Powerball Neon Blue Pro

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  Forearms of STEEL!

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Firstly i advise you buy one with a screen - it will act as an incentive to keep on using it.

I have been using a powerball for some time now and I have to say after the first week of using it 3 times a day till my arms hurt, my forearms had become solid. Muscles started to appear that i had never seen before on them.
I personally suffer from a painful wrist and this powerball has reduced the pain significantly - it has also helped my father with his wrist pains also.
Product is worth the money - i advise you purchase one.

- Rob Mov

  Easy,Fun,Hard Work but Addictive!!!

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I've just received my first powerball! Already my sister and myself are fighting over it!! It is very easy to get used to and becomes very addictive because you want to beat your previous score, or in my case my sisters score! After just 1 hour of receiving the powerball my arms are aching but that i think is a sign of the powerballs effect on me! My opinion, if you can't afford a gym membership or some weights then this is a cheap alternative!

Thanks for reading, from,

James, Powerball Rules

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  Addiction in ball form...

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This is a great gadget. Didn't seem like my thing but I brought one for my boyfriend for christmas and he loves it. It also causes arguments because as it turns out I love it too. The counter on it is the best thing as you can keep track of your progress so I wouldn't recommend buying the cheaper one without the screen.

The ball can sometimes get sweaty and start to slip out your hand if you go too fast and I also have a blister on my pinky (probably from probably using it a bit too much!) but I can't help it, it really is that addictive. Another problem is that the clear score button is the same button as the on button but this doesn't cause too much trouble if you know what your doing. The gyro can be a bit loud so you might find yourself watching the television with the subtitles on while playing.

Even after the competitive arguements and blisters it is really worth getting your hands on one of these as it has helped my arm muscles already and has brought a whole new level of being competitive into the house.

Really worth the money and blisters! 5/5

  So addictive!

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This is a great gadget and is so hard to put down, well until your arm is about to drop off. Recommended.

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  Handy stuff

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Very good. used this a bit and does seem like it works. Would recommend and was handy when I had a shoulder injury!

  Great fun, great workout!

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I bought this for my son because he plays tennis and has recently started drumming, and he loves it! His record is something like 7500 RPM, and i wonder if that's good for a 13 year old? (I tried to use it, but wasn't bothered to learn) The only reason i gave 4/5 is because he's only had it a few days, and already you can hear a grindind noise, but it's very quiet. I reckon I'll need to get a new one in a few years, but that's what the lifelong guarantee is for!


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Being consistently lazy, I was dubious about whether Powerball would worm it's way into my daily life. But how I love that it has!

Just 10 minutes maximum a day has noticably increased physical ability. What I will say though, is don't drop it - after a couple of slips out of the hand, the maximum revolutions has decreased so be extra careful with it and try not to treat it as a game.

Take breaks as well, do it for too long and you'll not be able to write the next day.

  Popeye's forearms

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I use this daily as a supplement to my exercise routine, and it works really well. The gyro really does work fantasticaly.
It is also good fun if you have friends round, it can get really competitive trying to beat each others high scores.
The fact that it comes with its unlimited lifetime warranty is real peace of mind, spinning at 14-15000 rpm is going to wear it out over time. As long as you take care of the ball and look after it as instructed, you should have many hours worry free powerballing before anything may need replacing.
The neon light is slightly annoying, other than that it's a worthwhile recommendation.

  It Rocks

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Wat a Great gadget, i bought this 4 a laff, but wen i got it i cudnt put it down, its a great workout,

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  Great after 30mins

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Powerball was great when it was first opened...after a while playing with it, it just breaks? Not as good as they say.

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