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Logitech LS-21 2.1 Stereo Speakers

Manufacturer: Logitech

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (21 reviews)"

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  You get what you pay for

| | See all Supernewt's reviews (18)

These are simply cheap and cheerful, if you want to listen to music causally and possibly play a few games on your computer these are more than fine. But if your serious about either games or music or both then i think these will leave you seriously wanting more, these were a downgrade in quality for me and a noticeable at that.

I brought simply for price however i will be looking to upgrade asap, its true they are not loud, nor is the quality amazing, but it will do if thats what you want.

They look nice and are non invasive on the desk though my personal opinion the cables are a little too much Also having the base adustment on the base itself causes quite a nussiance if your like me and dont have the base easily accessable.

But if your paying less than 25 quid for speakers, dont expect them to be the best ever. Good for price though.

  Quality Speakers

| | See all 852458659's reviews (1)

These speakers are well worth the money and have a nice, clear and crisp sound. Be aware though these speakers are not extremely loud however they are reasonably loud. These are ideal for a small to medium size room.

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  Great Bang For Your Buck

| | See all Doink24's reviews (4)

My only concern when buying these speakers was that if used at full volume (both on the control and on the computer) the sound would become crackly like most other PC speakers, as a friend of mine has that problem with these speakers and his Acer laptop... however I was able to crank them upto full whack with my HP laptop and the sound was perfect still. The subwoofer could do with a little more "umpft", but considering the size and price of these things they're amazing. Would have got 5 stars if not for the slightly lacking subwoofer power! (but it does the job well enough anyway)

  Definately worth the money, if not more.

| | See all JonathanCrow's reviews (4)

These are very nice sounding speakers that look great and are fairly cheap for what they are. I recommend them. However, a point that doesn't seem to be noted by other people is the lack of modular plugs. The control box is attached to both the subwoofer and the wire to the pc. This meant I had no choice but go underneath my computer table and force the control box through a small hole. It would have been easier if I could unplug everthing and dangle the wires through instead. However, this is but a minor issue for me and is mainly about practicality, for the price I payed this is expected. The sound is very good, the base is strong and powers clearly downstairs. Ironically, the bass of the tweaters themselves is astonishingly good, quite loud but not overbearing. Not something I expected, the subwoofer compliments them brilliantly. If there was a wireless version of this set up I would definately buy them!

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  Great. Would give 6 stars if I could.

| | See all mynameisjonas's reviews (1)

Got these for watching DVDs and listening to music on my pc.
Good clear sound, and definitely loud enough Very easy to set up and the volume control is a neat touch as it sits neatly under my monitor and can be used to connect headphones which means you don't have to reach behind pc case to plug them in.
Probably wont get any higher quality product for this price.
Would definitely recommend. *****
The speedy delivery was good and they came well packaged/protected.

  Not a bad little package

| | See all 2269miles's reviews (2)

The poster who knocked these neeeds a reality check. For this price you get a lovely little package which delivers crisp clear sound. Do you get bass that knocks the house down? Of course not. what do you expect at this price ?If i wanted to do that I wouldn't buy these. The little speakers sit on top of a book case in a large kitchen/diner (attached to a PC).
They're PC speakers and do the job fine.

  For the love of God please do not buy these!!!

| | See all khp123's reviews (15)

For the love of God please do not buy these!!!

They don't go that loud at all, the bass is rubbish, don't expect any booming ground shaking from this unit, you simply won't get it. The 2 small speakers sound quite nice, very crisp, however these distort when you turn them up too loud. The small wired remote is very cheap looking.

Another point to note is that the small speakers are very light. They do look quite nice though but what's the point when they sound awful.

For £10 more go for the decent x-230's. The difference is amazing. The x-230's will blow the room down with the amount of bass they produce.

I have read reviews really praising these, especially for use with an xbox 360 or PS3, stating they give good base and loudness. These speakers are not worth a lick. I know we all have our different tastes but really DO NOT BUY THESE. Spend a little more and get something a lot better. They sound rubbish for music, rubbish for pc and video games oh and rubbish for dvd's too!!

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  Great Piece of Kit

| | See all boniboyblue's reviews (11)

I bought these from a shop as they were on deal for this same price.

I got the speakers out of the box and the first thing I though was of the wire mess but I was worrying too much and the they were were easy to setup and install. No drivers and plug into the green speaker slot.

The speakers are about the same size a Nintendo DS on it's side. These produce such amazing sound quality that I was utter surprised on how good they sounded.

The sub-woofer is of course bigger, I can't really thing of anything to compare it of but it stands taller than my Epson D92 print which it sits next to. Since I like a lot of Bass I crank it to full and I was again blown away with the quality of this things. The two 'Satellite' speakers are plugged into this woofer and the woofer then plugs into the computer as well as mains power.

Any other thing that comes with the kit, it what I can a little control panel that is about the size of a normal plug adapter this controls the volume and has a power switch. It also comes with a headphone jack from those night-times and don't want to wake up the parents, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband or whatever.

To wrap up, these speakers were by far a major improvement than my old speakers. I've also tested them out on my Xbox 360 and my PSP and still got the same great sounds. I recommend these to anyway that would.

  Good quality, Good value and Good sound

| | See all meko13's reviews (4)

these speaker are a definite must buy if you are looking for new speakers or to replace yours at thew moment. they look good take seconds to set up and have superb sound with a better than ok sound :) BUY THIS!!! you wont regret it

  Very Very good (:

| | See all chicken245's reviews (11)

I had a set of Logitech x-230s for my computer and they were very loud with very very good bass... Had them about 3 years and they still going so i thought i would get these for my xbox360 because its annoying swapping cable from PC to TV ;) Well Wow wow wow they are brilliant!!! The speakers are fairly loud and the bass is very good. Sound great when playing COD4 and also when racing cars around a track. You hear everything and for £17.99 yu cant complain at all. Definatly Buy !