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Razer Lycosa Gaming Keyboard / UK Layout

Manufacturer: Razer

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (9 reviews)"

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  Ok keyboard

| | See all Person1812's reviews (3)

im very excited at 1st view up close to the keyboard it was really nice to unpack but when i saw the wires is really thick(prob is about as thick as ur monitor power cable), and the keys are really rubbery, yes the glossy part, when touched u will leave ur fingerprint on it and its really obv :S but is really easy to touch type thats all i care about :)
hope my review helped

  worth getting only if you got the cash to splash

| | See all adamc1988's reviews (22)

so ive had this keyboard for around 6 months. this is my 2nd lycosa, both from play, and before i get on with the review, i want to say that despite these negatives, i do love this keyboard and want to buy another one but a now somewhat tighter budget puts me off.

so anyway, the first one i got was faulty in the way detailed by another review (songs skipping in itunes, back-light settings taking on a mind of their own, requiring unplug).

the 2nd i got has worked fine for the last 6 months up until recently keys have gotten stuck when pressed down, some become completely unresponsive until the keyboard is unplugged and plugged back in.

in addition, the keys i use most while gaming ( W, A, S and D, shift & ctrl for FPS games) are now completely worn of their rubber surface where the letter originally was so the backlighting just shines through the clear plastic completely.

on the bright side, the keyboard looks fantastic, feels fantastic, and works like a charm until it doesn't.

i want to recommend it to gamers of all kinds, but whether you get a reliable one or not is luck of the draw.


  would reacomend to anyone!

| | See all ProjectOne's reviews (11)

had this keyboard afew weeks now and it works gr8, i love how the keys feel , and the backlighting is just amazing, ive had no problems as of yet, and i havent even come around to installing the drivers yet =/
the only downside is that its VERRY prone to finger prints, that aside all the items on my desk are prone to finger prints, so =/ personal choice, but i would reacomend this as its a true gr8 gaming keyboard for any enthusiast, and its made by the leaders in gaming peripherals so my opinion, a must buy :)

  Poor quality control. Don't waste your time.

| | See all 02cfranklin's reviews (2)

After buying this keyboard from play.com I had to get it replaced as it has stopped working altogether after 4 months. Both the boards also had the same manufacturer's fault where the touch buttons would gain a mind of their own and skip backwards through the songs in iTunes which is very annoying when the only way to solve the problem is to unplug it and plug it back in. Other than this the board is very nice to use, the touch buttons are good when they aren't playing up and it has a very nice design. I no longer own this board as I've sent it back for a refund though and moving on to the Logitech range. Keeping my Razer Copperhead though ;)
Buttons would also stop working during gaming and every day use which also could only be solved by unplugging the board and plugging it back in again. I got seriously frustrated with this board and wouldn't recommend any Razer keyboards. The mice on the other hand I would recommend.

  Average - Good Keyboard

| | See all Mark12345678's reviews (1)

It is a gaming keyboard but I think there is a lot of room for improvement. The looks are awesome, and the controls match other gaming keyboards around. However, it is a problem if you drop crumbs or anything down the keys because there are a few gaps. They keys have a really nice rubber finish to them, but they are fairly small, they should make them stand out more.

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  Cool and sexy, but...

| | See all rmcaruan's reviews (1)

I've had this keyboard for some time now, and it's awesome!!! the feel of the keys is so much better than my old keyboard, which felt as if the keys were made out of wood! the usb, mic in and headphones out are cool, but the sound comes out distorted, possibly from wire interference or because I use the motherboard's sound ports? and the touch pad only seems to work when my media player is open. apart from that, it's sexy and looks great with my razer Lachesis! I've found no problems running it on XP or W7 so far.

  Blue and Sexy

| | See all SimonAM's reviews (2)

I had the Razer Copper Head mouse before buying this so i new Razer made good hardware. When choosing a new keyboard i new Razer would be reliable and what a good choice it was. the board is a nice size, people may say its too big but its right for me the keys feel lovely. In terms of gaming I use this board for TF2 and other FPSs and its a delight the macro asignment feature helps!
note this will not improve your gaming unless you don't have a keyboard however it will help make things easier (like disapling the windows key)

  Sleek, sexy but dim

| | See all PureGenius's reviews (1)

A great looking keyboard with responsive keys. Nice long usb cable and very useful usb, mic and headphone port in the back of the keyboard. (Great if you have difficulty in getting your headphone or mouse cables to reach comfortably from your PC.)
1 drawback is that in normal to strong daylight, the characters on the keys are quite difficult to see. With the backlight off they are almost impossible to see. (probably not a problem if you can touch type, but I can't). However with the room lights turned down, the cool blue lighting is just that.....cool!
If you can get over the slightly dim lighting, this is a really nice keyboard. Recommended

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  Razerblade Gamer

| | See all techboys's reviews (1)

quite simply, this keyboard is as practical as it looks stylish. i twinned this with a blue copperhead on a black case that was blue lit, and the first thing people always comment on is this keyboard. Sensitive, the anti-ghosting is a wonder and the silenced keys are just that, even if used heavy handedly.

The downsides however is the fact it has only 1 usb on the back, the mike and headphone jacks require plugging into your soundcard instead of traditional speakers or mike. I also find the keys are a little close set at times, Also the lights tend to randomly switch off/go to AWSD/off but could just be that i play near a window and changing light sources activates the touch pad for the lights. which brings me neatly to another little problem - the fact it appears to randomly call up media player on the touchpad located at the top right - but again, could be light messing with it.

all in all, a great keyboard but it'll never replace skills!
word of warning: Made for vista so may or may not work on xp well

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