Powerball Original 250Hz Pro (Blue)

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Once you have got to grips on how to use the powerball they are extremely addictive.
To really get the most out of it, you should invest in one with the rev counter as it brings the element of competition to the powerball.
The best thing is that although it is great fun it really does increase the strength in your forearm.
Brilliant to compete or have a laugh with mates or for just pure exercise!

  My second Powerball! Couldn't be better!

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I bought another one of these after finding out that this is the fastest Powerball ever. I had the Neon Red to start with but I wanted the faster one and also I wanted to have a go at Duel handed Powerballing(its tough!).

I have seen a few negative reviews stating how hard it is to use and their problems with the powerballs. They really are not that hard to use and if you really have trouble with them, check the powerball website for tips and hints.

These definitely are the best handheld gyros out. Don't buy cheap and nasty imitations! Only buy NSD Powerballs! The people at NSD Powerballs website will also help you out with any problems or spare parts your require. So far they have helped me out with parts for free! (See my Neon Red Powerball review for a more in depth review)

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  awsum gadget

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had my power ball a year now and still works fine its extremely addictive and always find myself trying to beat my old score`s. it takes a while to get the motion took me ages to get it spinning properly but the more u use it the more better you get now i don't even need the string to start it (saves time) and finally got past 12,000.

  Wonderful Invention

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When I bought my first powerball (about 5 years ago) I spent two days trying to get it to work, to no avail. Took it to college to show to my mates and one of them managed to get the knack straight away, once I saw it working it was easy to get the hang of.
If you've got a modicum of rhythm in you, you can use the powerball, you just might not know it yet...
We had a league going for about 6 months between 20-odd people constantly trying to beat their best records on the powerball; it can be quite addictive!

Gives finger and forearm strength that pleasuring oneself just cannot deliver ;)

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  Utter Rubbish

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Followed the instructions to the letter.Having spent 2 whole
hours trying to get this thing to work, it has frustrated me
to the point where I have forgotten why I bought it in the
first place.

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  Well worth the money

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I had been mulling over getting one of these for ages. I had a bad wrist injury about 6 years ago and since then I have had weakness in my wrist/arm. I had all the usuall treatments from physio but mostly boring exercises was the end result and because of my job it was hard to get in any regular excercise.

Now with the powerball it takes the boredom out of excersising. I can definately feel it working my wrist in all the same places as the exercises the physio gave me but with the bonus of my arms also getting a bit of a workout as well.

That coupled with the fact I can do this at work makes this ideal for me and by far one of the best products I have bought in years. Only thing is its going to take a while to build up the rythem in my left hand as I am all over the place and find it hard to keep it going but it is getting there.

BTW. If you are looking for replacement start cords try a shoe shop. The laces on my daughters shoes are identical to the cords with the exception you may have to cut the small plastic sheeth at the end down to the same length. I bought myself 10 pairs for £1.50 so now have 20 replacement cords (and they do work).

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  Bought it and well there is 1 promblem!

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Ok i bought this item a while back and dont get me wrong its amazing but the string that comes with the ball to start it, you only get 1 extra and they are really easy to break and i cant find a replaicement string anywhere on the net,laving my powerball useless,if anyone knows where to get a bunch please let me know!!!

That aside its an amazing product if it wasnt for that it would be 5 stars.

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Amazing purchase, had it for only 3 months and felt a drastic improvement in my muscle mass whilst improving each one of the sports i play! Not ony is it an amazing work out gadget, it is suprisingly fun & addictive and can be competitive when trying to beat your m8s score! A must buy


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I honestly do not think that you can describe the Powerball till you have felt it for yourselves. I have used it for over a year now and I can honestly say I have noticed a difference. I suffered from repetitive strain injury at work. I also had difficulty moving heavy items.

After buying the Powerball. My repetitive injuries faded and I could lift heavy stuff including Furniture.

The Powerball can help keep carpul tunnel at bay and easily help you get lids off jars!

I have arms like Popeye Just using it twice a day for fifteen minutes.

What will you be like??