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Sennheiser PC 350 Stereo Gaming Headset

Manufacturer: Sennheiser

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Customer Reviews

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  Not bad

| | See all McScyver's reviews (6)

They're certainly comfortable and well constructed. I have found, however, that after five years, the rubbery surface covering of the ear cups and the head band has started to disintegrate. It's not a big deal, because the material underneath is good, but it looks quite shabby. I note that on the Sennheiser PC 360, they've changed to an uncovered fabric. I don't have enough experience of the sound quality of headsets at this price-point to draw a comparison, but I can't say I was completely overwhelmed by it.

  Top notch

| | See all Fishstick's reviews (4)

Best headset I've used for gaming.
Sounds great, can easily tell where other people are in fps games and the likes.
Extremely comfortable with them completely surrounding your ears.

  Well built, sounds terrible??

| | See all grundigtharg's reviews (11)

I bought these expecting the usual Sennheiser sound quality but was gob smacked at just how bad these headphones sound?? There is no diffrence between these and a £20 pair of Creative Fatality headphones, there is just no bass sound at all. Nothing I could do would help, tweaked every setting on my Xfi Extream Gamer sound card and games like CoD 4 sound like nails are being dragged down a blackboard!! A great pitty, 2 stars for the build quality and design only.

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| | See all Swinners's reviews (14)

Well as far as I'm concerned this is the best HEADSET i have ever used.
I was using the creative fatality set before but the build quality was exceptionally poor and they broke after a few months use.
Just a word of warning - I found it a little hard to adjust to the PC350's at first, there is a distinct lack of bass to the sound so if your expecting these things to make your music and explosions sound better, they won't - music sounds better on my £20 HD205's.
However they are not created for music, they are solely for games - and this is where they come into a world of their own.
I play Call of Duty 4 competitively and since buying this headset i have found i am able to track the movements of enemies all around me without laying my eyes on them - the directional sound quality is incredible. I am constantly making calls for my teammates on vent when dead and in spec because they are using inferior headsets and cannot pinpoint the location of an enemy as i can.
The closed ear cups are brilliant, they block out all outside noise - i often find members of my family having to come and slap me round my head after hours of shouting to get my attention!
The mic is crystal clear and have had no problems whatsoever with people hearing me - the cable is good quality and the volume / mute switch does its job - this is another issue i had with my creative fatality headset: the cable would coil up constantly and the microphone would go through stages of not working.

Honestly, if you are after a closed gaming headset and have some money to spare, buy these - they've raised my game to a whole new level.

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  Amazing sound , useless for surround sound gaming.

| | See all Davy1shoe's reviews (2)

These do what they say on the box, you can hear things that you never heard before BUT.
Because they are only two speakers you cant tell where people are if they are behind you in games.
Playing mostly BF2 since it came out 3 years ago ive used Zalman 5.1 headphones which get lots of kills just by hearing where people are.
These you might aswell just spin around in and aroubnd as you cant pick up sounds unless your standing facing players.

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  Best headphones I ever owned.

| | See all MonkEsquire's reviews (1)

These are the best and comfiest headphones I have ever worn and had the pleasure of hearing through, the sound is so crisp and clear and the volume goes very loud so you don't have to pump it up in the volume controls on your PC.

The microphone is extremely clear and the noise cancelling is the best i've ever heard. No PC or other background noise at all is transmitted, not even a big fan pointed straight at my head.

Usually on headphones I get agonising pain in my right ear after prolonged use but these are so comfortable and they block out a lot of the background noise so you don't have them louder than you're comfortable with, you could pretty much wear these forever without ill effects.

Well worth the money for the amount of satisfaction you'll get out of them.

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