Powerball Neon Red Pro

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  Love it!

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I've had this for just over a week. It took quite a few tries to get the hang of it. When you start going fast you feel it working not only your fingers and wrists but your lower and upper arms too. Mine came with a mini CD ROM which has instructions, a video showing how to start the powerball and some promotional video clips. I think this is a great piece of equipment .

  another 5 star? why not

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my arms hurt, but what fun! XD great work out for the arms and you can do it sat down. although it ought to be accompanied with other workout routines

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  Effective workout for your arms

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I have been looking at buying one of these for ages. I was given a cheaper alternative for xmas called a "Strength ball". It was satisfactory but it broke on xmas day so I decided to buy an official Powerball and it is millions times better than the cheaper. Would really recommend to anyone and it really does strengthen the arms up with the different work-outs given in the booklet which comes in the box.

  Power Balls!

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Fantastic product.

I purchased the red neon powerball as it's £2 cheaper than the other neon balls, not that looks matter. Its what it does that makes it awesome.

Great for relaxing, exercising etc. you won't want to put it down, even when it feels like your arms are going to fall off!

If your thinking about buying one, stop thinking and just buy it :D

I wouldn't bother with any of the accessories that you can purchase separately. For example the auto starter....complete waste of money, the powerball is all you need.

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  Great fun, but sore on the old arms!!

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Good fun and a good work out, but can get sore on the arms if you try it too much!! Only took 1 star off because I did get bored of it after a while... there's only so much spinning one man can do before his arms fall off!

  Excellent exercise tool

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I first got this a few months ago after i canceled my gym membership. I now use this regularily in my excercise regime and along with the 6 second ab machine and a sensible diet i have completley tranformed my body. I have lost almost a stone and am much leaner and stronger than before i started off in the high 10000s and now ive reached 12,535 and im just improving week on week. This is a fantastic gadget well designed and highly durable and also it makes exercise fun again. Thumbs up from me on a top noch gadget

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  Great fun, good exercise and a great piece of engineering.

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What is so great about a powerball? Some people think there great whilst others don't. Well I was always curious as to what they did, then a friend of mine got one and I was amazed. Amazed that something so small could provide such power and give your arms such a work out without going to the gym.

What does it do? It helps builds strength in wrist, arm and fingers so if you are a musician for example it will improve stamina for using the guitar. If you have arthritis it won't cure it (far from it) but it does help as part of your exercises which is why I have just bought one for my mum. But one very good reason for buying it is it is a lot of fun. Sure the novelty will probably ware off after a while, but while it doesn't trying to get the highest score, especially if your friends have a go can be a good laugh. My friends and I were having a go whilst watching the football and it was hilarious (the facial expressions are worth it alone).

If you want to you can always see if you can make it onto the top 100 powerball scores or, if you feel like a real challenge, go for the world record which at the moment stands at 16,500(ish) revs per minute. The first time I tried I got to about 10,000 and thought my arm was going to fall off.

It is also a great piece of engineering as it doesn't use batteries or anything just centre fugal forces to move. They are also well made have a nice design especially when they light up, even though as one other reviewer mentioned, it does sometimes hurt my little finger as I'm gripping on to tight you may have to alter your grip slightly so that it suits you.

However the best thing about this is the fact that it is very good exercise and yet it is so simple. It may take you a while to get used to how to use it but there are full instructions with it and once you do you won't be able to put it down. The best thing is that you can use it whilst watching the TV or listening to music and this is what I use it for mostly. That way you aren't consciously exercising but still giving your arms a good work out.

So if you need to build up your stamina for typing, musical instruments or as part of a recuperation regime, then this will fit the bill. If your just curious buy it anyway, it's great fun.

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  Power of Fun

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I've only had mine a few days but already I love it. I've only managed a maximum time of just over two minutes so far. But what I've found, as a person who suffers chronic arthritis and vertigo, it is very relaxing and aiding with movment of my wrists and arms.