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Western Digital Scorpio WD3200BEVT 320GB 2.5 inch Internal SATA Hard Drive (Sony Playstation PS3 Compatible)

Manufacturer: Western Digital

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (239 reviews)"

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  Best bit of kit bought for my ps3

| | See all mrslotthy's reviews (1)

After pondering for such a long time deciding to purchase a new hard drive for my ps3 60gb system, I read most of the reviews and decided go for it, I am so glad I did, it was so easy to change and get back up running, had no problems whatsoever even though the box was posted through letterbox, it could do with a little more packaging because we all know these packages get thrown around. Backed up my system synced my trophys, changed hard drive, formatted hard drive, restored system and hey presto loads more space, didnt need update, works just the same. Dont ponder just get it makes a big difference.

  Western Digital 320GB for PS3

| | See all WoodyLondon's reviews (1)

I got this to upgrade my old FAT PS3.
Easy to install took about 30 minutes to back up the data, then 5 minutes to take out the old one and put in the new one.
Then about another 20 Min or so to restore the data.
Recommend to any one who want to upgrade there PS3

  Absolutely buy this drive. (if you have a 40GB PS3)

| | See all maxolatov's reviews (2)

Another great price from Play.com. I have been labouring with meager space on my PS3 for too long, saw this drive for peanuts and given the "PS3 compatible" hand holding statement ordered it. It Fits with no problems, and the installation it's self is barely harder than turning the PS3 on, and the drive works, I mean what more is there.
Also it is worth keeping in mind that although there are many Higher Spec 2.5" drives available (which would be better for many applications) for PS3 upgrades you have to fall into a fairly specific brief, which this one does. And of course it carries the Western Digital Scorpio Reliability flag with it.

And most importantly, It's saved me spending 30000 pennies on a new PS3. net saving apx. 26000 pennies. (ignoring potential DLC loss)

Thank you Play.com

  Great product,No hassle to upgrade.

| | See all lumphead's reviews (1)

Just like to say what a great product this is, took just minutes to swop old hard drive for new & once formatted ( takes seconds) Your good to go, Can't recommend enough++++

  Great upgrade but BBCi Player Problems (Please HELP!)

| | See all oskahosken's reviews (3)

I have just installed this hard drive into my PS3 as an upgrade from a 60GB which was busting at the seems!! No issues and found it pretty straight forward. I backed all game saves etc from old hard drive onto a external hard drive with ease (just took a few hours, be patient!) Swapped the hard drives over with ease, fired up no issues. Some people have found they need to update the firmware on firing up but I didn't have this problem, it was plug and play. Restored all from external onto the new hard drive and all seems well.... except the only problem I have encountered so far is the BBCi player (as some other reviewers have mentioned) seems to pause every now and again. On researching many many forums it seems to be a common problem caused by the hard drive going into some sort of a stand by mode whilst idiling. I use the i player loads so it is a problem for me. Has anyone got a solution to this.??? Its really getting on my nerves that much I am considering swapping the drive again. Any solutions to this problem or a recomendation to a alternative hard drive that doesn't have this problem will be most appreaciated. Other than that if you dont use the iplayer I would say this is a very good upgrade. PS dont be scared to do the swap, it was easy! PS the screws come out just fine as long as you have the correct size screwdriver so dont panic about that either. If someone can find a solution to the i player problem this drive would be 5 star for me.

  Western Digital Scorpio (Great)

| | See all radewale's reviews (1)

I got this as a christmas present to myself and thought a friend that require me to get it because he said it was good and get it from this website , when I fix it didn't work at first because I forgot to go to the playstation website and install the format for the update for it but when I did it it work good and it't alot fast when playing game and saving it, I require people who has 40, 60 , 80 GB to get it rather than spend some much on the slim one

Thank You Play.com

  Hard & Fast...Oh and Plenty Of Storage Space Too!

| | See all McShooter's reviews (2)

I ordered this HDD for my PS3 (60GB launch mode was fulll) and upgraded for the onset of 2011. As always with play, delivery was spot on.

The installation of the drive was a piece of cake and took 3 hrs from start to finish.

1hr 1/2 to back up to an external HDD, 10 mins to fit new HDD & 1 1/2 hrs to restore data . Bobs your Uncle!

Highly reccommend the HDD, its easy to fit, large capacity, fast & silent.

A definate choice for upgrading old PS3 HDDs * * * * *


| | See all JoandDale's reviews (3)

My fiancee bought me this as a Christmas present as I only had a 40GB HDD on my Ps3 and have quite a lot of games and was constantly having to delete game data and save games everytime I bought a new game. Actually taking out the old HDD and then putting the new one in is really a 2 minute job the time consuming part of upgrading your Ps3 is backing up your save data, game data etc. I backed up my save games and installed this in 2 hours the other morning and am very impressed with my new HDD. I think this is a bargain for 35 pounds and would recommend anybody who has a smaller Ps3 HDD to upgrader to this. The only thing wrong with the manufacturers description is that they state this is configured to run as soon as you put it into your Ps3. This is not the case as you have to manually get the latest update from the Sony website and boot it up via a memory stick. There are videos on YouTube that show you how to do the whole process and I found it very simple. Highly recommend! Never again will I need to delete my save games and data. :-)

  Excellent upgrade !

| | See all Toepic's reviews (1)

Took about 10 minutes to install the actual drive, most of the time was taken up by backing up my ps3 beforehand to my external HD (about 1.5 hours) and restoring it after the drive was installed, mine was the 40gb model and has people have said the screws were in tight, just make sure you have the right screwdriver (i checked that the screws could be removed before ordering the drive) i did use a little bit of firm pressure when putting the screwdriver into the screwheads and turning then i found then freed up quite easily , all in all the best 35 quid ive spent for ages and now i'm all ready for games like gran turismo that can eat up 10gb of HD space !!!

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  must have

| | See all pgreavesie's reviews (1)

i bought this as have the 40gb ps3 and didn't want to keep deleting game files and filmsetc. If i wasn't backing up and restoring the data the installation would of taken less than 5 minutes, as i have backed it up it took approx 1hr 30 mins. Other reviews mention the screws on the ps3 being awkward, i found removing the screws straight forward so just make sure you use the correct size screwdriver head size and you should't have a problem.

Before buying the hard drive i checked out a video on youtube to see how to do it and it is as easy as they make it look.