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Western Digital WD TV HD Media Player

Manufacturer: Western Digital

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (63 reviews)"

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  Good Player with custom firmware

| | See all Sc0oter's reviews (7)

I have had this player for a few months now. The player with the official firmware is awfull. It has out of sync issues with mkv/avi files as well as slow loading from drives over 500GB. After looking at and loading custom firmware it now loads my 1 TB drive with my entire DVD collection on it (all converted to MKV with DTS sound) in under 4 seconds (the official firmware took 28 to find and display the drive). The customs also fix the OOS bug and fast forwarding/rewinding is now not a problem. It also supports USB wifi dongles meaning you can now link it to a network for streaming. This is done because the firmware used for the custom is actually a mod of the WDTV LIVE firmware as the official firmware for this model is now discontinued and will no longer be updated.

So if you are going to buy this but are to scared to use custom then its great but dont expect MKV/AVI files to play without issue as somewhere along the line you will get OOS errors and there is no official fix ever being released.

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| | See all julius02's reviews (1)

The unit is a bit limited on playback of files... does not play .mp4 files correctly in the sense that if you were to ever fast forward, rewind, pause, it looses audio sync with the picture really badly.
Also something rather annoying is to fast forward; you can only go a maximum speed of x16... as you can imagine with a 130 minute film this will take a rather long time if you wanted to finish off where you left the film, if you didn't manage to watch it all the first time round.

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  Thee Essential HD Media Player 4 your T.V !

| | See all binvincible's reviews (1)

This is with out doubt the number 1 HD Media Player for your television and i know because i tried and tested a few of it's rivals (which don't compare!) Plays near enough every type of film media type u can think of and in crisp,clear High Definition (up to 1080p). It was also able to handle DTS sound which is a major plus. The Western Digital Website is excellent to for updating the firmware. Very simple and easy to use and at this price you just can't go wrong! i can't recommend this product enough, an absolute gadget must!!!


| | See all G4FLazzy's reviews (2)

I cannot rate this tiny box much more highly - the thing is a marvel. I was playing with the idea of setting up a media PC for my living room, or streaming wirelessly but no need now!

The interface is single, effective and very simple to use. Simply transfer your files onto an external hard drive or usb stick, plug it into the side of the media player and job's a good 'un

HD quality stuff looks excellent and I've had no issue with the sound - just make sure that you pick up a HDMI lead as one ISNT included in the box. Bit disappointed to see some review lowering their ratings because the box doesn't play video codecs/types where they aren't included in the spec!!!

Don't wonder if this box is worth the price - you will not be disappointed :op

  Does exactly what it says on the tin!

| | See all jordanaidan's reviews (11)

I got this bought for Xmas, its a magical system. I have the WD 320GB portable hard drive and downloaded all my music, photos and numerous videos. They all work so easily, make sure you use a HDMI cable between the box and the tv and the clarity remains perfect, i used to connect my laptop to the tv, with HDMI clarity is as soon on the laptop screen, this does the same but is so small and hidden below the tv can hardly see it, the only thing I do is ensure every time I finish using it, eject the external hard drive (files cannot be saved to the box just connected through it), the reason for this is the external hard drive still has power even if the box is off, so ends up getting hot; I cant afford to lose everything I have!. Go to the WD website, download the updates, put on a USB pen drive, the box recognises the updates and installs. I have had no problem and am amazed by it, I have had some music videos not play the sound, but having changed their format to avi all are perfect. This is an ideal mans toy as can connect any hard drive and watch movies, or listen to music while the screen is filled by the photos you have. Treat yourself, you will not be dismayed.

  Amazing little box

| | See all iamhappyfeet's reviews (1)

i would give this a 5 star but the controller is fairly unresponsive,. apart from that its amazing handles 1080p files like a charm. So small and compact makes no noise what more could i ask for. 2 points though make your sure u have a external HDD or pen drive and a amp that can decode DTS or convert the files your self i find mkv2vob best for this.

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  Help with Sound

| | See all Kahonen's reviews (2)

Don't let the discussion on sound problems put you off buying this!

The reason so many are having problems with sound is because it does not play DTS. Anyone having problems with sound on this item needs to do a Google search for "popcorn audio converter" and download the file and use that to convert the sound in the .mkv file to AC-3

It takes minutes to convert and as yet, I've not had any problems playing files after conversion.

  macrose: It wont play Sony miniDV files

| | See all macrose's reviews (1)

Having read all the glowing 5star reviews here for the WD HD TV media I took the plunge and bought one from play.com a couple of weeks ago. I now find that it will not play my Sony miniDV camcorder files which was the main reason for buying it, and the conversion software bundled with the player is'nt very good as the quality is no were near as good as the original file when the camera or my computer is connected to my 100hz LCD tv. I know that the file sizes are very large in the dv format ,but as hard drives are a lot cheaper now I thought this was the way to go. So now I'm having to go to search the web for a proper file converter in order to watch my home videos in there best quality.

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  Magic Box of Tricks

| | See all jelllyhead's reviews (1)

This little Box is a must have for playing Hi Def Movies. It plays everything I have thrown at it including MKV Files (To get the sound to work go to the Options Menu and Change the sound channel to 2, this worked for me). It also works with my 500 GB Iomega Portable Hard Drive which was a lot cheaper than the My passport drives. My advice is to buy one. Overall I am very pleased.


| | See all grimmy78's reviews (2)

excellent media system but im still confused with the mkv file as when its digital im not sure what i need to do have sound, i have amp but with no optical output so how can i get sound ...any help would be great