Powerball 250Hz Classic (Blue)

Brand: Powerball

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  Amazing for building muscle!

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A friend gave me this exact same powerball as a gift, i have used it every single day for about 2 months and the results are incredible. My forearms, sholders, biceps and triceps have toned and grown solid and they are continuing to grow.

At first i thought i could only do your forearms which makes sense of the wrist rotation, only found out a few days ago that this powerball can exercise more than just your forearms, it can also do the pecks which is what i am going to use it for most of the time.

The string that comes with it isn't really needed after about a day or two of use when you can learn to start it with your thumb or knee but learning to do that gave me a blister lol.

I will probably buy another one for ambidextrous use or a different model when this one gets old, the only bad thing about it is the noise can be annoying to some people when you get it in the fast speeds but i use it alone for that reason and its worth it for the muscle gain from it.

This product is excellent for someone who wants to build muscle in most of their upper body and arms, also people who play any sports to increase strenghth.

Worth The Money!

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  As Expected

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Pulling the string to start up is tedious, but once you learn to 'thumb start' there's no need for it. Works great, wished it had a counter to see if I could improve my speed but that's what the expensive ones are for!

  strangely addictive...

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I've had my Powerball for quite a while now and it's a brilliant gadget. After a while you can really feel it working on the muscle groups in your lower arms/wrists and hand.

My friends and family were intrigued and soon got going once they figured out how. A couple have even bought one for themselves.

My one complaint is the noise, but it's a minor quibble.

  nice for the money...

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good value little thing... no lcd on this one but not really needed to be honest... good value, good gadget

  good! no battery needed.

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i like it becoz it don't need battery. the highest score i got is 8638.

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  Great little item

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This Powerball has to be one of the better little items I've purchased for a while. You really do begin to feel it's effectiveness after just about 30 minutes of using it the first time. You know, aching wrists and arms.

It's perfect for having around when you're sitting watching TV, walking the dog, in the car (passenger seat only!) and other situations where you'd basically be doing nothing with yourself.

The torque you feel when it gets to a high speed is very fun, and you do begin to challenge yourself when you get to grips (ha!) with the powerball. Personally I didn't encounter a huge learning curve to getting it going, took only about 2 tries and was not too difficult.

However, as good as this powerball is, there are only two problems with it. This one does not come with a counter, but that is easily resolved by getting a more expensive one to catalogue your increasing performance. The second thing is the noise. It is noticably loud and you'd probably be attracting unwanted attention or annoying others around you unless they're okay with it, or you're in a suitable public place like a gym etc.

Other than that, 5 star item! Definately worth the money.


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I really like using this.
I race Karts and this really helps me with my wrist strength, which I need to be able to make small adjustments at speed. Addictive too!


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Omg this is amazing use it all the time at work
everyone loves it and people are buying them to have competitions now
so much fun highly recommend

  the basic powerball

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This is great, we all love it, the whole family is addicted. We are going to upgrade and get one each! next time we will get the one with the counter out of interest. You can really see the muscles in your arm working and feel the effects. It did take a fair few attempts to get it started and when I did to keep it going, but with practice its worth the effort. Great fun recommend it.

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  Excellent to start on

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I received this power ball yesterday and after getting the technique sorted found it very addictive.

I was a little skeptical at first but after using it for a while could definitely feel the muscles in my forearm working. I now use it while watching tv which sometimes annoys others as it can get get quite loud when you spin it at a quicker speeds.

The only thing which i regret is not buying the pro version for £5 more as this has the Rpm counter which would be useful to see progress.

I would definitely recommend a power ball to anyone but i advise buying the pro version unless your not too bothered about how fast you can spin it...

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