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Gigabyte GM-M6800 Dual Lens Gaming Mouse

Manufacturer: Gigabyte

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (48 reviews)"

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| | See all CozzyP's reviews (1)

I bought this after much deliberation and a few shoddy mice (mouses?). I wanted a cheapish option that was responsive and comfortable and having read a number of reviews I gave this mouse a whirl. It is awesome! Really comfortable in hand, responsive, accurate, easy to switch dpi and has a really good weight to it. Very useful pair of thumb buttons. Used for many hours for general use and gaming, from accurate sniping to trigger happy firefights and felt great. Not sure how they are making a profit at £7.99.

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  Perfect... for the price!

| | See all Cantor's reviews (1)

For the price (£7.99 at the time of writing this review) you couldn't ask for a better mouse. Of coarse it is built to the price you pay and does feel light but that isn't a bad thing in all honesty. It's precise and easy to get used to, i have had it plugged in for about an hour and it feels like i have used this mouse for years. It feels nice in your hand unlike most cheap mice.

I have used more expensive mice and still have a logitec wireless mouse and i am now thinking about replacing that with one of these too. If you are looking for a mouse that is functional in our out of games for a price that doesn't break the bank i would recommend this to you... On the other hand, if you want a mouse that is bulky and awkward to use then look elsewhere!

  Good mouse, low price

| | See all Boshdy's reviews (1)

My mouse died and I wanted something that was optical and less than £10. This fit both of those criteria, having used the mouse I found it very comfortable to use. I did hit the dpi button a couple of times at the begining when using the scroll wheel, but after a few minutes you will get used to it.

The DPI button is a good option for anyone wanting fast movement while playing games.

I like this so much I bought a second for my laptop, this mouse shows you don't need to spend a lot for a good mouse

  OK , Not the best but good for the price.

| | See all Mpsheen's reviews (2)

Ordered one of these a few months back, I noticed in games it tracked a bit strange, It wasn't accurate. I got fed up and sprayed polish into the lenses , Don't know why but I did. This then made it not track at all , I pull this thing apart and put it back together again. And then the wire to the mouse was burning hot and the computer crashed until it was unplugged. I think about 20 more seconds and the plastic would have melted or got soft.

I noticed when I got thing out the box the wire was sliced , although the unit still worked. I also noticed when I took this apart the black wire inside only had half a casing and copper strips where dangling , Again this could be down till continual use or a faulty unit.

I believe this was just a faulty unit , Because of the price I am now buying another one and am going to have my fingers crossed.

Now , the mouse its self. The rubber sides are stuck on with glue as are the bottom bits. After a long session of gaming the glue can warm up and make the rubber slip (hardly noticeable) Overall comfort of this has stopped RSI I used to get in my hand. And has a great feel.

The dpi button can get in the way , although I have tried to use this in game and just failed. Its better just to blow the person apart instead of hitting that button and being steady.

Mouse wheel , This is great some reviews say its too hard. I use mouse3 for my VOIP shortcut and I can say its fine. It hasn't even worn down like a lot of other mice I have had. If you use a mouse wheel in a particular online game (Counter-Strike) I prefer this mouse wheel for Bunny hopping as it doesn't lock on scroll or it isn't just sloppy. Its just right.

I would recommend getting a mouse mat for this, I think this is just my personal preference however I don't feel like this moves very well on a white glossy desk. Again , My personal pref.

The plastic housing reflecting the LED and the mouse its self can get dirty easy. By this I mean grit or anything can get in their. It is a pain in the but when you get hair or something in it as it can go one of two ways. I would have thought there would have been a cover over it to stop it going physically inside. Now , as I have said uptop. This could have been my faulty unit. DO NOT spray liquid inside on it. It will just die.... Trust me.

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  Recommended to all gamers!

| | See all Adamhully's reviews (6)

This is a very good mouse for its price, my hopes weren't too high when buying it, but when i first used it i noticed it fit my hand almost perfectly, it is very comfey to use. When you swtice the DPI the mouse moves VERY quickly, so that may take some getting used to. The 2 buttons on the side are handy but i do not use them.

Oh, and this product comes in blister packaging, i almost got my dads chainsaw out trying to open the thing.

So yeah, for the price it is an excellant mouse.

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| | See all ouija1979's reviews (15)

My Mighty Mouse died on me, so I was looking for a cheap and functional mouse as a replacement until I could afford another Mighty Mouse, I liked the look of this mouse and thought for the money couldn't go wrong. how right I was. Works a treat and superbly fitted to my big hands. The only thing I will say is that you will need to get a copy of "Steermouse" to configure the side buttons for forward and back as they seem to be set to Expose by default, but, this is an OSX fault not the mouses. Lets just say that since using this mouse I have no intention in going back to The Mighty Mouse. I have ordered another 2 of these while they are so cheap and I suggest you do the same. An absolute bargain from Gigabyte and Play.com. I am one happy customer!

  Best available for the money

| | See all mrbanana's reviews (1)

I bought this after my logitech gaming mouse finally "squeaked" its last. Its no logitech, but it a very close runner up and at maybe £30-£40 quid cheaper its a must buy.. the only difference i can see is the weight. i came back online to buy a second one for my lappy but i see they are sold out..says it all

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| | See all andbax's reviews (2)

Got this mouse recently and the shape is extremely comfortable. The buttons on the side work well and the DPI button is good for gaming. The grips on either side are also comfy. Cant beat the quality for the price.

  Very happy!

| | See all MrJosh86's reviews (1)

i bought this mouse after my ps/2 optical mouse died mid game... after some careful deliberation i bought this mouse.
its very comfortable, the side buttons are easy to reach and the feet on the bottom make it very smooth to use. i really like the adjustable DPI button, really is usefull.
if your looking for a good gaming mouse but dont want to spend silly amounts of money, then this is the mouse for you! Well done Play!

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| | See all hardingclan's reviews (1)

i went from a ball dell mouse to this and it was quite a jump. for 8 pounds its a great mouse that is great for gaming and normal use. the switchable dpi is great. for gaming i use 1600 dpi and then when i leave the game i press the dpi switch to go back to a very useable 800 dpi. deinetly worth the money and a great buy