Powerball 250Hz Classic (Blue)

Brand: Powerball

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one of the best things i have used this is a must buy if your too lazy to go to the gym it gives your whole hand a workout

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  Revolutionary product - entry level

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This was the first Powerball I tried. Really is as good as people say it is, and a must have gadget for all in my opinion.

Only took me a few tries before I had it spinning. Technique is the hard part to master. Outer rubber band which provides grip can rub against your skin but practice and time soon helps with that. Once it was up and running I was suprised just how much it works the arm, wrist and even hand. One minute using this is like 50 or more squeezes with a hand grip. Might or might not have the same muscular effect but it certainly feels the same. Anyway that isn't what this product is about for me, I am fortunate enough not to have any problems associated with my lower arm - Powerballing is said to help with such problems. For me this is about having fun. showing off and being competetive.

This Classic model doesn't have a counter so for this reason I would recommend one that does. Like the Pro models. It's more expensive adding a digital counter later, and that for me really finishes this great product off. It really is good to know you are improving your rpm. And if you want some cool lights on top of that go for a Pro Neon.

I was going to give this 4 stars because it has no counter but that is kinda the point of the Classic model - plus the option to add one later. Easy 5 star.

  Could be better

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Powerballs in my opinion are amazing but for the extra 3 pound you might aswell go for the pro or a higher model as without the counter this product is not as addictive, although it does seem to run very smooth compared to my signature model.


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having bought my dad one for xmas, it was delivered to my house upon open packaging i didnt think much of it but thought what the heck and gave it a go, omg i loved it, the initial buzz that you recieve just from this little blue ball, great buy, and have just recently ordered myself a neon pro ball just to challenge my dad who already thinks he's as good as the guy from the videos. haha! must buy for ppl who have problems with there wrist or arm through injury, arms feel much stronger of 1 weeks worth of messing about!

  Get one NOW!

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I just got mine through and already everyone in my house is hooked! what a great purchase!
Its real hard to get going the first time you get on it but after an afternoon of playing i can do it fine.

really makes you feel like your working out. so forget about the gym membership you say your gonna sign up to every month!!!

  Worth the money

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When I first received my powerball for the first few minutes i found it difficult to use however now i know how to use it i can get it going every single time i try. Works a lot of muscles in the arm and can tire you in a short space of time if you get it going quickly. Great fitness gadget although if its biceps you want exercised it be better to buy a set of dumbbells instead the powerball however is excellent for the forearm.


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I didnt quite get this wen i first used it but after messing about with it i found out that i was quite fun!
Its amazing how fast the ball spins and the force it has!
Its a good birthday prezzie

  An ingenious and addictive piece of exercise equipment!!

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This product is fantastic. Period.

I particularly love the review below giving it 1*. If you need to spend more than 30 seconds to get it to spin fast and smooth you've got the worst co-ordination in the world. Beginners need to spin the gyro inside with the string provided - which will NOT break if you do it right, you don't need to even spin it hard but it's easier than using your finger. Then all you need to do is twist your wrist slowly in a 6" circle. That's all you need to do to get it spinning. Then match the revolutions of the gyro with a smooth wrist movement and you're away!! Start slow and practice fast, small circle movements to build up the resistance. This Powerball is fantastic, the faster you go the harder it is to spin - I thought it wasn't doing much until I stopped and then had trouble lifting a cup of tea!! It's great for muscle building, injury physiotherapy and dexterity and grip - you won't be dissapointed!!

Please note - this basic model does NOT come with the LCD monitor which measures your speed, RPM etc. You might not think you'd want it but after you get it spinning all you'll want to know is how fast it's going!!! Go for the slightly more expensive Neon or Pro model which includes the LCD counter.

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  Extreme Fun :D

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Got mine this morning great fun. took a few goes to get going but once u get hang of it great fun, addictive 2. will ned to order the RPM counter next. Recommended