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Cooler Master NotePal Infinite Laptop Cooler

Manufacturer: Cooler Master

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (25 reviews)"

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  Not Really Suitable for My Laptop

| | See all FizzyP's reviews (1)

I was bought this as a gift but this cooler has had no temperature reducing effect on my Acer Aspire 5553G at all, in fact it's possibly increased the temp because the black bit in the middle of the cooler blocks my laptops air intake vents.

I have had a much greater cooling effect by propping my laptop up on 4 bottle caps instead.

I would advise making sure you know where you intake vents are and that the section in the middle of this cooler doesn't block them before purchasing!

  Does as you would expect...

| | See all TheStern's reviews (1)

Forget all the comparisons of actual temperature readings...

Put simply... this works. I have a Dell Studio 1558 which recently developed an issue with cooling and would shut down within half an hour of turning it on with the vents on the underside being too hot to touch. This cooler has allowed me to multi task on my lap top for a number of hours and it is actually cold to the touch when I am finished...

I would definitely recommend it (especially for the price)

  A lifesaver

| | See all Peeves's reviews (2)

This is a must have for old laptops. The cooling on my 2005 Vaio was never great to begin with, but after 4 years it was unbearable. For example, the plastic underneath the laptop has gone from matte to gloss because it MELTED, when I ran temp checks on my duocore it was reading over 70 degrees, sometimes 80 which is way over safe temps. Needless to say my legs were getting burned aswell...

But after spending 20 pounds on this pad? Never goes over 50 degrees. Like another review says, even after running the laptop for several hours, touching the underside is cooler than room temp which makes a nice change from being able to cook eggs on it.


| | See all box258's reviews (7)

Bought this after my laptop kept overheating, this caused me to lose un-saved work because it would shut down but with this I have had no problems with the laptop.
Easy to setup just plug and go, stylish design and after a while you forget it is on your lap, also very light.
I ordered this item and received it the next day.
GREAT product and a good price.
Well worth buying

  It works

| | See all Taminbham's reviews (4)

I have this item in pink due to the fact that when playing games i had big issues with overheating, as soon as i put the fan on (mid power of the 3 options) the wrist rest stayed cool and my laptop never crashed from temperature related issues.

If your laptop's cool air intake vents are on the bottom of the computer then this fan should be perfect for you due to the large surface area of the cooling grill. If the intake vents are on the side and exhaust vents are on the underside of the laptop, however, this fan will do nothing for you.

  Get it

| | See all THEAVENGER123's reviews (2)

The fan inside is powerful, although it may not feel like it the force of the air is spread across the entire surface of the board. With my laptop on for up to 18 hours at a time with either studying, music playing or extremely CPU intensive gaming - this cooler literally keeps the bottom of your laptop cooler than room temp. the stickers dont peel from the laptop, the fan takes the brunt of all dust intake, saving your laptops internals and I've had this for a couple of years and is still going just as strong!

  Performs even better than expected!

| | See all Philbo80's reviews (1)

I have read reviews of this and cheaper products and decided to buy this Cooler Master model. I have been using it just over an hour and it has already made a huge difference. The base of my laptop is positively cold whereas it would normally be very hot after the 2 hour usage. I also use it on a lap tray which absorbs all the heat from the laptop (not good for men apparently) and it was getting uncomfortable. This problem has gone too. The angle of the cooler also makes it very comfortable too. Awesome product I would highly recommend it.

  Great product

| | See all GillianDee's reviews (2)

I ordered this for my daughter because her laptop was becoming very hot and occasionally shut down without notice - a huge problem as she is a student and it gave her no chance to save her work.
Delivery was very quick and the difference was immediately noticeable. The laptop now runs for hours without getting too hot and shutting down.
At the highest fan setting - which she uses to play Sims 3 - the noise is noticeable in a quiet room but not, in my opinion, so much as to be annoying.
I previously purchased a cooler for half the price but found it to be useless. I would definitely recommend this product if you're having similar problems.

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  Top marks for product & service

| | See all jester13's reviews (1)

I ordered this and got confirmation at 11.11am on Thursday 10th, got the cofirmation of delivery at 12.31am on Friday 11th (yes thats half past midnight) and received it at about lunchtime on Friday the 11th! Free overnight delivery, call me gobsmacked!

Bravo Play, bravo. So, 10/10 for Play.com.

Hooked it up and was very impressed - My laptop is running pretty much 24/7 and gets painfully hot to touch (either on my lap or just sitting on a table - even with coasters under each corner,lol). Even with the fan running on 1 it is NOTICEABLY cooler when running multiple tasks - I don't know the numbers, but I mean cooler to the touch and less heat given off from the laptop-fan exhaust. Prior to this, my laptop was like a fan-heater in my room but now it's like I have air-con, lol. But seriously, the heat exhaust from my laptop is greatly reduced and the exhaust from the Cooler Master is actually cold. Add to that fact that it's quiet too (even on the highest setting it's quieter than my DVD drive playing a disc, and on the lowest setting you wont even know it's there) this gets 11/10 from me.

  Laptop Cooler, Recommended.

| | See all daveinsuffolk's reviews (1)

Noticed that the laptop underside was becoming almost too hot to touch when in use. This product is very effective. The laptop now remains cool. With the fan on low speed setting the noise level is also acceptable. Very happy with this product and would recomend it

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