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One For All SV1740 USB Wireless Digital Audio Sender

Manufacturer: One For All

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (26 reviews)"

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  Transformed how I listen to music...

| | See all CJTunes's reviews (1)

That's not an exaggeration. I had a USB FM transmitter before this and that had an annoying whine I couldn't silence. With this, it's true plug'n'play (yes you may have try a couple of different frequencies to minimise interference from your wireless router- takes less than 1 minute) and the sound is really impressive.

My DVD player was my previous source of music if I wanted more than a CD or two's worth. It doesn't play MP3's randomly so it was of limited use.

With the SV1740 I connect an external drive full of music to my laptop and stream random, wireless, great quality sound to my hi-fi amplifier downstairs. It's now a main source together with my Arcam Alpha 5 CD player. I bought a nice chunky lead with gold connectors for it and I'd have to listen very hard to pick fault with the sound I get from this unit.

There are very few things of which I could really say 'I couldn't be without it' but this is one.

  Amazing.... for 1 day.....

| | See all Featherlocks's reviews (1)

When it arrived I eagerly opened up the box and plugged it all in, heard the 'ding-dong' of an attached USB device, watched as drivers were auto installed, and out comes good quality sound through my stereo at the other side of the room! I was jumping for joy cos I could finally get rid of the cable that drags around after my laptop.. the joy didn't last long though... on the second day of use, it lasted about 5 minutes before disconnecting. I tried again and again to reconnect, and each time it worked for about 5 mins. Today, day 3, it won't even connect. I'm gonna send it back and see if it was just a faulty unit... fingers crossed that the next one will work for a bit longer!

The USB transmitter is kinda flimsy and doesn't fill me with confidence.... Maybe on a desktop computer it'd be fine, but I don't think it'll survive long being attached/detached from a laptop....

  Not a Mac Disaster after all

| | See all sixstringdrs's reviews (1)

It is with great pleasure that I retract my original comments. This product does work with Macs but its not plug and play. You will have to select it as your sound output in the sound section of the system preferences. I have the output plugged into my Bose Wave System. It sounds awesome and just saved me £149 on the equivalent Bose product.

A must buy for anyone looking for a simple wireless audio solution.

  Good but interferes with WiFi

| | See all alext118's reviews (1)

It works great and for less than £20 - what a bargain. It really works and from quite a distance, it was just plug and play for me.

But I'm with BT and I use the BT Home hub as my router and it also uses 2.4GHz so when you use this it blocks out my WiFi signal. I'll try and find out if i can change WiFi bands. If I can't I'll probably send it back if can be bothered (which i probably won't - it'll be a £17 lesson to do more research about the frequency of my wifi router).

  excellent product at excellent price

| | See all yorkshirechap's reviews (2)

Was a bit sceptical when i purchased this item but i neednt have been. Worked straight out of the box and quality is excellent too. I have put all my cd collection onto my portable hard drive so when im surfing the net and i want to listen to any music i can just click and play instead of having to get up and change the cd's over on the stereo. Great product.


| | See all Warwick59's reviews (2)

Bargain...and it worked straight out of the box!
Bit confused as instructions said that the blue LED on the Transmitter would light up as soon as it was plugged in, but didn't illuminate until was streaming. No conflict with wi-fi as channels well separated.
Now to wire up the hifi........!

  Excellent value

| | See all ravaar's reviews (1)

Connected lap top to hifi system without any problem. Sound quality is impressive for the price and the convenience of the wireless feature.

To start with it was intermittently disconnecting the wireless network. But the problem resolved after changing the channel in the Linksys router to 13. [Thanks to GiveaScooby's posting.]

Definitely worth buying.

  Good for Mac users too

| | See all QBall1's reviews (1)

I read a few reviews on here and looked at a few other sites and could find no mention of Mac compatability. For £17 I thought I'd take a punt and I'm not disappointed. Sound quality is very good across the range and is comparable with FM radio transmissions. Range is about 20m without it breaking up.

This works just fine on my Macbook Pro (OSX 10.6.1 / 3.06Ghz C2D / 4Gb Ram). It doesnt auto select so you have to choose it as the selected audio output, easy to do (system/sound/USB SPIDIF) and it works perfectly.

Seriously can't fault this in any way. For this price I was expecting something ok but realistically I was expecting a bit of audio quality loss. The loss is so small that even on an 800w technics PA amp, it is barely noticeable.

A quality product and fantastic value. Highly recommended.

  Very impressed

| | See all Ginster31's reviews (1)

I'd been after something like this for a while and after checking out other sites put it to the back of my mind as they were far too expensive! Last week i was just browsing on here and it came up on the screen, £17.99!!! i couldn't believe it, i had to have one as other retailers were knocking them out in access of 70 quid. I have to say I'm really impressed, i didn't know what to expect sound quality wise but I've hooked it up to my separates downstairs and it really does sound great with no interference, just like listening to a CD.

  Excellent bit of kit

| | See all LittleMissGeek's reviews (2)

I'm a bit of a gadget geek and this is just brilliant. Dead simple to use. I plugged it in and it worked straight away. The dongle has a button on it so you can change the channel if needs be, but i never had that problem. Sound quality from my laptop is brilliant too.
Nice little gadget at a nice price. Would recommend.