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Logitech X-530 5.1 Channel Speakers

Manufacturer: Logitech

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Customer Reviews

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  What are the output cables?

| | See all thommyzoom's reviews (1)

Admittidly i know little about computer, but what cables does this come with? can i put them into my laptop? and if not can i get an adaptor?


| | See all tradeakin's reviews (1)

I am using this speakers on my 50inc Samsung TV wow. The sound is impressive for the price. The connection is very easy, it took me less than 5mins to get going. Highly recommended

  pros and cons

| | See all Seller790's reviews (3)

these speakers are amazing for the price and deliver very good sound quality from your pc, they do owever faintly pick up AM radio stations when quiet and pluggd into a pc

  nice speakers!

| | See all Sethinator06's reviews (1)

Nice.cheap. Very good speakers for hardtrance /hardcore music nice and bassy :D and also the explosions in 5.1 sound great
I reccomend you to buy XD

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| | See all Jonnybeats's reviews (1)

When i received these speakers i was impressed with the quality of the product, it looked sturdy and it looked like it was going to be impressive. Who said that you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover? These speakers are the clearest and the most impressive speakers i have ever seen!

The satellite speakers all produce a clear audio response that doesn't distort, and the FDD2 technology really makes the sound powerful from any angle.

Admittedly it does take a while to find a setup that works for you but you will find this with any surround sound system, it helps to have a sound card that supports room programming because then you can dial in the exact placement of your speakers and then you can set up your surround sound modes etc.

I would definitely recommend this system for anyone that is looking for high quality sound at a great price!

Clear audio output
140 Watts max output
Strong Bass
Flexible mounting options
Simple usage
Subwoofer Live EQ (for distortion free bass)

Short wire lengths
Bass control on Subwoofer (not hugely reachable but not a problem)
Delicate cotton mesh on satellites

After running a few tests, i have decided that this is an all round great system, it is especially good in playing 5.1 films and 1st person shooter games for its surround sound clarity. I have played Crysis on this system and the ambient noises really make you feel like your in the game, jets flying over really feel like they are in your room, explosions are let out with a room shaking roar that will force you to go to the toilet a little earlier than expected!

Overall 5 stars... Well done Logitech!

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  Excellent value and quality for the price.

| | See all MarcusCardiff's reviews (1)

I have had these speakers for about 5 years now and never concidered changing them.

Logitech products are always well made using quality marterials and these speakers are no exception, each speaker has a movable base and can be mounted on either horizontal or vertical surfaces/stands,. the leads for the rear speakers are about 12 feet, 4 meters long and have phono connectors so extensions will be very cheap if needed.

I use them with my pc for Music, Gaming and Movies.
The sound quality is really good, they are really loud and dont distort even at high volumes. None of that aweful blaring you get with some speakers that cant handle the volume.

They main woofer box is quite basey but that can be adjusted, personally I like the base as it really gives a punch to explosions etc in games and movies.
I have recommended these speakers to a couple of friends and they are very pleased with them also.

If you are looking for a set of 5.1 speakers with good sound at a very reasonable price then you can't go wrong with these.

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  am going to buy these speakers but

| | See all Jamesrocks's reviews (1)

I do not no much abotu speakers at all and i want these speakers to spreed out across my bedroom all i want to know is will they reach across is the wire long enough if so how long thanks

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  Awesome, Recommend

| | See all Anzrew's reviews (2)

These are my first set of Surround Sound speakers, first time I have even bought speakers and they do the job just right, not bad for a first buy, read other good reviews about them and they appear to be just as mentioned. Some say the bass can be loud, I haven't had many problems, just turn it down with the dial on the back. I hook mine up to my PC so I can further adjust the bass on there to turn that down. But as mentioned great for gamers and great for music. Next I will have to try watching a DVD with full surround sound!

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  THE best way to annoy the neighbours

| | See all peteee's reviews (4)

I think the so good they deserve 6 stars =)

They can be a bit basey but just turn it donw. I recomend this to anyone. you will not be disipointed.
enjoy ;D

  Good speakers, no problems good value for money

| | See all Vulcan82's reviews (2)

I have got a set of these beuties, have had them for a few years now and they are still going strong. Good value @ play.com. These speakers are very good for games, dvds and music it makes a good home theatre system for your pc, it sounds good if you have either the Creative extreme music or the extreme gamer low profile sound cards. The sound does not distort even when the volume is up high but be careful with the subwoofer very bassy you would need to adjust setting on card or on the back of the sub. Sounds good with music like jazz, indie, soft/ hard rock, pop, reggae and alternative. Theres nothing more else to say except that they are a good all rounder set of speakers so what are you waiting for click on the buy button!!!!

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