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Acer Aspire One A150L / Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz / 1GB / 120GB / 8.9" / Linux / NetBook / Blue (LU.S050A.074)

Manufacturer: Acer

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Customer Reviews

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  Excellent Little Gadget!!

| | See all Sauroman's reviews (1)

Bought one of these last Novemeber, love it!!! The default Linux Linpus OS is nice and simple to use for non Linux users. I have mine dual booting XP and Ubuntu Netbook Remix, all hardware is detected on both OS without any probs (after locating and downloading the drivers for XP). Highly recommend but would advise to get a bluetooth wireless keyboard/mouse combo aswell as the keys are pretty small.

  Brilliant little thing

| | See all AceDaz's reviews (2)

First off great service from Play.com again, this little netbook is perfect and would recommend it anybody. For the price you cant get better!! took linux off and put XP on (loads of tutorials on the internet) very easy to do. Battery with XP lasted my about 2.5 hours browsing the internet and doing general taks, worried about speaker quality from reviews id read but ive heard far worse from laptops of a bigger size. Fan is a little noisy at times but overall very pleased! Also got a nice little extra in that the netbook i got actually came with 160GB HDD instead of the 120!!!!


| | See all bjb4jls's reviews (1)

perfect for students on the go resurching on line or writing essays however i brought this net book around october last year and the battery now only stays charged for 1.5 hours also it will try resetting itself sometimes leaving me waiting up to 10 minutes for it to start up (i have not enstalled anysoftwere or downloads since purchace) so bewere but generally good not recomended for those not used to linux unless you only plan to use it for work type perposes

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  @ fanny90

| | See all Jin2k8's reviews (4)

Ever heard of a 1 year manufacturer's warranty?

(NB: I voted 4 stars to not affect the product rating)

  i woudnt

| | See all fanny90's reviews (7)

I bought this 5 mouths a go it was good to start but now when i turn it on it makes a realy band and loud noise and it doesnt allways turn on but all in all the design and looks are good but a big fault in the hard drive :(

  Fantastic, but...

| | See all james281181's reviews (2)

Being able to write my script where every I went was becoming an important factor if I were to finish my script, so I needed a nifty little net book to handle and run some cool script writing software and not feel cramped when typing.

I searched everywhere, read reviews watched reviews on youtube and then I came across this beauty. You wont be able to run extremely powerful and large applications or multi-task more than three apps at once with out feeling it struggle but it is fantastic running writing programmes, playing movies (really good screen for movies and photos) surfing the net, and many other simple tasks.

My only gripe with the acer was the OS linux, I knew what I was going to get when I bought it but nothing prepared me for the hassle of installing software. If you are a Linux fan or not bothered about changing the software then you wont have any issues with this OS. The pre installed software will let you surf and write and play movie with out any hassle, I just needed certain software installed.

If you are wondering how easy it is to change to xp then go to youtube and there are plenty of tips on how to do this and it is pretty straight forward. All you need is the windows xp disc, 1gb flash drive and the xp drivers you can get from the acer website. This machine will run xp no prob.

So on the whole great little net book worth every penny and Linux is OK but if you wanna change OS it's more than possible.

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  An almost perfect on-the-go netbook

| | See all aaronmcc's reviews (2)

I took my time before eventually buying one of these and now, with retrospect, I wish I had done it sooner. The A150L is extremely well built and very stylish - these things are becoming almost an IT accessory item à la Apple ..(insert latest gadget here)... I bought one because my work laptop is a 17" widescreen Toshiba - not suitable for carrying around and something that I really do not want to see broken or stolen. The A150L fits well into most small satchels. I've even taken mine to meetings inside an A4 portfolio. I would be upset but not devastated if it was dropped or stolen, given the low price.
The processor is quite fast, and with this stripped-down version of Linux running (Fedora 7-based distro called "Linpus"), it boots up and shuts down in seconds. All of the pre-installed applications (OpenOffice, etc) run quickly and the 1Gb of memory and 120Gb of hard drive are more than enough for anything I'll use it for. The built-in wifi is straight-forward and easy to use. The built-in webcam is of a high quality and works well in low light. They keyboard's keys are almost full-sized and it feels natural to use. The battery life is good, so long as its shut down when its not used and not left in hibernation. Running Linpus apparently also helps the battery life between charges. The screen is very crisp and I don't even notice its small size when using it. There are two SD slots for cards and a few USB slots (I've used these to charge my phone when travelling!).
There are a few things to keep in mind before buying - the Linux operating system is almost fully functional and fine for using this machine for its intended purpose - a netbook where you can surf the net, check email, chat with friends and do a little work. The pre-installed applications provide all of this functionality, except for a few missing items like Skype (internet/phone calls) and VLC Media Player (a much better media player than that installed). You can add these (and a lot more), but you will need to have at least a basic understanding of Linux to do this, and to unlock the Linux features not offered by the A150L's front interface. Its not difficult and there are loads of sites to help, but ultimately Linux is not Microsoft Windows and adding extras to it can be a bit more fidgety and time-consuming. If you think you might want to add loads of software, especially Microsoft-based applications, and if you're not comfortable with Linux, then you might want to buy the version running Microsoft Windows XP.
The buttons on the A150L's mousepad are on either side of the pad to save space and, as such, it takes a bit of getting on to. I was comfortable with it after a few days, but its something to be mindful of.
To summarise, if you're computing on-the-go and you want a well-loaded, well-built, stylish netbook then you can't go far wrong with one of these. The Linux operating system is well-loaded with applications and its very fast and easy to use (also you'll never have to worry about viruses/malware). The battery-life is good and the machine is easy and natural to use. I wouldn't be without it.

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  compact and stylish

| | See all NorsieMk2's reviews (5)

Very cute, my wife loves the styling. Good solid build and decently quick as well. The battery life on the standard 3 cell unit isn't great, I have averaged just over 3hrs on general use but a 7hr 6 cell battery will be available shortly. I have my model running Vista and Linux and under Vista it is suprisingly pokey though I also have a 4GB SDHC Class 6 card running as a ReadyBoost to accelerate Vista. This tiny machine has run everything I have thrown at it and the keyboard is suprisingly good and easy to type on. A very slick product.

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