Powerball Original 250Hz Pro (Blue)

Brand: Powerball

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  Good, But dont drop it

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Came quickly in post, opened it and got going straight away, but a few days later, my brother rolled it off a table and onto a hard floor. the rotations are not so smooth now and it wont go faster than 9100 rpm. great product, but needs looking after carefuly

  spot on,

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bought this item few months ago, like a lot of people say starting with string is a pain, it sis possible to start without, but have to ware it in abit before it is possible, dont think id use it as much if had to use string all the time, use when ever i get five mins, was pti in army for a lot of years learnt all the exercises there was for lower arms , this has to be the best, do alot of weight training, always found grip is the first to go, this has helped emensly, very pleases with product, just wish id bought one with led display,


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Been using it for 3 months now, and my arms have got incredibly strong. My biceps have grown about 3-4 inches , just using it for 10 minutes in the morning and night :)
Cheap alternative to buying a expensive weight kit :D

  Great but noisy

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this a great little device and the lcd counter is a must but the reason its only 4 stars is because its quite noisy and you cant watch tv while using it but i have had for about a week now and i can see a great improvement in my muscles and also using thr string all the time is quite annoying but nothing google can sort out

  brilliant gift

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I bought this item for my boyfriend, he uses it every couple of days and has really enjoyed using it and he has seen an improvment in his forearm strenght. This is with out a doubt a brilliant gift for someone they are not only usefull but they are fun too. The digital display is really usefull and we had no problems with this item at all. He loved his present and was really pleased with it.

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Having been shown by someone at work this method when i received mine i binned the 2 pieces of string straight away. Run the powerball from left to right or vice versa across a table or floor, this sets it spinning. Then rotate gently at first until it builds momentum. Stick with it, i get it started first time every time now.

  Very nice

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I have to say, at first I thought these were a bit silly and not really worth the money. But after a friend brought one and I got the hang of it (which didn't take long) I wanted one!

These things a very addictive, and fun to play with as a desk toy. How ever on the day I got mine I must have been using it for about 3 or 4 hours and the next day I had trouble typing because of the pain in my wrists. Be warned this device is addictive, maybe too addictive!

Though it is nice to just play with in between typing, of which I do a lot. Its also great for climbers, because it really helps build grip, and gives you the advantage of more "contact" strengh on the rock.

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  Guitarist Recommends it

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I recently purchased this Powerball after reading the Reviews on this site. A lot of people commented on how well it works the muscles in your arms. Particularly the forearms.

I am a guitarist in a Thrash Metal band which for those of you unfamiliar with the genre it requires extremely Strong forarm muscles in the picking hand to play fast for long periods of time and it also requires powerful wrist and fingers in the left hand for the fast solos.

So i purchased one of these powerballs to out of cuiosity to see how it would work my muscles.

Its great it builds to an incredible intensity which challenges both my forearms and as it gets faster my fingers to hold onto it.

i think its a must have gadget for musicians Particularly Guitarists and Drummers because of the strength required in the Forearms.

You can also increase the force on your fingers by holding it just between your fingers and not on your palm

Iv Definately felt an improvement in my stamina and Dexterity in the short time i have had this product

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  Best Powerball for speed

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After trying a friends classic I knew I had to get one and it had to be one with a counter.

The Pro's are the ones to go for. The Pro models all have counters and Neons have added led's which which slows the Ball down by about 200-300rpm. So far that reason this is the best one to go for unless you want some cool lights like I did. I still recommend one of these for you getting your best scores and keep others for practice.

It doesn't take long to get it going and get a feel for it, only took me a few tries. It's perfecting your technique that will take a while. When I first used the classic It almost gave me little blisters and you will get them with Powerballs, but I think the grip on this is better as I haven't felt it rubbing on my fingers as badly. Might just be me though. Yo will probably have to give yourself a days rest from Powerballing to let your muscles recover and keep your hands blister free.

The digital counter is a must have. It has different functions and can store your top score. If you don't beat your high score it will just clear the lower scores anyone gets. It can be reset at the touch of a button. the counter will switch itself off after 40 seconds of inactivity, prolonging the battery life, which shouldn't need changing in a long time. You can also measure your rpm's over set times of 30, 60 and 90 second intervals + more.

Get one of these balls now, better still get two for dual Powerballing. Get recoring videos of your runs and become part of the Powerball community. Great fun and exercise from a revolutionary product. Get yourself a leather pouch as well to keep it in good nick, you get two starter cords included. The Pro's are the way to go.

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  really addictive

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i just had one of these in the post. Really addictive and good fun.
if your like me an work in a call center they are good fun to keep u ocupied while talking so long as u dont start busting allot of rpm's then it gets a bit loud. really good fun.