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Doctor Who: 11th Doctor's New Sonic Screwdriver (Dr Who)

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all Eatthecelery's reviews (2)

This sonic screwdriver is very well made. It looks and feels amazing, the sound effects are awesome... when they work. Unfortuantly I had the 1st run of the sonic screwdrivers, which meant if you activate the secret sounds it would break the sound chip. And without fail the sound went. However this problem has been fixed but just means another 15 pounds to buy a new one. Brilliant toy, just a shame for the problems

  Every Timelord needs one

| | See all hollowpsy's reviews (7)

The only drawback of having two young timelords is having to buy two sonic screwdrivers! However, both of them love this toy and they have engaged in a lot of imaginary play using them. Doctor Who has grabbed them like nothing else, and this has brought the series into their play considerably; I doubt a rubbish version would have done so well. I admit that one did play up (dodgy wiring), but it was replaced with a perfectly-working one. The sounds and lights are great, the pop-up feature a nice touch. Well worth the 15 squid, especially when compared to toys that don't have as much longevity.

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  Just like his!

| | See all WiLFreD68's reviews (83)

Very good repro very well thought out, and it has 2 'Easter Egg' noises that most product descriptions seems to miss, you will notice when you press your button there is a slight delay before the sound kicks in, during the time of this delay try tapping the button a few times THEN holding it in, I'll leave the rest for you to discover!

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  Excellent (when it works)

| | See all Markus92's reviews (1)

This is absolutely excellent when it works. Demo batteries have lasted longer than I thought. Serves great as a torch as well (though only in the dark) there has been many a night I've enjoyed using it to go downstairs for a drink. Only one design flaw is that the button doesn't work when in extended mode and the alternative big red button at the bottom needs to be used, a flaw that could have been easily fixed.

Sadly there are some problems with the sounds. I've also read about it in some forums as well, that the sound cuts out and it's a fault in the electronics. Somehow, without them, it just doesn't feel... "sonic".

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  Good, but it's so fiddley!

| | See all ChickLit's reviews (4)

I love this thing. The sounds and action are brilliant, but putting in the batteries is such a pain! I almost broke the thing a few times while trying to unscrew and put in the batteries. Thankfully I managed to get them in and now it's working fine.
Just beware of the batteries!

  Great product, shame about the build quality

| | See all Chrishaydon63's reviews (97)

This is by far the best Sonic Screwdriver from the Doctor Who toy range and it's a total must for any fan.
However, it's let down by such a cheap build quality.
I broke my battery cover whilst trying to fit the batteries due to my screws having blunt heads even before I tried to unscrew them, now because of this, my spring-loaded extender doesn't work as well as it should. Also the claws around the top of the screwdriver may look cool, but they are horrifically flimsy.

All in all, this is a great toy that looks, feels and sounds great. I advise you to buy this product, just expect the set-up to be a nightmare and it probably will break soon enough.

  Very good, just a bit flimsy

| | See all MikeCraig's reviews (5)

I'm a big fan of the series and this is definitely the coolest sonic screwdriver I've ever seen. The cool green lights, the variety of sounds, the cool robotic retro feel and the extending end make this a really cool device.

There are 3 buttons on the 11th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver. The top 2 buttons in the middle of the device are the extender button and the sonic noise button

Unlike the previous screwdriver you have 4 different sounds to choose from by pressing the noise button in succession!

Sound 1 and 2 are the same sonic-like noise the previous screwdriver did except one is higher pitched than the other. You press the button once and they change alternately so it goes Sound 1, Sound 2, Sound 1, Sound 2 etc.

Sound 3 is a weird cool laser-like noise from pressing the button 3 times in quick succession. Sound 4 is the lower pitched noise of Sounds 1/2 except it flickers visually and audibly as if the screwdriver has an interference or running low on power.

However its definitely not perfect. Putting in the batteries is a bit of an ordeal and the screws involved in doing so were quite difficult to remove especially if you used the wrong kind of screwdriver which can strip the screw head and make it hard to remove the battery cover. The main button which activates the noises only works when the screwdriver is in its low position and so when extended, the button is attached to the point that is extended and moves into a small gap that is designed for you not to be able to press it in. Its hard to fully explain but it is a big annoyance.

The problem is somewhat solved by having a button on the bottom of the screwdriver under a hatch which is significantly harder to press than the other buttons and works whether the device is in the basic or extended position. It is pretty cool but it seems unnecessary when the problem could have been solved anyway. Also when the device is extended there is no button to bring it down so it has to be done manually. This isn't a giant problem but you can't seem to do it with your palm directly as that doesn't lock in the metal claws which means when you let go it just springs back up again. The only way to do it is to make sure your hand is only touching the light and push it down.

These all are minor complaints but overall the product is great. I'm not fan of collecting but if you're into collecting and displaying doctor who merchandise then the packaging for series 5 is pretty sweet.

If you're a fan and want to re-create some of your favourite moments from the new series or just have a wave around pretending to be the doctor, I can highly recommend this.


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  Absolutely fantastic

| | See all mikado42's reviews (1)

I only just got the item through this morning but so far its absolutely brilliant. like the other reviews show, the batteries are a little fiddly to put in but once their in there are no problems. i only have on criticism and thats that when you open the screwdriver to full extension, you cant push the normal button, you have to use the one on the bottom. but thats not a problem as such. very good buy for any doctor who fan


| | See all hellostickman's reviews (1)

This is the best sonic screwdriver I have ever bought. I had to buy over 5 old sonic screwdrivers because they kept breaking and same with the sonic pen. But this is awesome!!!!! Really great value for money!
I recommend it to anyone who is thinking about buying one or for someone who likes doctor who. Hope this helps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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