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Saitek GH20 Vibration Headset

Manufacturer: Saitek

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (11 reviews)"

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  Poorly designed

| | See all STUPIDIDEA's reviews (1)

Whilst these phones work well, they are very badly designed where the phones themselves attach to the headband. There is a pivot inside which is retained by the thin outer shell but the shell isn't strong enough and it cracks and breaks.

I've now gone through two of these headphones within a few months and both have broken in exactly the same place. As a result, the phones fall off the headband rendering them useless.

I would avoid these at all costs. They may sound and look good, but whoever designed them has no understanding of basic engineering.

  Unique experience, worth it for the price.

| | See all xsoset's reviews (6)

I have to say I was fascinated to hear what difference the vibration made, bearing in mind these are not very expensive. I figured I'd get what I paid for. Tried playing Left4Dead and Crysis and it blew my head off and exceeded my expectations! Great vibro effect with the shotgun! Also, try listening to some Anthrax and Muse with these and the vibration cranked up to max! Very nice and the sound quality isn't half bad either, remeber these are not Seinheisers, but neither is the price. The MIC seems to work fine. Quite comfortable after 45 minutes to an hour, although they are chunky enough and will obviously begin to get uncomfortable after a long session. Well worth the money ! (although I'm a little worried about the long term effects of making my head shake with the vibro unit!).

  Great Headset

| | See all ziggyy's reviews (1)

I bought these when I was looking for a replacement for my sennheiser which broke few weeks ago so I grabbed these as it was a good price so if they broke it wouldn't bother me so much,so I received them today and I have to say I was really surprised with the build of the headphones.They look much better then in the picture above and the quality is really good.The sound is great and microphone works great.The vibration feature is really AWESOME it adds so much more bass to the headset,really good when playing FPS games and listening to music.The cool thing is it has a choice whether you want to use batteries for vibration (incase you want to try them out on a telly or a some sort of mp3 player) or a USB connector which supplies the power.You choose the method and then attach it to the usb connector or the battery adaptor.It also has controls for volume and vibration intensity as well as an off and on switch for the vibration.

So if you looking for new headset I would greatly recommend these as the price is good as well as the quality.

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  Good But....

| | See all GreyCell's reviews (7)

I'll admit these are awesome, the vibration makes the bass sound a lot better, mic quality is good also, however my vibration stopped working a week after I had it, so i've just filed a return + replacement with Play...cant be sure if it was a 1 off hardware fault, or w.e cos im very carefull with my stuff....however they are good when they work.


| | See all StevieLudo's reviews (2)

Grabbed this as it was a good price so could be replaced if broken cause i'm very clumsy, but i was very surprised at the quality. Gives great sound. Took a little fiddling to get mic good, but i do mumble instead of speak so don't worry too much about that. Great piece of kit and i'm glad i grabbed this particular set

  Good value, but not without some issues.

| | See all Maus0r's reviews (2)

First of all the build quality. They are solid and heavy, and cover your whole ear, the microphone is bendy and feels like it won't pull off in your hands. The leads that connect to your soundcard however do look and feel very thin and flimsy. An accidental foot caught could potentially snap these without much effort.

The vibration effect is incredible. If you play war games like Call of Duty or Battlefield they improve the immersiveness dramatically with explosions really shaking your head! This alone makes them worth the money for gamers.

The sound quality is a little muddy and needs some tweaking with your EQ to get them to sound great. A good quality sound card really helps, if you are using on-board sound don't expect studio quality sound.

Lastly, and the reason I only award three stars, is the discomfort after prolonged periods of use. I often play games for 3-4 hours at a time, and these make my right ear really hurt after an hour. Not my left for some reason, maybe I have odd ears, but I'm not the only one this has happened to.

So, if you have small ears, want head rattling explosions and are not too concerned about awesome sound quality, I highly recommend these. Audiophiles, look elsewhere.

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  Simply Amazing

| | See all ThomasBurton's reviews (3)

Such a great headset, tough, durable and the bass on them is phonimional, 10/10 for the sound clarity of the mic. 10/10 for gameing experience. 9/10 Comfort.

Great Buy.


| | See all Jamreal's reviews (12)

I got these headphone 2day and they're great i was only lookin for something i could talk when i was playin l4d and i got these,sounds great vibration works greats its like a bass booster i dont understand why they're so cheat.but honestly you dont need better than this they're wonderful.

  Great Sound, Tiny problem

| | See all DemonOfLoom's reviews (2)

The sound quality is great, you hear so many little things you would usually miss with speakers. The vibration works well for games but there is a tiny problem with a very very low rumbling noise when you turn on the vibration, due to the electricity used by the vibration affecting the speakers.


| | See all Dougiewoo's reviews (2)

Right i bought this headset because it looked good and it was quite cheap. The sound quality is very good, however the comfort is good for like 10 minutes and I started to get ear ache which put me of playing due to the pain. Also the vibration works but whats it for, just a useless feature in my opinion.

Hope this helps!

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