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One For All SV1740 USB Wireless Digital Audio Sender

Manufacturer: One For All

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (26 reviews)"

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  Some points to consider

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There is no software control of frequency channel and it's not secure.
The dongle may not select the channel last used when unplugged and plugged back in again.
The USB dongle disconnects other audio output devices on the PC when in use.

  FANTASTIC Value and well worth buying

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This is my 1st review on here and hope it is useful. No sooner I had connected everything and put my Bose unit on Aux it was playing music from Spotify.. 10/10. However, I realised it plays ALL sounds from the PC and so it might be worth going into your [Control Panel] - [Sounds] and setting the Sound scheme to 'none'. This will stop all sounds including the clicking when on I.E.

Now, the one problem that seems to be the most common and it DID happen to myself and that is the interference and with me the disconnection of my wireless internet when the USB dongle was inserted. After looking at the frequency the USB stick was transmitting at, I pulled it out, got automatically connected with my wireless router and then changed the wireless channel to 13 which is at the higher scale of 2400 Mhz. This might be a bit confusing to some and others will know it straight away. The interference is just like some of the radio stations clashing on your car stereo where 2 stations are very close together. If you change the frequency channel on your router and save it, you will be disconnected from the router for a very short time whilst it saves it and then you will automatically get connected.

Plug the USB transmitter back into your PC and that should solve your problem. The USB has 8 channels that you can try as well by just pressing the little button on the side. This didn't help me but could help you.

Overall, I can't get over the price and size of the unit. The quality is fantastic for Spotify etc but true music lovers will probably notice a quality issue, but at £17.99 what do you expect people...

Personally I would say GO FOR IT.. I hope this has been of use to you.

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  Sounds Great !!!!!!

| | See all audiopete's reviews (1)

I just got this item today and it was simple to set up. I plugged the transmitter into a spare USB port in my PC upstairs and started playing music on Spotify. I then went downstairs and plugged in the receiver and attached it to my Stereo with the 3.5 mm to RCA cable that was provided. Hey Presto I now can stream music from Spotify to my downstairs stereo speakers for a mere £17.99. Works well with Itunes also especially when you have the remote app on your iphone or itouch. Great alternative to using an ipod dock. It interfered with my wireless connection on the preset channel when first inserted but the button on the transmitter changes the channel with one touch. took me 2 minutes to set up. I love it. A+


| | See all Tony00's reviews (1)

Works as described.

Half decent range, started to get a bit of interferance when operating downstairs to upstairs but havn't tried changing the wireless channel yet.

Works on XP, XP media center edition, Windows Vista, and I'm using it right now on Windows 7 (Release candidate)

Never needed a driver just plug and play, worked strait away.

The guy moaning about not working with a mac, I havn't got a mac I wouldn't kno, but since he couldn't even get it working with XP I guess he's doing something wrong so ignore that review!

Hope this info help


  sv1740/ it does exactly what it says on the tin (box)

| | See all eddra1's reviews (1)

Ordered, paid, received it all in 72 hours, I am in my seventies and found it relatively easy to set up, i am using a Mac desktop via a netgear wireless router, never had a problem with my Broadband off TalkTalk, and still havent now the One For All is installed. Getting SUPERB sound through my old (7 years) SONY midi, The family were here for Sunday lunch, and were ALL impressed by the Quality of the music coming through, (if you can put up with the adds from SPOTIFY then your away to go!!!)

  Works extremely well for the money!

| | See all garygee's reviews (1)

Out of the box this audio sender didn't work all that well...sound was breaking up and my broadband would drop out! A quick read of the instructions reveals it has 8 selectable channels....selecting a different channel not only solved the broadband problem but also stopped the sound from breaking up! I use this on my Samsung netbook running XP and the reciever is plugged into a Bose Wave system....it sounds great! It would have got 5 stars from me if it had have worked straight from the box, it doesn't....you will need to spend time selecting channels and testing your broadband :)

  One for all SV1740

| | See all LGdriver's reviews (2)

There is some incompatibility problem with wireless in XP, but fine with vista PC. Works very well, fine music, worth buy @ 18 £.

  Not for wireless broadband

| | See all BigGagain's reviews (1)

Bought this to listen to internet radio stations from my laptop through the house. Transmits great and would be kewl for playing stored files, but unfortunately when its switched on my wireless broadband hangs up as the signal interferes with it . So not much cop for radio or internet broadcasts but ok for Mp3 etc


| | See all flemmingsjordan's reviews (1)

This is absolutely brilliant! I use it all the time especially to stream Spotify... fantastic quality and currently... a fantastic price too!

I am curious, would this work with a Mac?

  Very Surprised

| | See all MrOPPO's reviews (1)

I already own a Soundbridge but wanted something for another room. Saw this and took a chance and wasn't expecting much despite it's higer price's elsewhere. How wrong was I. No interfearence with router, perfect reception even wth FLAC files and very good sound quality. So surprised I bought another and a quid cheaper. It's a no-brainer at £17

Yes it will play any audio streams from your PC.

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