Powerball 250Hz Classic (Blue)

Brand: Powerball

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At first I couldn't get it to work but now it works everytimes.
Its really good value and very entertaining.
I've only had it for a few days but already my wrists and arms feel stronger, I would definalty recommend this to anyone, to build up your strengh or just for fun.

P.S. Just a word of warning, on your first few days don't use it too much as your wrists will ache in the morning!

  Great For Toning Those Tired Arm Muscles

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The centrifugal forces that this gyroscopic "toy" produces have to be experienced to be believed - they are VERY, VERY powerful and just a few minutes each day will soon develop great muscle tone in your hands, wrists and arms. N.B. Due to the extreme forces and the repetitive nature of the exercise there is probably a small risk of "carpal tunnel syndrome" related injuries in some elements of the population (i.e. stop if it starts becoming painful). The basic technique for spinning up the Powerball and keeping it going is easy once you've done it a few times and the online video helps.


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i last played with a powerball in november and the technique never left me lol
i recieved it this mornin 3 days after ordering thanks play !
so much fun and totally addictive
i allready ordered the RPM counder XD
get one if you havnt allready
must buy :D


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I bought this Power Ball, not knowing what to expect.
I spent all one evening trying to get it to work.
I gave up
I went on the Power Ball web site the next night.
I watched a film clip on how to get the ball to work
I got it to work first time after watching clip.
I now can't put it down.
I'm Hooked.
I would Recommend a Power Ball to every one
Its addictive you have to keep picking it up, and having another go.

  ok if in office job

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good thing to get if your in a office job and at your desk all day.the only thing what was not good about this is that you drop it on a hard/soft serfac it will not work as good as it was

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great fun didnt look into it attall though was hoping to get the one with the little counter but didnt bother looking into it and baught the cheapest one just for a play thing thinking it would have the counter but doesnt AAANYWAY it is a really great work out got it yesterday played with it yesterday woke up today with aching forearm but also bulging im like popeye without the spinache great buy if u wanna kno progress spend a lil more and get the one with the counter if u just wanna work out great way to do it and worth the money

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The powerball is amazing! i dont know how it works but u feel all of ur arm muscles gettin a good work out! you wont need a gym membership just buy this!

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  Get one of these!!!!

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I bought one and used it for a couple of weeks before I crashed my motorbike and broke my wrist. I was in physio for a couple of weeks after having the cast of and it never felt the same. So I picked up my powerball and cut the rest of my physio in half, its that good it even improved my dads golf game when he bought one!!!

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I enjoyed the power ball experience, it brought great fun to exercising my arms and wrists I use mine every day since the day I received it, I use it when im bored, in school and I even take it out with me. So I do really recommend this power ball to everyone.