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Dynamode USB 2.0 2.5 inch SATA Hard Drive Enclosure

Manufacturer: Dynamode

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Customer Reviews

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  Great Value

| | See all Random83's reviews (1)

Bought this for 4.79 GBP from DiscountedForYou as a cheap and cheerful way of hoping to recover content from the hard disk in my laptop that appeared to have a corruption in the boot sector, and so would not start. It's done exactly what I needed it to.

* Cheap
* Aluminium case is quite sturdy
* LED to indicate drive activity
* Impressed with what was included: Mini screw driver for assembly (4 screws supplied to keep the enclosure together, although only 2 can be used), Dual-headed USB cable in case your HDD needs extra power, thin (but adequate) pouch to keep the enclosure in

- The hard drive pushes into the SATA Bridge Connector, which is then pushed into the enclosure and screwed in place (2 screws), but there is no other mounting of the HDD. This could leave it potentially exposed to vibration etc - but to be fair, it's not been too bad so far.

Verdict: great value - recommended

  Fantastic for the price!

| | See all Benson888's reviews (4)

I bought one of these to house my old PS3 80gig drive as an extra storage device. Its really simple to set up and works like a charm. I have a laptop and never needed the extra power usb cable. Its never failed and is quite solid. The only thing is that the back platic cover is pretty flimsy but its not needed so I just taped it on to keep the dust out. Great product and works brilliantly. So refreshing to get something that costs hardly anything but is still reliable and functional.


| | See all JBrammy's reviews (1)

I bought this a while ago, worked extremely well but then it started to cut out, so I removed the hard drive and inserted another, and it did the same, don't know if its the USB or something else but i tried it on multiple computers. But up until it cut out it was very effective and useful

  SATA & IDE fantastic !!!!!!!!

| | See all iLighter's reviews (1)

Ordered on of these from TechNeKs Ltd
Ordered 21st Dec
posted 22nd Dec
Delivered 23rd Dec
but the one that came is different to the picture.
Very happy can put in SATA and IDE drives.
Silver aluminium case with clear acrylic ends usb powered works on mac and pc Smart design with 2 red LED lights. Usual comes with "Y" usb cable ... don't need it i use single .... screw driver and screws.
this one supports the whole drive by screwing the 4 screws on bottom of HD to the case board then slides in. no wobbles. i have several cases and this is most solid by far others only connect at the SATA connector end of the HD with no support to the HD . This is full length board. id give this 6 star if it had it

  Works fine with a 2TB drive !!!

| | See all mannimanoj's reviews (2)

Some reviews mention the maximum drive size of around 120GB but the packaging on mine didn't give any max size. Tried it out with a 160GB 2.5" laptop drive and worked fine as expected. Then I connected it to a desktop 3.5" 2TB drive using my own SATA extension cable. I powered it directly from one of my PCs SATA power cords (not via the supplied USB cables as that didn't supply enough power) and wrote 2gb of data to the drive and read it back.

Didn't give it 5 stars as the circuit board that joins the connectors looks very fragile and likely to break. So you need to insert and remove the drive very carefully.


| | See all Goodwin24's reviews (2)

This is a bargan. I bought this as result of damaging my mac book beyond use. I was able to remove my harddrive and use this to recover my data. Its so simple to use, place your internal harddrive into the encloseure with the female part attached, couple of screws and it ready to use. My mac found it straight away and I have been able to rescue my data.

  Excellent For Price

| | See all howlinmad's reviews (1)

For 7.99 this is a very good enclosure for Laptop SATA Hard Drives. Takes a matter of a few minutes to put the Drive in. The provided screws are tiny so beware as these can be lost very easily. Installation Manual says 120GB Hard Drive or less recommended but popped my 160GB and works so would think this should read upto 500GB without a problem as many other Enclosures support upto 500GB. The provided pouch to keep it dust free was a bonus.

  Good Value

| | See all Crazywheels's reviews (7)

This is a nice HDD caddy. I bought one to use my old PS3 HDD as a backup drive. I also used it to rescue hard drive data from a dead laptop, very useful!

I had a small issue with Windows 7 not recognising the drive at first, but this can be fixed by formatting the drive via the Disk Management option in the Computer Management section of Windows 7.

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  So simple even I could do it!

| | See all Bargains4Me's reviews (5)

I know how to start and shut down a computer, and I can even add printers and software. But this was my first attempt at doing anything with hardware (perse). I carefully removed the old HD from the now defunct laptop, slipped off the end of the drive enclosure and it slipped in very nicely. The top with all the electronic bits on then fits into the top of the HD in the caddy.

And then came THE ONLY bit I had difficulty with - screws! The screws are so fiddly and with big hands I found putting them in nigh on impossible. You are supplied with a screwdriver which is a huge bonus, and the two minute screws are in a bag on their own to help form losing them. I would suggest putting them in over a white piece of paper, so if you do drop them they will be visible and you won't need to go hunting for them.

Once done I simply plugged in via the USB cable provided and bobs your uncle it automatically, loaded the drivers and was up and running within minutes - even for this amateur! Excellent value for money, and I would have no doubt about recommending it.

  Good Case

| | See all gormander's reviews (4)

Ok this is my first review I have done so though would give my opinion on this case. Overall I would say it is a good hard disk case better than most I see working in IT.

It came with all the parts (screws & a screwdriver), would have been easier with a manual to show how it is installed for newbies with this kind of equipment. Putiing the hard disk in is the trickest part as it is not clear how it is done eventually lost my patients & just forced it in gentle pulling the front cover put got the hard disk in.

Once everything was done just simple as plugging in & turning on & my PC (xp SP3) picked up the hard disk right away no issues.

The only bad thing I can really say is getting the hard disk in the case but once done it is a nice piece of kit.

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