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Gigabyte GM-M6800 Dual Lens Gaming Mouse

Manufacturer: Gigabyte

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (48 reviews)"

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  Great value

| | See all Dilski's reviews (3)

I bought this to replace a crappy dell mouse I had at work and was immediately impressed. It's comfortable and intuitive, with a good placement of buttons and comfortable positioning. I use it for Adobe CS4 so I don't know about gaming but, for my needs (Photoshop, Fireworks, Flash, etc) it's bang on the money and doesn't break the bank. Accurate positioning aswell adds up to a great little product at a first class price.


| | See all GamerEddie's reviews (9)

I use this primarily for gaming and I'm very impressed indeed, at the click of a button you can switch to a higher dpi setting which is amazing. This is such a comfortable mouse to use as well, the ergonomic design is perfect.

I highly recommend this mouse. Great stuff!!

  Excellent Quality and Value

| | See all MattSupafly's reviews (1)

Bought this as needed new mouse for desktop and was not disappointed. I can't believe how quick this mouse can move. This is a definate buy if you are looking for a new mouse and at under £8 you couldn't do better.

  Excellent, despite the low price.

| | See all feldoln's reviews (56)

Don't believe the negative reviews this product has been getting by other people. This mouse is fantastic!

For under £8, you are getting a wonderfully responsive mouse, of which you can change the dpi without any software via a button on the top of the mouse.

The two buttons on the right hand side for web browsing are very usefull and fit perfectly with your thumb, whilst not getting in the way either. some people say you have to move your thumb to use both buttons. they are stupid if they can't figure out how to use their proximal phalanx (the middle of their thumb). There is also a rubber grip for you thumb to rest on while it's not in use, which is very comfortable.

There are grooves in the middle of the left and right mouse click buttons, which makes resting on the mouse very ergonomic and highly confortable when resting. it even makes clicking easier becauce your fingers do not slide anywhere. the groove is hardly noticable to the eye from the picture, so i thought this is something worth mentioning as it is one of my favourite parts of this mouse.

the wheel is completely silent and works perfectly as it neither too stiff or too loose - it's just right!

For gaming purposes, the ability to change the dpi is wonderful. if you prefer a lower sensitivity, you can change it to the lower dpi, and vice versa. Even during mid game it is usefull to change the dpi quickly for instance if during a game you go to control a turret, so you'll want a higher accuracy, you might choose the lower dpi etc.

some people are also saying the general shape of the mouse is only ergonomic for a chimp... I honestly don't understand that because it fits my hand like a dream and I have slightly smaller hands than most other people i meet.

Another thing that's definitely worth mentioning is that there are no silly drivers involved like some other gaming mice you'll find. this is a standard driver that works instantly with the mouse and causes no clashing drivers with anything else.

Overall, this is one hell of an excellent product, and I would certainly recommend it to anyone else whether they want a mouse for low dpi desktop use, or high dpi gaming, it's all good.

For just £8, this is probably a lot better than other mice at 3 or even 4 times the price. Really happy with mine!

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  Brilliant Bargain Buy!!

| | See all razgrizOne's reviews (2)

Gaming mouse for under 8 quid?? Must be crap, you might think. But think again, good sir! Not exactly one of the big brands, but gigabyte does have some good products up its metaphorical sleeve and my-oh-my does this one work like a charm! It is ergonomic, its fragalicious and more importantly it can be yours for not fifteen, not ten but just under eight pounds! The brother, gm-6880 may have laser movement detection, but this dual lens optical mouse should be the clear-cut choice if you want a solid gaming mouse that wont burn a hole in your wallet. P.s. I dont want to be biased so let me just add the wheel button is a bit firm, but we all could use the exercise dont we? Drivers available online and no, it doesnt have issues when lifting the mouse when repositioning. Hope this helps.

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  It's the dog's for the price

| | See all marco64's reviews (1)

Don't take any notice of bad review's for this mouse, £8.00 and it does all it need's to do it's £8.00 for god's sake.
Most comfortable mouse i have ever used,and i use 4 top dollar mice at work 12 hour's a day,it,s great to get home and use it,worth every penny.

  Absolute bargain for the money

| | See all Ushwin's reviews (31)

I am not sure where people are getting bad reviews for this - so here is a little overview.

1) £7.99 - you will not find a mouse as good as this for that price. It's a steal.

2) the ergonomic design doesn't fit the hand perfectly - but I have never used a mouse that has - and this is very comfortable. Smooth rubbery areas where your thumb and little finger are feel nice to the touch.

3) The side buttons are a good idea. Not played out perfectly. I have to use the top of my thumb to click the top button and the base of my thumb for the bottom one. Eventually I simply stopped using the bottom one as I had to move my hand to get an 'easy click'. The top one is simple to use though, and regularly used - both for browsing and gaming.
The definition between the two buttons isn't great - but within minutes you get used to it.

4) There ARE better gaming mouses out there. Lots of them. But it all depends on your needs and your budget. I play 3-4 online games and this fits them all. I could have spent another £30 and got one that was better...... but for my needs - a waste.

5) The mouse wheel is solid and works well. Doesn't spin wildly. And the click function is a little stiff at first but loosens up.

6) The build isn't all that cheap. Yes plastic - but it's a mouse. I wasn't expecting anything else for the price. It looks a lot better than expected to be honest.

7) The DPI button has 2 settings. "Mouse cursor moves fast and a large distance with little movement" and "Mouse cursor moves normally". For me - fine. Shooting games get the former and everything else the latter. It wouldn't be perfect for the more competitional gamer.

If you are a Hardcore/Serious Business/Competitional gamer - you really shouldn't be looking here. Spend an extra £30-50 and get something great. HOWEVER - I play a LOT of games - and spend a lot of time on the computer and this has worked a treat.

A really great purchase for the regular PC/Internet/Game fanatic - not brilliant if you want a "mouse to end all other mouses".

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| | See all V1C3M4N's reviews (1)

This mouse looked good... But after 0.389 seconds of use I realised that the broken old one I had was better. This thing is awfull, first of is the 'ergonomic' design, ergonomic based on what... A chimp. Second is the side mounted buttons, it was a good idea to have funky shaped buttons there, but communism was also a good 'idea', there is no distinction between the two of them and you have to actually look at the mouse to see which one your thumb is on... Third is the build quality, the pads on the bottom the the mouse are so badly placed that the whole mouse rocks back and forth when you right-click... And lastly is the over-sensitivity of the laser device, under gaming circumstances you have to lift the mouse to continue tracking across the screen (Otherwise your hand falls of the desk), but this is so sensitive to movements it moves the cursor back across the screen, making your movement obsolete, you would have to lift the mouse a full inch or more to counter this effect which is not at all a good thing!!!

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  One of the best! And so cheap!!

| | See all man6000's reviews (4)

This mouse simply rocks no issues and it is shaped great and the rubber helps with grip and comfort the dpi button is so great on click and you can change your dpi. Also the3 mouse wheel is basically silent unlike other ones but to click it is slightly hard but not really a problem. No drivers with it but you don't really need them they should be able to download from gigabyte website. So overall this mouse is the best and is so cheap its a must buy!

  Excellent value for money!

| | See all CHR15B's reviews (4)

I don't do a lot of gaming but wanted a stylish mouse and bought this one, set up in seconds with no software install required - hotkeys work excellent as back/forward buttons and the DPI is easily changed with the click if a button.

The only gripe I have is that as said before, clicking with the wheel (To open links in new tabs, etc) is a bit firm - but got used to it now after about an hours use.

I highly recommend this product.