Powerball Original 250Hz Pro (Blue)

Brand: Powerball

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Used one before once or twice and instantly thought they were great. So much fun to sit and use and when incorporating the high score into contests with friends even more so. No need to be a genius like "tatooed" said, just a bit of coordination in your arms. Twist your wrist and the gyro inside rotates. Twist faster and in tighter circles and the gyro spins even quicker. Buy one now and it will be one of the best purchases you've ever made.

  This should have a health warning attached!!

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OK, Well then, at first i did not think this would be of any use, how can a plastic ball and a bit of string make your arms stronger?? Well the answer is this....POWERBALL!! This is an amazing peice of kit, it should come with a health warning really!! I have blisters from using it so much, and boy it does not half give your arms one hell of a work out!! I'm hoping that this may make my wrists stronger than what they are at the moment, but so far so good! One word of advice though, it took me a few minutes (15 min) to get the powerball technique correct, and to get it spinning like a good 'un. So be patient if you can not get it going first time around!

  Powerball-better than weights

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this thing is very good fun. Its alot like playing a sport you really like, you enjoy it and it makes you fitter. The bad review by "tattoed" says basically that the guy cant work a powerball which is because he cant move his arm in a circular motion. Ingore that review its piontless. This review is correct and the powerball will cure obesity and couch potatoes. And its even better than weights apparently!!

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I've had my powerball for 3 months or so now and I love it, it has increased my golf drive by around 30 or so yards, the dexterity of my wrists has increased greatly and best of all it's fun to use. This 'knack' to using a powerball is simple, dont be disheartened if you cant get it to work at first, it took me around 3 days to get it working and eventually you can learn to start it without using the chord.

Must buy for anyone looking to increase their arm muscle (significantly) and have fun doing so. As said earlier if it were around 12.99 I would say stop reading now and click buy. As for the price that it is stated I would say stop reading now, think for 10 seconds or so, then click buy.



  It is good!

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Sure there IS a knack to it, but its not *that* hard to find. I had this at university & we had great fun trying to beat each others' top scores.

Its a unique device and worth getting. I guess I'd give it 4* for the price. Put at 12.99 or something and it'd be worth 5.

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What can I say, this is awful. Ive had it a few months and still cant get it to work. Apparently theres a knack to it but you have to be a genius to figure it out. Please dont waste your money!!!

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