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Seagate Expansion 1TB External USB 2.0 Desktop Hard Drive

Manufacturer: Seagate

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (34 reviews)"

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  good for the price

| | See all danp1985's reviews (3)

for the price you cant realy go wrong its a good hardrive what i will say though is ITS NOT PORTABLE if you are going to buy this which i do recomend keep it in one place its not designed to be taken anywhere, i have had to change the case on mine a few times because the small usb plugs on the back are very fragile, so now its sat on a shelf never moved.

but all in all a good buy

  No problems at all

| | See all Scotthill1979's reviews (1)

I brought my hard drive over a year ago and have not had any problems at all with it apart from when it rests on my desk it sometimes makes a clicking sound (easily fixed by putting it on carpet etc). I have however almost filled mine with films and music so am looking to get another of the same make. Thinking of getting a 2TB one this time


| | See all dy0987's reviews (1)

I have this drive connected to the PC to hold iTunes files, the main trouble is that when the powersave function turns it off (puts it into sleep mode) it takes ages to turn back on,it can take over a minute.
Not much point in having a fast drive if everything has to stop and wait .

  The USB will break

| | See all danandom73's reviews (1)

USB connector has fallen off inside the case. As other reviewers have mentioned. THIS IS NOT A PORTABLE DRIVE (unless you treat it like porcelain).

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  Data Loss Occured

| | See all deedubb's reviews (1)

I had this drive for about 3 months and located it on my desk where it lived. One day it decided to stop working.
I took the drive to my local computer geek and he said that he had to destroy the case to extract the drive to salvage my data, upon further inspection he found that the drive had siezed losing me my data and drive. This product is obviously flawed, i would recommend spending a little extra money up front for piece of mind.

  Would strongly advise you not to buy this product!

| | See all cherrikey's reviews (1)

Would not format.... Then when it did format it wiped my files clean a couple of times. Then it stopped working altogether after having it just 2 months. It would not allow me to reclaim any files and would'nt allow me to put any on! Do not buy this!

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  shocking -usb is detached can't access any files

| | See all yelselseivad's reviews (2)

If I wrote the review 3 months ago it would have got 5 stars but the usb fell off 3 days ago and I can't access any files. Company I left it into said it was the 4th one they'd got in the last week with the same problem so make sure your files are backed up somewhere else as well.

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  Appauling design failed within a year

| | See all lilplayer33's reviews (1)

Incredulous to all the reviews posted, my experience of this bulky thing is different: the USB cable plug at the back of the machine simply fell off on the inside of the casing. This is sadly how i found out that the casing cannot be opened without breaking the device! So not only the plug was stupidly poorly fixed (i didn't mistreat the drive) with a bit of glue directly onto the circuit board, so off course wore out within a year, but the absurd casing prevented data retrieval or repair. And given you can't have your money back if you alter the product with most refund departments, this is not so much of a back-up device as a one-stop data-loss centre for all your household needs! So, should you be foolish enough to be lured by the low price, remember that there is a reason for it, and don't move the drive about, don't unplug the USB cable and keep it glued to your desktop and connected at all time. This has been a waste of a year's worth of data.

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  Fantastic piece of kit! But watch out for Clicking noise!

| | See all Rapidblueyes's reviews (1)

I firstly read the other reviews on the product page to see what other peoples opinions were before purchasing this fantasticly cheap 1tb hard drive. Some were good and some were bad, the bad ones were mainly talking about this clicking noise that occurs later on down the line. Inspite of all that I decided to take the gamble. And boy was I pleased I did! :D This drive is awesome! But I found out which reviews were true the hard way, this drive does suffer from a clicking noise and later on down the line it stops your drive from working properly and may even kill it eventually. But as somebody said previously in a review that if you change the USB cable that is supplied with the drive then it should be fine, this I can say is very TRUE! Now my drive works perfectly again with no clicking noises (no noise infact!) at all! So overall its a fantastic product, quiet, fast, reliable, huge space - but a very poor usb cable provided from seagate unfortunately hence the 4 stars given. I hope this helps some of you either with your problem or if you are trying to decide whether to buy one or not.

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| | See all Luigizzle's reviews (4)

I strongly suggest you pick this up before the prive returns to it's origionl. I purchased mine not so long. It's a very good looking peice of equipment and performs very well, highly recommended for someone in need of backing up the contents of their computer.
Only issue i have is that when the computer is turned off you have to unplug the hard drive unless you want it to run while the computer is off.....(pointless) there should have been a switch to make life easier.
Also you only get 930gb of storage space not the full 1tb

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