ABGymnic Muscle Toning Belt

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Buy simply ordering this item, my muscles bnegan to pulsate with anticipation. When it finally arrived, I went to open the box, and before even using it, my arms could rival those of Vin Diesels!!!!
Then I put the equipment on, and 10 minutes later, I had gained almost 6 stone of pure muscle. I was so impressed, that I went to see my friends. I shook my friends hand, and crippled him with my almighty strength. This thing is the real deal guys!!! All for 5 quid as well!!! Impressed is an understatement

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  cheap rubbish

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absolute waste of time. managed to get it to work for about 30 seconds before it stopped - lights still flashing but no shocks. dont waste any money on this cheap tacky rubbish!

  If the gel runs out...

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I use hair gel, works the same...this is a good product when you first use it however, it could be better quality as it looks quite cheap. But i've been using it for a few months and it does work if you use it regularly for a longer period (1 hour) a day :) x

  Be careful!

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Great whilst it lasted ( a few weeks ), however sometimes when pressing the buttons they stick in and go to the maximum settings which gives quite a shock!! Even when on the lowest setting, and press to increment it by one level, it will jump straight to the maximum. Bought two of these and it does it on both! Great purchase if you don't have a faulty unit though!

  well worth the price

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for 3.99 i have given 5 star, if it was a little more would have given it 4.

i think this is really good,
a few people have mentioned the issue of gel, if it runs out, buy some more, or use an alternative.

and if u decide to get bored with it, u can use to to electricute your mates its really funny.

  MY first Muscle Toning Belt

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its really good and its easy to use but need more of gel. Other wise really good

  for £3.49 who can complain

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This is the first muscle belt I have ever bought so I did not know if I would like it or not. (turns out I do)

I have had the product for nearly a week, visually I cant see much change (only had it for a week and I'm not the thinnest person in the world) but I can really feel the difference.

it has 6 different modes and 10 strength settings.

its also not just for your abs it comes with a list of areas it covers ranging from neck to buttocks.

the only problems I can think of with this belt are as other reviews state the battery compartment is loose and you don't get much of the gel so use it sparingly (or buy some more I'm just mean when it comes to handing out money)

all in all if used correctly you can get some great results out of such a cheap item

  ABGymnic Muscle Toning Belt

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Ok play.com'ers! i have bought this twice now! second time was to replace a broken one ( dosent last long when drunk mates mess about with it) The Build Quality changed between the two. First was ok but burnt out and broke. Second was built even cheaper, loose buttons cheaper feeling plastic. i am throwing it strait in the bin! i switched it off and put it back in the box, then opened the box to give it a second chance and it had turned itself on. Faulty junk, I wouldnt be surprised if this item caused a house fire! im not taking any chances, in the bin and out the house all within 30.00 mins of opening it, cheap,faulty,dangerous! if there was an option to give this half a star i would! 14.99RRP Yeah Whatever!

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  Small price, big laugh

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Bought one of these as a gimmick present for Xmas, just a stocking filler - and we've had more laughs than I can count with this thing!
It's a delight to see people try it for the first time and daring each other to press just one level higher is a hoot!
Yes, you can get sudden large shocks if you don't understand how the belt works - and you have to have plenty of water-based jelly on to ensure a good contact.
As an interesting aside - my girlfriend has terrible arthritis in her hands and this belt provides relief for them, used on the pads of the hand. (Probably NOT an intended use, but just saying it works for her)
Also hysterical to see the involuntary movements of your own arms/legs/stomach/wherever when the belt makes you twitch!
Under a fiver?
You can't go wrong.

  abgymnic muscle toning belt

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the item was chosen for its novelty value,however it is very cheap tacky and dangerous.
the battery compartment is made of very cheap plastic and had to be secured by sticky tape.
the item failed to give any satisfaction,however i did receive a number of sharp electrical shocks,in fact i had to remove the battery immediately less a child or other could have been injured further,in fact i found this item a bit scary.
only a irresponsible person could sell this product on to the public as itsdangerous,so save your couple of quid,its not on!

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