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iiyama ProLite B2409HDS / 24 inch / Business LCD Monitor

Manufacturer: Iiyama

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Customer Reviews

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  fine - most of the time

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Yeah, it's a fine monitor. But I had to write this review because of one stupid irritating-as issue with it. I have two of these monitors at work, and I've also known another person to hit the same issue.

Say you've selected the DVI socket as the input, using the monitor on-screen display (OSD). Then for whatever reason you get rid of the DVI device, and plug an HDMI device (for example). The problem? You simply can't bring up the menu to switch input.

Power on the monitor, it says "no input" and goes to sleep. Can you bring up the menu? No. The only fix I know is to go and find the right kind of source that the monitor is demanding, plug it into the monitor, and then you can change the settings using the OSD.

The first time this happened, it was because I upgraded the PC graphics card. The second time, it was because I switched to DVI input by accident (I only had devices plugged into the VGA and HDMI sockets).

In 'auto' input mode, you can use one of the buttons to switch input - but not if you've specified one in the menu - why not?!

Very stupid bug, and very annoying.

And if anyone knows a better fix (than hunting down a device which will output whatever the monitor is demanding) - please, please post it here!

Not a bad monitor when it's working though.

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  Excellent bit of kit

| | See all Lollingham's reviews (1)

This is one sweet monitor. Originally I was going to buy the 2407 simply becuase it has a piano black finish, which would look cool in my bedroom. But after seeing the contrast ratio was double on this model and it also had 1080p for ps3 and 360. I just had to fork out the little extra for this instead!

If your just buying for a pc go with the 2407 since it is cheaper, but also supports the 1080 hdc screen setting modern graphics cards can put out. Plus it looks a tad more stylish ;). If you want it for pc and console (like me) go with this for a definate :D.

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  Excellent monitor

| | See all Thorpe's reviews (20)

I was looking for a monitor where I could connect two devices up to it (my PC and Xbox 360) and because my television had finally gave up. This one seemed a good choice as it had a DVI port and HDMI port. 24" is a decent size for me (I was good with a 19" display before).

The native resolution is 1920x1080, which is superb for games on PC. Although, of course, when browsing the web, there's a lot of space on either side as most are suited for smaller resolutions. It's not a big deal but was expected. On a console, like the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 you can crank it up to 1080p on HDMI too.

If you're one for having both devices on at once, then you can simply change from one input to the other by holding down a button on the front of the monitor. So, sometimes I switch from DVI to HDMI in order to access my Xbox 360. If you're switching back to the PC, make sure you 'awake' the computer if you've got it to turn off the monitor after a certain time. Otherwise, the display will just go back to the active input.

One thing I do not like is when I turn my Xbox 360, the display doesn't come on right away - it will clip away a part of the logo sequence. It's only a short delay but once the monitor is on there should be no problems.

Surprisingly, the sound on this monitor is good but not amazing. It's acceptable being a monitor. Setting up the monitor didn't take long. You just put the base on with the provided tools. Just tightening a few screws and you're done.

The monitor can be moved into a portrait view, it can be raised and there are energy saving options on the OSD. Don't be fooled by the big brands like 'Acer' and 'Samsung' - this monitor by Iiyama works just fine and is a very good quality monitor. One purchase this year I don't regret.

  Great Value

| | See all Malou91's reviews (1)

I got this monitor a couple of weeks ago at £179 on play.com and I have to say it's great value. This business version was cheaper than the E2407 that I was originally going to buy, and has the advantage of a height adjustable stand and the ability to rotate the screen into portrait mode. The picture is very clear and vibrant (I've had to turn mine down a tad). Both games and DVDs are now much better. I had to buy a slightly longer lead, but that's down to where I placed the monitor more than what came in the box. It's still taking me a while to get used to the shape of the screen, as my previous 20" had a 4:3 aspect which actually made it taller than this new 24". However overall I'm very happy, and would recommend this monitor to anyone looking to upgrade, especially if you get it for what I paid.

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