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Acer Aspire One A150L / Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz / 512MB / 120GB / 8.9 inch / Linux / Netbook / Laptop / Blue (LU.S050A.105)

Manufacturer: Acer

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Customer Reviews

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  great value but basic

| | See all katrowley's reviews (1)

Does what i need it to do but no cd rom or dvd player function.
Quick and easy to set up and no probs with mine which i have had for almost a year x

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| | See all anjokid's reviews (14)

This is such a great netbook for people who are not very technical but is also good for people who are technical (with a few probs)
Linux linpus is pretty nice to use, installing new software can be a bit of a pain but most major linux software installs no problem. Theres only a 10 second boot up time which is fantastic!. The wireless range is pretty good compared to laptops i have had in the past. You can install windows xp onto this one and it runs fine too but that is entirely your choice if you want to go down that route (saved me £120) all in all great netbook, if only it had built in bluetooth and a super slim line dvdrw drive it would be amazing.

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  quick question

| | See all soaring's reviews (1)

i am about to buy this netbook but before i do i need to know, does this have an intergated web cam or not ??

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  Whats the difference?...

| | See all midfieldmaestro's reviews (2)

... Between this and the ab150 model. Answer to post below is yes it is 3 cell and has a 3 hour battery life at most.

  quick question before buying

| | See all fellaini's reviews (1)

Very close to buying this, as for the price seems to be the best on the market. Just one question before i do purchase:
Does this have the 3 cell battery as i need more than 3 hours battery life!
If it does how much are larger batteries?

  FANTASTIC (But get it in White :P)

| | See all ChompingTurtle's reviews (1)

To answer a few peoples q's. I have one of these in white , my opinion but i think looks better in flesh.

1, It is great for watching videos on. Install vlc and its fantastic for train journeys etc or just lieing in bed watchin a flick or tv prog.
2, Yes its compatible with 3g modems. Just need to update using the live update software, which is already on it.
3, Comes with open office which can open/save/create all microsoft word, excel, powerpoint stuff.
4, Yes its better than an eee for most people imo. I'm an advanced user, and found the eee too restrictive, and slow (i had a celeron eee). Where as this you can unlock to allow you to add anything (i.e. Vlc player, or amarok (itunes copy)). The 9 inch screen is just the right size and unlike the eee the keyboard buttons arent in sutpid places. Although the mouse buttons are! You get used to them though.

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  Answer a few questions

| | See all saiftynet's reviews (1)

Just to answer a few of the posts here for the new Linux netbook users

1) No DVD/CD player...you need to use an external USB drive for this. These are plug and play, unless you have a really old drive. If it is mainly for watching DVDs on the move, the thing to do is to rip the DVD into a file and read off a USB stick....this is illegal unless you own the DVD. A 2G stick will hold 3 DVDs worth of movies.

2) Messenger. You can chat with MSN users using software called Pidgin or go to website called Meebo. Advantage of pidgin is that you can chat will AOL, Yahoo, MSN, IRC through the same program. Disadvantage, no video. Skype and other VOIP works with Linux

3) BBC iPlayer, YouTube, work yes. You may need to install the Adobe Flash Player plugin. Not all video sites will work...those using microsoft silverlight (very few currently) will not.

4) Microsoft Office applications do not work easily here but there are equivalents in OpenOffice and you can use DOC, PPT and XLS file easily. Some MS Office documents contain VB Macros. These only work with the latest version of Open Office. However these macros are probably the easiest way to carry viruses, so it is probably a good job that OpenOffice doesn't support them! For most simple purposes I would recommend Abiword and Gnumeric. Both are fully functional and blisteringly fast.

5) Linux uses repositories to store software that have been tested and work with the specific distro. This means that any program you want can be installed from the net with couple of clicks from a central store. Most users here recommend moving to Ubuntu Linux which undoubtedly contains one of the largest repositories.

6) Linux is extremely customisable. The beauty of this baby is that you can play around and make it run faster or have more eye candy, My personal favourite is to install xsteem or dosbox, and play 100s (literally) of old DOS and TOS games ...nostalgia heaven!!!

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  Awesome for anything done quickly...

| | See all TimoCruz's reviews (2)

This is the epitome of "does what it says on the tin." You're not going to spend too much time doing work on this as it's screen is pretty small. However, for wireless internet (built in), email, music, photo's and anything that doesn't require hours looking at the screen, it's great. Ubuntu installed over Linux works nicely. And with open source programs like OpenOffice, it's dead easy for this to link to a work or home network without facing compatibility issues. Great value and great power in a tiny little unit.

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  Beautiful bit of kit

| | See all jalirious's reviews (2)

This little netbook is a near ideal package. Ubuntu 8.10 runs like silk on it (use usb install from UNetBootin), tons of hd space and light as a feather.

The reason I only give it 4/5 is that I've tried to install 3 different brands of 1gb RAM in the spare slot, for it not to be recognised each time. I got it from play.com and suspect a defective ram slot, so if you're thinking 512 is a bit small go for the gig version.

Otherwise, runs great.

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