones you see in the store.

In terms of gaming, they are perfect, you'll hear things you've never heard before and the detachable mic is a nice addition to the headset, its clear but i dnt use the mic because i use something else for that. I've used this on cs:s, LEFT 4 DEAD, FarCry 2 and another 20 games in my steam list and they sound phenomenal on all games.

The only draw back is that they dont look very durable, BUT i've been using this headset for over a year now and they've never given me a problem at all (just look after them).

However, i've noticed that sometimes the sound only comes out of one side and i have to fiddle about with the audio jack to get the sound perfect( you know that annoying thing with headphones when u hear sound from only one side). BUT, again i've used for over a year so expect some wear and tear.

Are you a gamer on a budget? Dont hesitate buy.

  Best gaming headset

| | See all Butler14's reviews (1)

Big bass, super comfortable (on my ears/head at least) and solid build quality.

I've used (and broke...) a huge amount of headsets in my years gaming, and these are the best ones I've come across in that time.

Only thing that comes close is the Creative headset it's based on, but I'll put up with Mr Wendel's alias across my ear hole for the discount price ;]

  Good for price but...

| | See all daniz1's reviews (3)

This headset is by far one of the best gaming headsets for price. I've had this headset for a little over 6 month now, and I must say, it deffinately has its uppsides and downsides, I'll explain what I mean...

The headset is light weight, they have certainly taken a beatin from me with my constant throwin them around (careless with these because it was only cheap). These deffinatley give u a bang for ur buck . However the cables to tend to curl up easily, they are thin yet tough cables, The microphone quality is the same as something similar to the 5hv2.

The 'ear-cups' are slightly small and can sometimes feel as if ur ears and being tightened by them, the sponge upper part of the headset is almost like a cushion feel, although this headset is very light this does not help with the comfiness of it. They do feel as if they pull to your head occasionally which is a bad thing for hours of gamig on end.

The build is farly flimsy, more plasticy like, with some cheap patterns on each ear (red with fatality symbol). Feels as if the headset would break easy but it does not.

The style of these headsets are one that deffinatley is not top of the range, yes they their 'ok looking' but nothing special like the steelseries siberia.

The sound quality is very good in games considering the price, but I would not recommend this for music listeners, as at high volumes they tend to become disorientated and start muffling the sound.

All in all 4/5 stars simply for the great price, but be warned the build quality is sort of flimsy and plasticy, but they do give a decent in-game sound (for games such as cod4, css, bf2 etc). Good buy.

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  Great, but bad firmware

| | See all ThomasBurton's reviews (3)

Great head set for about 2 minutes, then the mic and speakers would go high pitch and then low.

All you need to do to fix this is download and install new firmware.


  Great Sound but easily broken

| | See all Nekonecro's reviews (1)

The sound was great and the mic worked fantastic however the wire to the headphones is weak. After a few months the sound within the right ear cut out and flickers between working and not working along with a static sound.

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  Good choice and price

| | See all AaronAce's reviews (1)

These are a decent headset for the price offered. The sound quality is great and has a bassy kick to it. Voice quality for the microphone isnt bad either. The headset offers a volume slider on the wire for convinience.

Another convinience it offers is that the microphone coil can be removed, just make sure to put it back in correctly.

The downsides are that the wire tends to curl up for whatever reason over time and the overall headset feels a bit clackity when held in hand, however it still fits on my head quite comfortable.