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Belkin CushTop / Steel With Burnt Orange

Manufacturer: Belkin

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (54 reviews)"

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  Works well!

| | See all christopheuk's reviews (1)

This works great, does as it says with no issues. No issues with slipping, i've got a Macbook and works fine, no overheating and keeps your legs cool! Shipping v.quick by play

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| | See all DVDReviewer's reviews (2)

It doesn't smell, it doesn't let your laptop slide.
Its great for using in bed or on the sofa.
The surface is firm so your laptop's vents don't get blocked and cause it to overheat.
Liked it so much ordered a 2nd one for the misses.
Would like a bigger one with room for using a proper mouse in the future.
Bargain at £9.99 when I got my 2.


| | See all MonTheHoops's reviews (14)

After trying the cushtop at several different angles the laptop just constantly slips off the top, i have two different laptops and it was exactly the same for both. The cushtop is not made of a good non-slip material and is much harder than i expected. I am returning mine today as it is un-usable due to the slippery material. Would not recommend this. It is a waste of £12.99 when you can easily use the laptop on your lap where it is NOT going to slip off.

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  great for use in your lap

| | See all dsbluey's reviews (4)

firm, stable and solves any overheating on my t41 or Hp laptops.
very very comfortable when used on your lap or in bed.
not the most portable stand but it is soooooooo comfortable around the house.
have had to order a second one coz the wife keeps nicking mine!!

  Pee-uw! It pongs!

| | See all Shafto1's reviews (1)

I've just bought the cushtop and it seems to do it's job adequately, however it smells.

The things smells damp! I had it delivered in the morning and left it in my bedroom while i went to work. I came back home to find that the room smelled of wet towels that had gone too long without being washed. I ultimately tracked it down to the cushtop itself.

I don't know whether this is a common issue or if my particular cushtop was stored poorly at play hq, but it really does pong. I've febrezed it and i'm hoping that solves the problem but i expect better.

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  a few minor flaws...

| | See all Exixo911's reviews (27)

Ok, as you can see from the image, it raises your laptop a good few inches. Unless you have a very low desk, or you take the bus alot, there isn't much point in this. Think before you click buy. In most planes, trains and some cars there is a desk-like surface for you to use. But hey, for £12.99 you can't go wrong. It helps if you like using your laptop around the house... (It's not the most portable of things)

  Brilliant - a must for laptop users

| | See all PeterRH's reviews (1)

I'm extremely pleased with this and would say its a must for anyone who uses their laptop on their lap. Apart from reducing the heat to your lap it raises the height by a useful amount and gives a firmer based to support the laptop. Its also looks and feels like a quality product and is comfortable to use. I haven't found any air circulation issues with my Dell laptop and the base of my laptop gets less hot than when it used to be on my lap.

I'm wondering whether it would be worthwhile to stuff the gap with aluminium foil to cut down the wifi radiation to the lap. If anyone reading this is an expert on electromagnetic radiation I'd be keen have an opinion.


| | See all StephenP123's reviews (5)

Bought this for my Macbook and its really good. Its quite firm but still really comfortable i was expecting something much softer because of the other reviews (worrying about blocking air vents etc) however its really good. I use it on my desk and my knee and on the desk i push the mac so the back slightly ovelaps a little which gives extra air circulation to the vent. the angle of it is perfect when seated and makes it just as good as the ergonomic laptiop stand i considered from the apple store. AND FOR £12 IT REALLY IS EXCELLENT

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  Nice Idea but has problems

| | See all ChairmanMao's reviews (1)

This would be a useful item for laptop users but there are two significant problems: first the seam blocks the optical drive from opening and closing properly and more seriously the "feet" on the laptop sink into the cushtop and thus blocking the air vents underneath causing my laptop to heat up much more than if I use my laptop on a hard flat surface such as a table. I've stopped using mine.

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  Keeps the laptop cool

| | See all afy1720's reviews (11)

I use my laptop (17") mostly in bed, even as i am writing this reveiew. my laptop use to extremely overheat and therfore the fan use to make quite a lot of noise, since i got this cusion it has never overheated no matter what applications i was running, but the reason why i havent give this a 5 start rating is because i would never use it on my lap when generally sitting down as it is very unstable when movements are made, but i beleive this is more to do so of the size of my laptop than the actual cusion so a guess it would be better to use on your lap if you had a 15" laptop.

but great for using in bed or on the floor if you have a 17" laptop :)