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Samsung NC10 / Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz / 1GB / 160GB / 10.2 inch / Windows XP Home / Netbook / Laptop / Blue

Manufacturer: Samsung

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Customer Reviews

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  best netbook on the market at the moment....

| | See all SLYBOY360's reviews (3)

this is a superb machine I upgraded the memory to 2gig & bought an external dvd \ burner..........the screen is superb at 10.2 inch you don`t need to move sideways on most web pages (which was the main reason I traded up for my eeepc 701) buy it! you won`t regret it!

  Great machine. I love it!

| | See all uzubairu's reviews (2)

I bought the EeePC 701, and then moved to the 9" 900 model.
I thought the EeePC 900 was perfect in size, footprint and weight, but the keyboard was a little irritating for prolonged use, and the battery life at less than 3.5hrs (I had the 5800 battery) was not ideal.

The NC10 although larger, is more stylish and grown up looking.
It is heavier, but still acceptable and the larger (and nicer) screen means there is a larger footprint.

I used my EeePC everyday, and the NC10 with the far superior battery life (average 6.7 - 7hrs) has won me over, and I don't need to have it plugged in everyday.

The 10" screen is a good size, especially when it enables the keyboard to be a more useable size, and it is very bright and clear.

It comes with Windows XP Home, and coming from the Linux OS on my EeePC, it does seem a little slower, but overall it boots up relatively quickly for a Windows OS.

I have a black unit and it has the fingerprint-magnet shiny finish, but that can be fixed with a microfibre cloth if it bothers you. I'm OK with it as it adds to the machine's good looks.

This is a great all round machine and I love it.
Stylish with great keyboard and battery life.

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  Cool little Machine

| | See all Consideration's reviews (2)

I recently purchased one of these as a replacement for a faster, Vista laptop - and have to say that I am really impressed.
It runs XP - which seems like a retrograde step - but because XP is less demanding - its actually quite nippy as long as you don't push it too hard or expect to run 3 or 4 apps at the same time.
The battery life is really good as well - around 5.5 hours on a full charge is pretty good! It is well built and does not feel at all cheap.
Only downsides are a lack of disc drive and the screen is not glossy or particularly hi-res - if you are not fussed about these - its a perfect little machine which I wholeheartedly recommend!

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| | See all jaffas21's reviews (1)

I own an EEE pc with a 7" screen, it proved its worth to me on a recent 3 month trip to greece in terms of its weight ( I could carry it everywhere at less than 1kg), limitations were HDD space which meant I had an army of 8gb USB sticks, this machine appears to have my asus model beaten, 8 hrs of battery life ( not sure how accurate that is, I would investigate before buying) but my eee only has approx 3 hrs anyway, 160GB HDD easily beats the paltry 4gb of my eee, and a much larger screen at over 10" .. this machine seems to press all the right buttons, at a close price to my eee which was about £220, plus it has the atom processor, id go for black if this is going to be a mobile machine for you, they can get put in some unusual situations + it also has blue tooth built in ... looks good to me !!!!

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  Nice little laptop!

| | See all Broomie1988's reviews (1)

I don't own one but we sell them at our work and they are really nice machines. They look nice, and it doesn't feel too cheap but performance wise it's a very popular model.

And regarding the recovery CD, the machine may not have a CD/DVD slot but you can easily use this by attaching an external DVD drive which is why you get the CD in the box. Although what would be better if the recovery disk file was already on the HDD and you could put it onto an SD or a USB drive. Either way though, it's nice you actually get one as most laptops (mainly Vista) all have an inbuilt recovery which at some times can be quite an inconvenience.

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  Make sure you know what you are getting with a netbook

| | See all damwookie's reviews (39)

All netbooks give you a recovery CD without a CD ROM drive. As netbooks are designed as portable secondary computers you have the choice of; accessing the CD from another computer over a network, transferring the CD to a usb or memory card or buying a usb CD drive.
These devices are fantastic but make sure you understand that they are not a full desktop replacement. They are devices cheap enough to replace so you dare take them out and about and portable enough to use anywhere. They are great out of the box for email, internet and word processing. They have enough memory, hard drive space and processing power for other tasks, but again you do not have the option of transferring from CD right out of the box. You wouldn't want to convert video or edit large photos on them regularly and they are not powerful enough to game with.

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  Overall very good

| | See all LeungHH's reviews (1)

This netbook is very good, and fast. Only thing that confuses me is that they give you a recovery CD but NC10 does not have a CD rom drive. Although you can choose to run the recovery by pressing F1, they do not explain how you can access CD roms on NC10...a lot of confusion here...

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